The 30 Day Snap is Complete! (#30)

Sunday, 30 June 2013

I can't quite believe I'm saying this, but this is the 30th of June, and therefore, the final instalment of the 30 Day Snap! I took inspiration from the lady who inspired me to take part in the first place, Louise Sprinkle of Glitter, and decided to include a few of my favourites from the past month! Highlights have of course been the amazing Bo Bruce gig, going behind the scenes at a couple of NTS shows, my birthday and getting myself a job after my travels. The past month has completely flown in, it's insane. I think this sort of challenge really does make you appreciate some of the smaller things in life, and it's so good to have a record of what you've been up to, to look back on in years to come. Hope you enjoyed the 30 Day Snap if you took part, and be sure to check out my daily vlogs through the whole month of July!

Thanks for reading!

30 Day Snap #29

How cute are these little cards?! Emma gave me them as part of my birthday present and I think they're such a nice idea - these are just four from the pack. They have cute little captions on them and are perfect for popping in a birthday card or just as a little something to cheer up a friend if they've been feeling a bit blue! I realise I sound like I'm advertising these - I'm not! I just think they're a really sweet idea!

Today was a lazy Saturday. I got a lot of new reading material which I will share with you in a post soon - lots of new interesting books to get started with (because I've been a bit lazy since I got back from Oz and I swore 2013 would be the years I started reading properly again!!).

Can tomorrow really be the last day of the 30 Day Snap?!!! Where has June gone?!!!

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VEDJ - Vlogging Every Day July!

Saturday, 29 June 2013

Since I have enjoyed taking part in the 30 Day Snap so much, I have decided to set myself another challenge - to vlog every day In July! I will still be uploading normal videos, whatever that means when it comes to my little mish-mash of a channel, but on the days that a specific video isn't going up (a.k.a the days when nothing exciting is happening!) I will endeavour to upload a two or three minute long vlog on a different topic! I am happy to take recommendations if there are any particular topics you think would make for an interesting discussion! Anything beauty/fashion/film/tv/books/music/feminism/travel/youtube/blogging related works for me - just to narrow it down for you guys ;)

I struggled to come up with a name for this (I'm no Fleur when it comes to these videos!) but my friend Fai commented that it sounded like 'veg', which made me chuckle, so I though VEDJ would do fine!

If you have any thoughts feel free to let me know in the comments! Thanks for reading, and also let me know if you are a daily vlogger - I'm a bit addicted to watching daily vlogs at the moment!

30 Day Snap #28

Very very quick post as I'm a day late - ahhhh, the first time that has happened all month! I suppose it's more important that I had a good night though! Last night I went out for drinks in Glasgow with my friends for my birthday :) I'm such a failure though - I planned to take lots and lots of photos and do you know how many I took? Zero. Absolutely none (this particular instagram of a cocktail is from a couple of months ago!!). Hope you all had a nice day too! :)

30 Day Snap #27

Friday, 28 June 2013

24??? How did that happen.

For the past couple of months I've been (sort of) in denial about turning 24 - mainly because the past year has flown past and the idea that it's been a full two years since I graduated from the amazing Glasgow Uni terrifies me! However, I'm trying to embrace the idea that age is just a number, so there you go - I have now been on this little planet for 24 whole years! I had a lovely day - was working, and then had a huge dinner with my mum! Later went to visit Emma, came home and had cake with the family and tomorrow I'm going on a night out with my lovely friends, so cannot wait for that :)

Hope you've had a lovely day! Thanks for reading! :)

30 Day Snap #26

Wednesday, 26 June 2013

I just realised I never did a full post on the Neighbours tour when I got back from Australia - what was I thinking?! I must rectify this soon. I included the above snap in my Melbourne Day 2 post, and decided to use it as my photo of the day - today was relatively uneventful, but my mum and I watched a few episodes of Neighbours this evening and man is it good right now. We're about a week behind and all the Steph/Lucas/Vanessa/baby Patrick stuff (for anyone who watches it!) is kicking off! I had such a good day on the Neighbours tour, still can't believe I strolled past Lassiters Lake and posed outside Harold's Store!

Tomorrow is my birthday and I honestly cannot get my head around that - where has the past year gone? It's scary, so it is.

Hope you've all had another lovely day, if you've taken part in the 30 Day Snap leave me your links below! :)

30 Day Snap #25


First of all, I just want to give a little shout out to the Scottish Blogging community. You ladies are all fantastic, and I love what a friendly, supportive little network we have going on right now. I am determined to plan a summer meet up (soon!) and will hopefully see lots and lots of your faces (old and new!) there :)

This week has been a good week for me social media wise. I don't know if perhaps because my birthday is in two days (eeeeeeek), the twitter fairies were being kind to me, but today not one, but three exciting items appeared in my notifications. I got a cheeky wee retweet from Rick Yancey, who is the author of the book I just started reading this morning (and mentioned in yesterday's post!). I also got a tweet from Kandee Johnson, my favourite YouTuber EVER and considering how many tweets a day this girl must get, that's insane!! Had a lovely time joining in with the first Scottish Bloggers weekly twitter chat (fear not if you missed it, it's scheduled for Tuesdays 8pm-9pm from now on, thanks to @SBloggerNetwork!) and we ended up having a chat about our blogging/youtube heroes. Mine have always been Kandee Johnson and Louise Sprinkle of Glitter, so you can imagine my excitement when the former replied to our conversation about her! Kandee really did inspire me to start on YouTube, so seeing her name pop up in my notifications was so cool!

