Week 6 - Top YouTube Beauty Videos

Monday, 27 February 2012

Alright folks, here we are again with another three smashing tutorials/beauty videos for your viewing pleasure, sorry it's a couple of days late! First of all, a quick wee recommendation - a lovely foundation which I had never heard of before, but happened to notice being used two videos in a row (Nic from Pixiwoo and Gossmakeupartist), and it's Avon Ideal Flawless Invisible Coverage Foundation. This is an absolutely lovely foundation from the looks of things, and has been receiving really good reviews. It is currently £10 on the Avon website, although is says that's down from £12... I'm not sure if that's a permanent change or a special offer, but either way, if you fancy trying it out, now may be the time :) Anyway, on to the videos!

Second of all, I've only been doing these posts for a month, but now that I'm starting to get into the swing of things, I think I'm going to slightly shift the format of it! I had intended to only include videos from week to week, so all three of the tutorials or reviews etc that I linked would have been uploaded that week... but there are so many videos out there that I think are absolutely fantastic, that were uploaded ages ago! So I'm going to just go with the flow a bit from now on, and include videos from here, there and everywhere! I'll mention when the video was uploaded in my description of it, and the videos were still be linked below as usual! This week I'm going for quite dramatic and creative looks, which are great fun to try out!

1. Klaire - KlairedelysArt - Galaxy Makeup

Now, obviously this isn't the most wearable of makeup looks, but I just love watching it. I can't get over how creative this girl is, the looks she creates are amazing! I rewatched this the other day because of the number of galaxy inspired nails I've seen recently. Illamasqua created a 'galaxy' nail tutorial a couple of weeks ago, and there were some galaxy themed nails on the catwalks at LFW too. This look is amazing, the way she works with colour and texture is unbelievable. This would be great for a themed party, or halloween, but much like the Pixiwoo Adele tutorial I mentioned last week, this is worth watching simply as an example of amazing artistic talent!

2. Lisa Eldridge - lisaeldridgedotcom - Pink Glittery Party Lip

This video was uploaded over a year ago, but I've never forgotten about it! I just thought it looked fantastic, and much as though a glitter lip isn't the most comfortable thing in the world to wear, I'm determined to try it out at some point! This is something a bit different in terms of a lip look, and probably more of a challenge than a more glossy or matt lip. So if you tend to do dramatic eyes (pointing at myself here) and avoid the lips, this might be something fun to try out, even just to test your makeup skills!

3. Promise - dope2111 - How to look like Drake?! A Makeup Transformation

I've already linked this video on my facebook, and have shown it to I don't know how many people. This tutorial is incredible! Once again, this is a video you might rather just watch than actually try out at any point, but it's incredible! She literally becomes Drake (the rapper, google him, you'll see what I mean!) in just a few minutes! The stubble, in particular, is my favourite part - it looks ridiculously realistic! If you haven't subscribed to Promise's channel, do so! This isn't the only transformation video she has done, there are a lot, and they just get better and better! Obviously this is a 'masculine' look, but she does some stunning girly, glittery tutorials too, so she's definitely worht watching!

Extra video of the week:

4. Jennie - sailorjennie - Top 10 Favourite Lipsticks

My extra video of the week is really just to plug a new youtuber I have just discovered, and I'm already a big fan of her videos! This is Jennie's take on a video I included in my top 3 a couple of weeks ago, Louise from Sprinkle of Glitter's top 10 lipsticks! I really enjoyed this video, Jennie has a really nice, friendly manner, and chats away really naturally, so you should definitely check her out! She includes a really nice selection of lipsticks, which, much like the lovely Louise's video, has got me all excited to build up my own lipstick collection!

Thanks for reading guys, hope you've all had a great week :)

Lynsey x

Awards Season 2012 - Best Dressed/Best Makeup

As I'm sure is the case for all us little beauty obsessors, Awards season is always an exciting time - seeing the gorgeous dresses and hair/makeup looks on the red carpet is just as exciting as the awards ceremony itself! So I've been excited to look through all of the snaps online of the gorgeous ladies at the Oscars, the BAFTAS, the Grammys, the Golden Globes and the Brits over the past month, and have picked out a few of my favourite looks. Let me know who your favourite red carpet beauty was this year!