And finally. Probably the best tweet I've ever received. I won't go on and on about it because frankly I'd be here all day, but (as some of my recent posts might have revealed), I love Bo Bruce. Just a bit. And today I woke up to a tweet from her thanking me for ''totally getting'' her album - which she figured out from watching my review. On Youtube. This news still hasn't sunk in (fangirl overload) but it's so nice to think that she has heard me talk about her amazing songs and feels like we're on the same page. This means we're besties now, right? Right.

In other news, I almost put sugar in my soup at lunch again, the sun never appeared in Glasgow all day and my cold has not really improved. I'd say it averaged out a pretty good day ;)

Thanks for reading!!!

30 Day Snap #24

Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Hello new reading material :) I mentioned this book in my weekly favourites post earlier today, and said that I can't wait to read it - even talking about it made me cave and I downloaded it onto my Kindle. I usually have zero interest in alien related books, sci-fi is a genre I kind of struggle with because I LOVE stories that focus on time/time-shifting etc, but aliens aren't normally my cup of tea. However, I really enjoyed the tv series The Event (which was sadly cancelled after just one season!), and I feel like from hearing people talk about this book it might have a similar feel! I will be sure to keep you updated with what I think of it! Got to thank Lauren from renkellym on YouTube for drawing my attention to this in her recent review!

Also have to mention that my followers really jumped up today on GFC, but particularly on Bloglovin, so hello and welcome to all my new lovely followers - got to say a big thank you to the amazing Louise Sprinkle of Glitter for her really lovely words in her Amazing Advertisers post, as I suspect that's where many of you found me! Be sure to say hi in the comments or on my twitter :)

Favourites of the Week #12

Monday, 24 June 2013

Second post of the day - I'm on a roll! Be sure to check out my Girls Night In post too :)

I've actually missed a couple of weeks of favourites - do not know where the past two weeks have gone!

Track of the Week
High Hopes

LOVE LOVE LOVE. This song is amazing, as is the album. I like to describe Kodaline as the perfect mix of Snow Patrol, Mumford and Sons and Keane, with a tiny bit of Bastille and Coldplay thrown in there for good measure. Maybe even with a spoonful of Bon Iver at times... excellent narrowing down for you guys ;)

Album of the Week
Bo Bruce - Before I Sleep

Rather than say anything about this here, I'll just link my video review. I think it will highlight just how much love I have for this incredible album <3

TV Show of the Week
The Returned

I've been loving 'The Returned', the French thriller on Channel 4. If you haven't caught it yet, you can catch up on 4od, it's on every Sunday evening for 8 weeks, and three episodes have aired already. It's all very French, with simmering tension, bizarre goings on and a lot of unanswered questions. There have been a couple of slightly gruesome scenes, but nothing I can't handle and I'm a total wimp when it comes to horror type material, so most people will cope just fine with it!

Beauty Product of the Week
Bourjois Colour Boost Lipstick in Orange Punch

I've said it before and I'll say it again - this product is amazing! Love everything about it from the shade and colour payoff, to the consistency and the packaging. Excellent job Bourjois :)

Book of the Week
The Fifth Wave by Rick Yancey

Okay, so I haven't actually started reading this (or even purchased it) but such a buzz is being generated over it that I feel compelled to start reading it asap! It's a sci-fi sort of book, which I'm not usually all that interested it, but the style of it actually sounds very much my cup of tea.

YouTuber of the Week
Kandee Johnson

*sigh* I will never, ever tire of Kandee Johnson. She always cheers me up and makes me feel that tiny bit more positive about things. Such a great girl, and her videos are all so entertaining.

Blog of the Week

This week's blogger is another who I have had the pleasure of meeting a few times in real life, and it's the lovely Morag :) While I always enjoy stopping by her little corner of the internet, I really enjoyed her most recent post on ''motivation for a healthy lifestyle'' - I recommend you go and check it out immediately :)

Website of the Week

The other week I caved and started a Tumblr. I have posted about three things on it so far, but I would like to attempt to use it more... we will see if this transpires! If you're interested, pop over and have a wee look here :)

Style Icon of the Week
Kristen Bell


To be honest, Kristen isn't just a style icon for me - she's one of my favourite people. I love pretty much everything about her, from her passion and dedication to the charities she supports to her amazing sense of humour. But I think she looked amazing hosting the CMT Awards a couple of weeks ago, especially considering she gave birth to her baby girl just a couple of months ago! Love the hair and makeup, and both dresses - the total clash of styles with the classic updo and floor length gown, and the more rock and roll vibe of the other dress is amazing.

What have some of your favourite things been this week? Let me know in the comments! :)

Thanks for reading!

Girls Night In

Living in the UK, summer is often fleeting. We get an odd day of glorious sunshine here and there, and then it's gone - pretty depressing, huh? This phenomenon explains the slightly grainy effect of the following photos - lighting was not my friend yesterday, I can tell you!

One sure fire way I find of cheering myself up on a rainy summer evening, however, is having a girls night in! This can involve whatever you like, from a movie marathon in your pjs to getting all dressed up and enjoying some fancy cocktails! Last night, Emma and I decided to combine these two ideas and combat the unsummery weather (and my terrible cold!) by inventing a little cocktail of our own and enjoying one of our all time favourite things to watch... the BBC adaptation of Much Ado About Nothing (with Damian Lewis).

Our drink of choice was a snazzy orange and mango cocktail - the perfect summer drink! We mixed some Innocent Orange and Mango juice, with lemonade and a dash of Sourz 'Mango'*, and even if I do say so myself, the result was amazing!

As for snacks (because what sort of girls night in doesn't include snacks?!) we cracked out the old fondue set and melted some chocolate, but kept it healthy *sort of* with strawberries - fresh orange and mango juice and strawberries? We were racing through our five a day ;)

I really love fruity flavoured drinks in summer, so if you fancy trying out a new cocktail at some point I'd definitely recommend a combinaton like this! It makes you feel like you're on holiday - all we needed was a little cocktail umbrella to finish it off, but we hadn't planned quite that far ahead! The Sourz 'Mango'* is a pretty new flavour which gives a nice little kick to your fruit juice without being too overpowering - and I can be a bit fussy when it comes to the alcohol part of a cocktail! I'm also really loving the Innocent juice at the moment - the orange and mango one we used in this cocktail is delicious, but I also really like the Apple, Peach and Pear and the standard Apple Juice!

I love nights like this - talking nonsense, watching an old favourite film or tv series and enjoying a drink with a friend. Whatever time of year it is, make time for nights like this because I think we sometimes underestimate the importance of just hanging out with our friends and relaxing - stress about work, or finding a job, relationships (or finding a relationship!) and the usually ever present money worries can all take hold, so remember to take time out to have a silly night laughing and reminiscing - it'll do you the world of good :)

Thanks for reading! Let me know what your favourite cocktail/movie combination is!

*Disclaimer - I was lucky enough to be sent a sample of Sourz Mango to try out. I am not being paid for this review, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

30 Day Snap #23

Had a wee girls night in with the bestie tonight - cocktails, fondue chocolate and strawberries and lots of ridiculous chat, as always! You can't beat nights like that! This is actually a sneak preview from a post that will be going up tomorrow, so keep your eyes peeled :)

How was your 23rd June? Let me know what you got up to!!

30 Day Snap #22

Sunday, 23 June 2013

I quite like television... can you tell? I can justify this obsession because I studied film and television at uni, so it's all academic (obviously). I was thinking about doing a blogpost on some of my favourite programmes (I did a video on my top 5 teen/post teen tv dramas a while back!) so was having a look through some of my favourites.

Otherwise today was spent watching the first episode of season 2 of Don't Trust the B in Apartment 23' (I LOVE this show, highly recommend it if you haven't seen it yet) and then I helped out backstage at my friend's dance show, which I do every year. Keeping twenty 4yr olds amused for five hours is quite a challenge, I'll tell you that.

Hope you all had a great day :)

30 Day Snap #21

Saturday, 22 June 2013

Today I was working at an event (perks of the new job!) in a beautiful spa - check out the gorgeous table decor!! Thought this was a nice little snap :) Had some gorgeous sunshine today, but now, as I'm going to bed, it's pouring with rain and forecast to do so all day tomorrow - how annoying! Hope you all have some exciting plans for the weekend ahead! :)

30 Day Snap #20

Friday, 21 June 2013

Try not to get too excited about today's photo guys... it is, infact, my lunch. In sepia. Doesn't get wilder than that.

I just felt that since this week has seen photos of Bo Bruce, behind the scenes at Confessions of a Justified Sinner and a ridiculously cute squirrel, I could afford to tone down the excitement :P Hope you've all had a lovely day!