Kate Mara at the Oscars:

I thought 'American Horror Story' actress and sister of 'The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo' star Rooney, Kate Mara, looked absolutely stunning. Her Jack Guisso Couture dress was beautiful, very delicate and feminine, matched perfectly by her subtle, pink-hued makeup and fluttery lashes. Definitely got the thumbs up from me!

photo credit

Jessica Chastain at the Oscars:

Actress Jessica Chastain looked amazing last night. Wearing a gorgeous black and gold Alexander McQueen gown, she is topping many a 'best dressed' poll for the 2012 Oscars, and rightly so. Her makeup was lovely, a very classic winged eye with black liner, with peachy cheeks, soft brows and peach glossy lips. Her hair was kept simple, slightly tousled and pinned back loosely at the sides, keeping the attention on her striking dress. 10/10 Miss Chastain :)

photo credit

Carrie Underwood at the Grammys:

I absolutely love Carrie Underwood, she's not only one of the most talented singers on the planet right now, but she always looks incredible, whatever the occassion! I loved her makeup at this years Grammys. The glossy peachy-nude lip was the perfect choice, and her huge false lashes made her eyes look amazing! Her dress was lovely too, a floor-length backless number from Gomez-Garcia. Gorgeous as always :)

photo credit

Reese Witherspoon and Emma Stone at the Golden Globes:

The Golden Globes had plenty of interesting looks to choose from, so in terms of makeup I picked two! The first was Reese Witherspoon, who I thought looked amazing! In a striking red Zac Posen strapless dress, Reese kept her makeup extremely minimal, and very in with the no-makeup makeup trend which has been doing the rounds lately. Her skin looked healthy and glowy, with a slick of nudish lipgloss, and the tiniest amount of barely there black liner just defining her top lashes and no more. With her hair down in soft, almost beachy waves, she looked the epitome of effortless glamour... it was as if she had literally thrown on this designer gown and left the house without even thinking, which is refreshing to see on the red carpet!

The second was the lovely Emma Stone, who opted for a much stronger makeup look, but I really liked it. Her eyes were soft and smudgey, in a hazy mix of silvery lilacs and dark greys, which made a nice twist on the traditional smokey eye. Her skin looked dewy and her relatively matt pink lip worked really well with the more intense, shimmery colours on the eye. With her side fringe sweeping across the side of her face and the rest of her hair pulled back into a soft updo, she looked fantastic.

photo credit - Reese
photo credit - Emma

Finally, I know this isn't anything to do with the Oscars or Grammys, or any awards ceremony for that matter, but let's take a moment to appreciate how fantastic Christina Hendricks looks on the cover of Cosmo this month. This picture just oozes total femininity and womanliness (if that's even a word) and shows off her fantastic curves perfectly! No wonder she's quickly becoming one of mens most wanted women in the world!

photo credit

Thanks for reading guys, let me know if you agree with my favourites, and share your thoughts on the best looks from the awards season 2012!

Lynsey x

Disclaimer: none of the images which appear above belong to me. The sites where I found them are linked below the images.

Academy of Makeup Promo

Thursday, 23 February 2012

Hi guys!

Just a really quick post tonight, I'm just home from an amazing afternoon/evening working at the Scottish Style Awards: Fashion Loves Oscars event in the swanky Blysthwood Hotel in Glasgow - I shall blog about that another time, got some lovely snaps of the makeup look we were doing on the gorgeous models :)

Anyway, just wanted to post a link to the latest Academy of Makeup Promo video on YouTube. The Academy is where I trained as a makeup artist with the amazing celebrity makeup artist Sara Hill, and it's definitely the place to train in makeup in Scotland! Click on the link below to check out the video, featuring some of the fantastic work by the Academy students at their end of course photoshoots!

The Academy of Make-up Promo Video

Thanks for reading guys, and I'll be back tomorrow with my weekly favourite YouTube videos post!

Lynsey x

Week 5 - Top YouTube Beauty Videos

Saturday, 18 February 2012

Hi guys! I'm a day late in uploading this post, but better late than ever! Another great weeks of videos, I found it really tricky to choose! So this week I decided to do something a little bit different! Week by week there tend to be trends of videos depending on what is going on in the beauty world (reviews of certain new products, Valentine's tutorials in February, Halloween tutorials in October etc etc) and this week one of the biggest trends I noticed was tutorials for Adele's makeup from the Grammy's last weekend! She looked absolutely stunning, I'll link a picture of her here, and I chose my three favourite videos to get the perfect Adele makeup from three of my favourite YouTubers :) Enjoy!

1. Kandee Johnson - kandeejohnson - Adele Grammy Makeup Tutorial (2 in 1)

One of my favourite Adele tutorials this week was by the lovely Kandee Johnson. The thing that makes this tutorial a little different from the others is that she combines both of Adele's looks from the evening (her red carpet look with a red lip, and the look she wore when she was performing which had a more muted nude lip and heavier contouring) and both looks are gorgeous. I always love Kandee's videos, she is so warm and easy to watch, and she always gives good makeup application tips as she goes along. She uses a good mixture of brands of product, and provides a really helpful step by step guide to both of these looks!