30 Day Snap #19

Thursday, 20 June 2013

Today's photo is a golden oldie - since it's after midnight, it was actually taken four years ago to the day (the thought of that is actually terrifying!) when Emma and I were at uni. We look absolutely ridiculous, and that's why I love it. If you subscribe to my YouTube channel you might have seen our Best Friend Tag and Best Friend Bloopers (linked below!) videos recently - we had such good fun filming them. Your family and friends are so important, and I'm greatful for mine every day :)

30 Day Snap #18

Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Super duper short post tonight, but today was a good day. I started my new job, and I went to see the beautiful Bo Bruce live in King Tuts, finishing the day with meeting the lovely lady herself, having her sign my gig ticket (I forgot my cd would you believe) and realising that I have, in fact, never been star struck before this evening. The girl is amazing! Aside from that, I got a very unexpected piece of news from a friend that I'm still trying to process, but had such an amazing time tonight it took that right out of my head! Hope you all had a lovely day :)

30 Day Snap #17

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Ok. I may have become ever so slightly addicted to crazy photo filters this month. This one even has a musical note sticker on it for crying out loud. Today I got Kodaline's album and let me tell you - it. is. incredible. I feel like the past couple of years I sort of lost touch with my music taste, if that makes any sense? I still listened to my iPod constantly, but I didn't buy new music as often as I used to, and I plan to rectify this! This album is absolutely beautiful, and I think since I'm raving about it and Bo Bruce's album, I may do a couple of album reviews (branching out here guys) over on my YouTube channel... we'll see! :)

Going Solo

Monday, 17 June 2013

This time last year, the idea of doing things alone was completely alien to me. I've always been at my most confident with my friends around me - I suppose most people are. As a child I was painfully shy, and hated going to after school clubs that my friends didn't go to, it was extremely tough for my ever encouraging parents to get me to agree to go to these things.

When I decided to go to Australia, I realised that none of my friends were going to be coming with me - many of them are in serious relationships and wouldn't leave their partner, some were still studying and a couple of others had been in the lucky little percentage of graduates who actually had managed to get a job in their chosen field. So if I was going to do it, I would have to do it solo.

Now obviously I didn't go completely on my own. I flew out on a group flight with BUNAC, and instantly bonded with my new companions. Once we got to Sydney I formed an incredibly close friendship with a couple of the girls, and spent weeks seeing the sights of Sydney with them. There came a point, however, once I had decided not to get a job and spend the remaining weeks of my trip travelling, that I had to decide what I was going to do with my time. Gemma and Emily couldn't come to Melbourne with me, but I desperately wanted to go there before I went home. So I had a choice to make. Do I miss out on seeing a city I've always wanted to visit because no-one can come with me, or do I bite the bullet and go? At the time, I was in Port Douglas with my friend Lynsey, and I had a good long think about it.

I had flown to Hong Kong and Sydney with the BUNAC group, but my trip to Port Douglas was organised by me and me alone. I booked a flight on my own, took the bus from Cairns airport to Port Douglas on my own and stayed in accommodation on my own, without giving it a second thought. So what was stopping me spending a couple of days exploring Melbourne by myself? With that in mind, I took the plunge and spent an amazing weekend in Melbourne. Granted I had dinner with my university friend Stacy both nights, but I had so much fun exploring the city by myself. The other girls in my dorm room in the hostel were lovely, and when I decided I would regret it for the rest of my life if I didn't go on the Neighbours tour, even though I was on my own, I met lots of other crazy Neighbours fans like myself! Were there moments when I thought ''aww I wish someone was with me to point that out to''? Sure, of course there were! But that's where vlogging came in handy!

Over the past year, I've also attended a lot of blogger events on my own, and that's led to me making some lovely friends in the Scottish blogging world, who I always look forward to seeing at meet-ups. Now I don't even think about it when I arrive at an event, because I know that even if my other blogging friends haven't arrived yet, it's only minutes before you're discussing the latest blog post trends, that argument between so-and-so and so-and-so on twitter, and having a laugh about how insane it sounds when you tell your non-blogger friends you're off to drink cocktails with a bunch of people you met on twitter!

Later this week I'm off to a gig in Glasgow by myself, something that pre-2013 Lynsey would never have done. I would have thought ''aww, I wish I had someone to go with'', and missed out on seeing an artist I absolutely adore because I'd think it seemed sad to go by myself! Now I feel like I look at things in a totally different way. Doing things by yourself is healthy, and shows that you don't need the validation of other people to make you happy. Do I constantly complain about never meeting the right guy? Absolutely. Would I choose to celebrate a birthday or some other special occasion on my own? Definitely not. But when push comes to shove, if there's something I want to do, or somewhere I want to go and none of my friends or family are able to come with me, I won't hesitate to do it now. Being alone isn't the same as being lonely! It just means you're brave enough to do what you want to do, and it's so rewarding to prove to yourself that you can do it on your own!

This post sort of came out of nowhere, but I hope it strikes a chord with some of you! Let me know if this is something you've experienced, and let's all make a pact to be brave and step outside our comfort zones more often from now on! :)

Thanks for reading!

30 Day Snap #16

Isn't he a little cutie? My mum took this photo of one of our wee squirrels who lives in the garden. We're really lucky to have so much wildlife in our garden when we live in a town rather than the countryside. At the moment we've got a couple of baby ones who keep chasing each other around, which is hilarious, but they never sit still long enough to snap a photo of! This little guy on the other hand was practically posing for us! Leave your links below, thanks for reading! :)

30 Day Snap #15

Sunday, 16 June 2013

The fifteenth? Already? Seriously?!!

Today's photo is this amazing new Dairy Milk bar, which I instagrammed a photo of earlier tonight and got several comments on twitter and instagram asking where it came from - so thought it might be a good choice :) It is so good, honestly - why must they keep bringing out new exciting chocolate, it only encourages me to eat more!! Thanks must go to my mum for picking this up for me in Morrisons! Hope you all had a lovely day!

My Summer Wishlist - Corals and Pinks from New Look!

Saturday, 15 June 2013

I'm having a little bit of a love affair with anything pink and coral at the moment - my eye is just being completely drawn to these colours this summer! I was in New Look for a browse the other day and lots of pretty things in these hues caught my eye!

Candy Pink Crochet Heart Lightweight Knit Top (£14.99) - Love the shape of this little jumper, since we're not exactly having scorchingly hot weather this summer (or any summer in the UK these days!) this is perfect for a cooler summer day.

Gold Spike Gemstone Necklace (£5.99) - I have a slightly similar bronze toned necklace, with a few chunky spikes on it from New Look, but I really like how simple this one is.

Misumi Pink and Navy Apple Print Dress (£24.99) - How lovely is this?! I've seen a few fruit and veg themed items recently that are really sweet, my friend Cassie has a cute playsuit with a tomato print, which sounds crazy but it's so nice!

4 Pack Pink and Gold Cross Curve Plate Rings (£7.99) - I've bought a few rings recently (some really cute ones from Forever 21) and these are most definitely next on my jewellery wish list!

Tribal Tapestry Midi Skirt (£14.99) - I actually went as far as trying this skirt on and it was lovely, I still might go back and buy it!

Coral and Gold Chain Flip Flops (£15.99) - I love me a pair of flip-flops (we all know I'm not much of a heels girl) and I love the coral colour of this pair.

Coral Speckled Longline Boyfriend Blazer (£24.99)- I need a couple of jackets for work (now that I have a job!!) and this is a nice summery one, which would be so versatile.

What are your must haves this summer? From anywhere, not just New Look - I just picked out a few of the things I saw that I liked the most because I saw so many in there yesterday! :)

#Disclaimer - this post is in no way sponsored by New Look - I was just really impressed by their current collection!

30 Day Snap #14

Another instagram snap for you guys today, but I love how this photo looks!! Today I went along to another event for the National Theatre of Scotland, this time in the Tramway Theatre in Glasgow. I got a sneak peek behind the scenes of one of their current projects, ''Paul Bright's Confessions of a Justfied Sinner'', which is a collaboration with director Stewart Laing and his theatre company, Untitled Projects. I'm not going to say any more than that right now, but a full blog post and vlog will be coming your way soon!

Leave your links below, hope you had a lovely Friday and are looking forward to your weekend! :)

30 Day Snap #13 / Bloglovin'

Friday, 14 June 2013

Hello hello, just a quick post today! There's been so much floating around over the past couple of days about the upcoming end of Google Reader, and the move most people are making to Bloglovin'. I've used Bloglovin' for a little while, but I've never really mentioned it here, so thought I'd link my Bloglovin profile in my 30 Day Snap post today, rather than do a separate post all dedicated to it! If you'd like to follow me over there, click here, or there's a link in the sidebar of this page, just below the GFC box!

Hope you've all had a brilliant day, leave me your 30 Day Snap and Bloglovin' links in the comments below :)

Thanks for reading guys!

30 Day Snap #12

Thursday, 13 June 2013

Oh hiiiii Dexter

Tonight I watched the Season 6 finale of Dexter (don't worry, this post is SPOILER FREE!), and I can't get over how consistently amazing this show is. Seriously, how do they manage it??? I was literally shouting at the screen! Michael C. Hall is so good.

Otherwise, I started some work for my new job today and skyped my lovely friends Gemma and Emily, who are still out in Sydney, and about to go on their trip up the East Coast. Hope you all had a great day, leave your links below as always! :)

National Theatre of Scotland's 'Let the Right One In' - Blogger Event

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

''It's a brutal, tender love story''
[cast of NTS's Let the Right One In'']

Last week I was lucky enough to go along to a press and blogger event at the Dundee Rep Theatre in honour of the opening of the National Theatre of Scotland's new production of ''Let the Right One In''. Over the course of ninety minutes we were treated to some preview scenes from the amazing production - performed for us on the INCREDIBLE set.

The stage was filled with trees brought in from a forest in Perth which, when paired with the beautiful lighting, made for an amazingly atmospheric set. This is quite a photo heavy post, but I'm sure you can see why!