2. Nic Chapman - Pixiwoo - Adele's Grammy Makeup Tutorial

This, in a word, is stunning. Nic starts the video by saying that this is her most requested video EVER, which is quite an achievement considering how long the Pixiwoo girls have been uploading their videos to YouTube! Regardless of whether or not you are going to recreate this look, it's worth watching simply because it looks so incredible, and the more aspects of the makeup she applies, the more amazed you become at how beautiful the end result is going to be. The star of the show in terms of this video, for me, is the lip. It looks amazing! It's glossy and utterly 3D, and the way Nic layers several liners and lipsticks to create it is fantastic. The liner on the eyes is perfect, and this, overall is one of my favourite ever makeup looks Pixiwoo have created - and that's saying something!

3. Dulce - DulceCandy87 - Adele's Grammy Makeup Look

My third pic is from the lovely DulceCandy87, I'm sure you will all have heard of her but if not check her out! Just as Nic said in the tutorial before, this is apparantly one of her most requested ever tutorials - people have really loved this classic makeup look! The reason I chose this video is that not only is the end result beautiful, but it is pretty much half the length of the other two! She manages to get all of the important pieces of information across, and puts the makeup together beautifully without spending a lot of time filming foundation/concealer/powder, which she has filmed in enough videos before, so she focuses on the eyes and lips, which are of course the main features of the look! This is a lovely look, and definitely one of my favourite Adele tutorials of the week!

Extra video of the week!

4. Kate McGill - katem3 - CURSED (Official Video)

My extra video this week is courtesy of the very talented Kate McGill. Having been watching Kate's covers and original songs for the past two years, it's always super exciting to see the people you have suported on YouTube doing so well. This is another fantastic original song from the 22 year old from Plymouth, and you should definitely check it out! As a sidenote, her covers of Nobody's Perfect by Jessie J and Holocene by Bon Iver are two of my favourite covers on YouTube, so check them out too!

Thanks for reading guys, hope you enjoyed my little Adele special this week! Hope you all have a great weekend, and I'll be back next week with week 6 of my favourite videos - how time flies!

Lynsey x

Upcoming Blogposts and Blogs to Check Out!

Thursday, 16 February 2012

Okidoki folks, as it is a very uneventful Thursday evening I thought I'd do a little 'coming up' post and let you know about a few posts I have in mind to do over the next couple of weeks! Let me know if there's anything you'd particularly like to see and I'll make sure it's prioritised :)

First and foremost, tomorrow will be my weekly Friday feature of my favourite YouTube beauty vidoes of the week. I haven't managed to whittle it down to the final three yet, so let me know if you have any recommendations!

Secondly, I'm currently reading one of the best books I've read in ages - Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me (And Other Concerns) by Mindy Kaling. This book is basically bits and pieces of her life story, and is absolutely hilarious. I feel like I've found a kindred spirit in her and would quite like us to be friends. I'm going to do a more thorough review of the book once I've finished it though, it totally deserves a post of its own!

Thirdly, I've got a haul coming up, since I went on a bit of a shopping expedition yesterday. Here is a little preview picture of the wonders I picked up in Watt Brothers... I'm not sure if Watt Brothers is a Scottish thing or all over Britain, but in terms of the makeup/beauty products it sells it's essentially a CCO - and it's a place of dreams. Here's a quick preview photo of what I bought... all I'm going to say is I spent less than £20 - can you believe it?!

Apologies for the rubbish picture quality... I'll upload proper photos and mini reviews in the haul post itself!

Fourthly, I have been meaning to do a review of a couple of Collection 2000 products for about three weeks and haven't got around to it yet, so I'll do that soon!

And lastly, for now, I'm involved in a very exciting event on Saturday 25th February at the Academy of Makeup, can't tell you too much about it yet, but I'll most definitely be blogging about it, so watch this space!!

Thanks for reading guys and stay tuned for the aforementioned posts, hope you've all had a lovely day!

Lynsey x

ps here are a couple of new blogs you should all go and check out :) They happen to be two of my lovely friends Emma and Beatrice, so give them a read if you get the chance!

Another Social Media/Gossip Girl Rant :)

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

For the second time this year (already!), this is a TV drama love story centric post! And, once again, I'm going to ramble on about Gossip Girl... I do hope you don't mind :) SPOILER ALERT FOR GOSSIP GIRL SEASONS 1-5.