''I really struggle to call it a horror story...'' Lorraine McIntosh

''I learnt so much. This has forced me to raise my standards.'' Martin Quinn

After seeing four amazing scenes, we grabbed a cup of tea and were introduced to three members of the brilliant cast - Martin Quinn, who plays lonely teenager Oskar, Lorraine McIntosh, who plays his mother, and Angus Miller, who takes on three different roles in the production, playing Torkel, Janne and Jimmy. The actors talked about their experience of the production, and I've included a couple of their quotes throughout this post!

Eve from NTS, Angus, Martin and Lorraine

Being the first professional role for Martin, I was seriously impressed with the performance he gave in the scenes we were lucky enough to see. LTROI tells the story of Oskar, a bullied teenage boy who befriends a girl named Eli, only to later discover she is a vampire. I haven't read the book, or seen either of the films (the original Swedish film, or the American remake) because, in all honesty, I was freaked out by the ''horror'' label. However, especially when it comes to this stage version, actress Lorraine McIntosh says she 'struggles to call it a horror story'. This production focuses much more closely on the relationship between Oskar and Eli, and takes a slightly different approach to the story. This, of course, instantly attracts my attention - anything remotely romance-centric is a winner for me. Rather than being frightening, from what I saw last week this production is incredibly beautiful. The amazing music from Icelandic composer Ólafur Arnalds adds to the atmosphere and the idea of the 'tragic cycle of love' (McIntosh) Eli must endure throughout eternity is really moving. At a time when we seem to be surrounded by vampire stories, from Twilight to True Blood (and yes, okay, my beloved The Vampire Diaries), this production is definitely worth seeing.

Eve, the lovely digital media associate for NTS who invited us along, also told us that an entire online fan community for LTROI has gotten really involved in a discussion with NTS over the production - as a total fangirl myself when it comes to certain TV Shows/books/movies, I would love it if a theatre company approached me for a chat about turning one of my beloved programmes into a stage show (any takers for ''Lost (on stage)''?!). I think it shows such commitment to, and respect for, the original text, that NTS have been so keen to get fans of the story all over the world involved in a show which is being solely performed at the Dundee Rep.

In addition to the production, NTS has also developed a really interesting Geolocation App (fancy, right?) for Dundee. The website describes it as:
''a location-based horror game for iPhone which uses sound to unleash a hidden adventure on Dundee’s streets.''

While my current lack of an iPhone - which I plan to rectify soon - would make it tricky for me to participate, the idea of this thoroughly intrigues me. To find out more, head to the website here!

Let the Right One In is running at the Dundee Rep Theatre until the 29th of June - so there's still time to go and see it. Let me know in the comments if you do manage to see it! I had such a lovely time at the event in Dundee, so thanks so much again to Eve for letting me come along. I also vlogged the entire day, so you can pop over to my YouTube channel and watch that here if you want to see some clips from the scenes they performed for us that day!!

hello Dundee :)

Thanks for reading!

30 Day Snap #11

Day 11 has come and gone, and today marks my little cousin James's 18th birthday - which is terrifying!! Cannot believe he is 18 already.

Today was pretty exciting, because... I now have a job!! Don't want to say too much about it at the moment as it is part time for the next few weeks, hopefully going full time after that. So I'm pretty pleased! It involves social media, writing, events and a whole lot of other stuff, so it's exactly the kind of thing I've been looking to do! The above photo obviously has nothing to do with that, but I took it two days ago and really wanted to use it, but the photo of the tree blossom against the blue sky pipped it to the post. So I decided to use it today instead! Hope you've all had a great day!

30 Day Snap #10

Tuesday, 11 June 2013

hello sepia...

Hello all :) Today I booked a ticket to go and see the amazing Bo Bruce next week, and I am ridiculously excited. I fell in love with her voice the minute I heard it in her audition on The Voice last year, and I have followed her career ever since. It's amazing how sometimes you can feel an instantaneous connection with someone's voice like that, and how it can have such an impact so quickly. She actually followed me on twitter last year during the course of the show when I tweeted her babbling about how incredible I thought she was... if I recall correctly, I literally squealed with delight *way to keep your cool, Lynsey*. It's strange, I think there's a difference between liking someone's music, and feeling really connected to it. Does that sound insane?!

I'm going to link her new single Alive here, because it and the video are incredible. Go and check it out :) remember to link your 30 Day Snaps in the comments and hope you all had a lovely day :)

Current Beauty Wishlist

Sunday, 9 June 2013

1. Bourjois Color Boost Lipstick in Peach on the Beach - I have this in Orange Punch and I can't tell you how much I love it! The consistency is amazing, and the colour payoff is so good. (Superdrug, £7.99)

2. L'Oréal Nude Magique BB Blush - I've been lusting after this for weeks, every single time I go into Boots or Superdrug I almost buy it, but I've been holding off because I've bought a few new things recently, and I'm trying to be good! It blends in so nicely though when you swatch it. I guarantee you will see me reviewing this soon! (Superdrug, £7.99)

3. Laura Mercier Silk Creme Foundation - Everyone is talking about this foundation lately, and I know for a fact it's good, I used it while I was training at the Academy of Makeup, and it's so lovely. I think I might splurge next time I'm buying a foundation and go for this one, the coverage is so good. (House of Fraser, £33.00)

4.Bourjois Bronzing Primer - a drugstore cream bronzer that is under £10 and is getting great reviews... need I say more?! (Boots, £6.99)

5. Korres Lip Butter - I really, really, really want a Korres Lip Butter. I know everyone and their grandmother has one or wants one, but I'm not afraid to jump on the bandwagon. I saw the lovely Gillian from elevatormusik review this recently and it made me want it even more! (, £8)

6. Inglot Colour Play Lipstick Palette - let's just take a moment to appreciate how much fun you could have experimenting with this palette?! Again, I saw a review of this recently, Nikkie from NikkieTutorials talked about it in a recent blogpost and video, and I am so tempted by this. I could have hours of fun playing around with it! (£4.50 per lipstick, will find out the price of the palette and include it asap!)

7. China Glaze Nail Polish in Pink Voltage - I saw Ingrid from missglamorazzi wear this in her recent Get Ready With Me video, and I loved it instantly, such a gorgeous shocking pink colour for the summer! (, £6.95)

Hope you enjoyed that little current makeup must haves post! Let me know what your summer makeup wish list consists of in the comments below :)

Thanks for reading!

30 Day Snap #9

How can it possibly be the 9th of June?! How has this happened? Today I went for a walk to the shops and, due to the beautiful weather, I took the long way back, walking through the park near my house. It was packed, with lots of families making the most of the sunshine, and everything looked so bright and lovely! I thought this tree looked beautiful, so it wins the place of photo of the day - just beating the photo of a dandelion I instagrammed earlier (I'm lynseymac1 on instagram if you want to follow me over there!). Hope you're all enjoying the good weather!

30 Day Snap #8

Hello there :) today I decided to include a photo from my travels, and I have so many amazing shots to choose from. I went with this one though because I love it so much that it's still the background of my phone, and has been (I think) since the day I took it. It was taken at the Blue Mountains in Australia (read my full post on that here!) and this photo in particular brings back such strong memories - I look at it and I'm instantly transported back to standing there with the noise and spray from the waterfall, and my friend Emily and me laughing as a woman who seemed to inadvertantly be following us tried to take our photo for us and instead ended up filming us for a good ten seconds, standing smiling insanely at her!

Today was another lovely, chilled out Saturday. I made a couple of videos, and uploaded one (a Bourjois review!) and enjoyed another day of glorious sunshine - keep up the good weather Scotland! Thanks for reading :)

30 Day Snap #7

Saturday, 8 June 2013

Hi guys! I'm afraid today's 30 Day Snap photo is a little instagram number - I hope you don't mind! I was working in my dad's office again, and then headed out for drinks for my friend's birthday. Between these two things, however, I popped into Superdrug and picked up one of the new Bourjois Color Boost Lip Crayons, in the shade Orange Punch. I already love this - the colour payoff is good, but the consistency is amazing. It feels so lovely on your lips. I will do a proper review at some point once I've had it a bit longer. Leave your links below, thanks for reading! :)

30 Day Snap #6

Thursday, 6 June 2013

Okay, so I'll level with you (if you follow me on instagram, this won't be a shock) - this photo wasn't actually taken today! I don't know if there's a rule about that, but I reckon the 30 Day Snap is pretty flexible! I was filling in on reception in my dad's office today, so didn't have much to photograph! Anyway, I took this photo in Glasgow a week ago today and I really love it. I think Argyle Street probably looks like this today too, as the sun has decided to shine! I love taking photos like this - don't worry, I don't look directly at the sun, I tend to just point my camera in that direction and hope for the best, but this one turned out pretty well! Glasgow is where I went to Uni, and I love the city so much. Hope you've all had a great sixth of June, leave me your links below :)

30 Day Snap #5

Wednesday, 5 June 2013

You know something? I think doing this 30 Day Snap is going to make June go in even faster, which I don't like. You see, the end of this month is a certain person's birthday (*avoidance isn't working*), and it would be nice to pretend that was a little further away. Anyway, today has been another wonderful day of job hunting. Seriously, I'm going insane here. 4 years at uni and lots of work experience and it's still seeming impossible - this is material for another blogpost though. I've broken up the monotony by finishing editing my video from yesterday though, and thought I'd make that my photo of the day. I'm really loving editing my videos at the moment, I'm getting a bit more adventurous with adding music/different transitions etc. I love doing it, so if anyone out there wants to give me a job vlogging and making videos I'd very much appreciate it! Remember to leave me your 30 Day Snap links in the comments below :)

30 Day Snap #4

Tuesday, 4 June 2013

I went to a brilliant blogger event in Dundee today, held by the National Theatre of Scotland at the Rep Theatre! It was for their new production of Let the Right One In, directed by John Tiffany and set to be performed from the 5th to the 29th of June. I'm going to do an entire blogpost (and vlog) from this event, but I wanted to make this my photo of the day! It's a tiny bit blurry because the actors were moving at the time, but how beautiful is the set!! Hope you all had a great day, as always, leave your links below :)

30 Day Snap #3

Monday, 3 June 2013

Today I headed into Glasgow for a chat with Sara from The Academy of Makeup, who I hadn't seen since I got home from Australia, and picked up these really cute rings from Forever 21! Otherwise, my mum and I got quite a surprise when we spotted a little canary sitting quietly outside our front door! He was so cute, and thankfully we knew where he (or she!) came from - our neighbour keeps canaries and this little fellow had managed to escape! We popped him in an old hamster cage and got my neighbour round to take him home - will possibly include a little bit of footage of this in my next vlog! Hope you all had a great day, leave your 30 Day Snap links below!

30 Day Snap #2

Sunday, 2 June 2013

Day 2 of the 30 Day Snap, and today was a good day! I spent the afternoon writing blogposts, which will go up later in the week and then this evening Emma and I went to see The Great Gatsby - finally! I absolutely loved it, and will do a review later in the week :) Hope you all had a great day too, if you're doing the 30 Day Snap, leave your links below!

Favourites of the Week #10

Saturday, 1 June 2013

How is it possible that another week has gone past already?

Track of the Week
Daylight - Maroon 5

Not exactly a new song, but I rediscovered my love for this song this week (it's so good!). I have had it on repeat all week.

Album of the Week
Demi Lovato - Demi

I don't actually own this album yet, but I plan to soon! I've just been listening to all the tracks on YouTube and loving it! I'm a huge Demi fan, I think she's got a brilliant personality to match her amazing voice, and I love how open and honest she is about the problems she's dealt with in the past. That's another issue for another post though! Love this album, here's one of my favourite tracks so far... for some reason the video I've been listening to all week has been taken down and this one has the pitch altered a bit... but oh well!

TV Show of the Week
Once Upon a Time

I love Once Upon a Time - as you can probably tell from the design of my blog header, fairytales are pretty high up the list of things I like! So a TV show, by the creators of my all time favourite TV programme Lost, was bound to be a hit with me! I keep falling a couple of episodes behind though (thank goodness for Demand 5!).

Film of the Week
Silver Linings Playbook

I'm drawing a complete blank here this week, as I haven't watched any films! So I'm just going to go for Silver Linings Playbook again, as I still haven't got over how good it is. Honestly. It's amazing!!!

Beauty Product of the Week
Rimmel Fix and Perfect Pro Primer

I picked this up as part of the 3 for 2 deal in Superdrug last week and so far I'm really liking it. It's a nice consistency, is really reasonably priced and seems to be keeping my makeup in place quite well despite the weird phase my skin is going through!

Book of the Week
One Hundred Names by Cecelia Ahern/The Great Gatsby by F Scott Fitzgerald

Haven't been any better this week - I'm going to see Gatsby tomorrow and I still haven't finished the book!!

YouTuber of the Week
Daily Grace

I've had a bit of a rubbishy weeky (the joys of job hunting, eh?!) and watching Grace's videos never fails to put a smile on my face. This girl is hilarious, and I'm sure you already know who she is but if not, go and check her out immediately :)

Blog of the Week
Lisette Loves

A few weeks ago, thanks to the weekly #lbloggers chat, I started tweeting a lovely girl called Lisette, and fell in love with her blog. It's a mixture of lifestyle posts, focusing on all the things she's loving at any one time, so do go and check it out :) She's also started making youtube videos too, which you can find here.

Website of the Week
Hello Giggles

I don't know if it's really worth me having a website of the week section because 9 times out of 10 it's Hello Giggles - so many funny, honest, relevant articles, I'm never short of something to read.

Style Icon of the Week
Isla Fisher


And, for the second time in three weeks, Isla Fisher is my style icon of the week (although I'm cheating a tiny bit as this photo is actually nearer two weeks old). She looked amazing at the Now You See Me premiere in New York, in a very 'Great Gatsby'-esque gown. You're on top form at the moment Miss Fisher.

What have some of your favourite things been this week?

Thanks for reading!

30 Day Snap #1

Today is a lazy Saturday, and, much to my disbelief, the 1st of June - where has the first half of 2013 disappeared to? Since I'm not doing anything too thrilling, I decided my photo of the day would be from my garden (taking advantage of the sunshine while it lasts!). My mum plants these beautiful little violas every year and they looked so happy in the sunshine that I thought they would make a pretty photo :) Plans for the rest of the day? Get a takeaway for dinner, watch The Voice (despite the fact someone leaked two of the people who get knocked out this round - much to my annoyance!), and look forward to finally going to see The Great Gatsby tomorrow!