I'm totally fascinated by the way the internet has changed the way we engage with and interact with TV. Yep, you can tell I studied Film and TV :P Anyway, as one of my January posts suggests, I'm all caught up in following this online war over 'team Dair' and 'team Chair' in Gossip Girl. For those not in the know, there is currently a (seriously) vicious online battle of the shippers between GG fans who are loving the new relationship being exlored between Dan Humphrey and Blair Waldorf, and those who are still convinced that Blair belongs with Chuck Bass. As an opening statement (repeating what I mentioned in the previously mentioned articles which you can read here and here ) I was, until the middle of season 4, a hardcore Chair fan! So for any Chair fans out there, this is absolutely not an attack on the relationship, I was just as caught up in it as anyone! Now, however, I've been completely and utterly won over by Dan and Blair. That will all come later though, as first I wanted to talk a wee bit about the crazy way fandom has developed (using this particular storyline as my example) thanks to social media, and the wonder that is technology!

I live in Scotland, so the very fact that I am completely up to date with the goings on of Gossip Girl when ITV2 is several episodes behind The CW tells you something about the speed at which information travels thanks to online platforms like Twitter, YouTube, Tumblr and Facebook. I can keep up to date, reading reviews of episodes online, watching clips (which are more often than not taken down fairly quickly thanks to copyright) on YouTube and following the debates on Twitter as the episode airs (or the next morning as it usually when it airs in the US it's during the night over here). Imagine that ten years ago? Hell, five years ago? This increasing availability of information is completely changing the way people follow television shows. Therefore, if you're not online, with an interactive website, and on Twitter, Facebook and with an active fan base, you can pretty much call it a day! Gossip Girl has an official twitter (cleverly tying in with the show by suggesting that it is run by the infamous Gossip Girl herself). This allows fans to watch the show along with tweeting about it to the show's official account - and they do. In their hundreds. On Monday night (13/2/12), as the Valentine's Day episode aired, both 'Blair and Chuck' and 'Blair and Dan' were trending on Twitter at various times... this shows you how active these fans are! In addition to that, in my ''research'' for this post (okay, fine, looking up spoilers - I know, I shouldn't be allowed near a computer) I discovered that there are several Tumblr accounts dedicated to Dair and to Chair, and there is an app on facebook (which apparantly has 300 monthly users) entitled Chuck and Blair Quotes. One of the most popular Tumblrs, simply titled 'Dair' is updated constantly (and I mean constantly) with new Dan and Blair quotes, screencaps, avatars, quotes and Chair v Dair fan verbal feuds! This is the new way to interact with TV. To call yourself a 'fan' of a particular show is now a much more tricky thing than it ever used to be. Ten years ago, being a fan of a programme meant tuning in on whatever week night it aired to watch it, setting up a tape to record it if you were out (or if you were a super-fan and wanted to keep all of the episodes) and buying the boxset when it was released. People who were uber-fans of shows (Star Trek for example) were seen as obsessive and geeky. What then do we call the thousands of fans today who spend hours of their time discussing their favourite show over these various internet platforms? Writing fanfiction and posting it on fanfiction.com, or making fanvids and tribute videos to whatever show (or whatever coupling/friendship/storyline within a show) they love? While there are plenty terrible fanfictions and fanvids out there, there are also some really good ones. I discovered this one here as I was trawling through the hundreds of Gossip Girl related tweets on Twitter this week before writing this, and kudos to whoever made it, it is fantastic! The editing, the song choice, the choice of clips... this is a really impressive video. But again, this is something made possible by the invention of YouTube, a platform where anyone can share their talents with the world. And rather than film something themselves and edit it, many people choose to make tribute videos to their favourite shows, using their editing skills for this purpose. This is fandom times a million compared to what the term used to mean!

This then has proven to be somewhat of a complication for the writers of Gossip Girl! Whether or not they are phased by this online war, I don't know, but having your fanbase split completely down the middle with a love triangle can never be easy - especially when the split is so public here in 2012. There will always be a certain number of fans who disagree with the end result of a storyline, whatever the show, and whatever the time. Social media hasn't suddenly created the notion of fans falling for different couples in television - it has just allowed these fans (referred to as shippers) to become much more vocal over the past few years. And today, their voices are being heard loud and clear. So what would you do, if you were producing a show which was eliciting two completely different reactions to one storyline, dividing your audience completely in two? A few years ago, when talking about Lost and Alias, the amazing J.J.Abrams referred to the internet as being to TV what the audience is to a play - he said if you don't listen to the silences and the applauses, you might as well not be working in TV right now. And he's right - it's hard not to take audience reaction into account, and that can sometimes save a show! Remember that time they killed Sarah in Prison Break off during Season 3, and the audience were so utterly horrified that she magically reappeared at the start of Season 4? Yeah, that's what I call listening to your online audience! However, at a time like this with Gossip Girl, what are the writers to do? You can never please everyone, but this time it seems like they are being forced through internet campaigns on Twitter and Tumblr etc to choose one half of their fanbase over the other? Surely when things get this crazy, you just have to ignore the online ramblings and have the writers go with their gut - who do they think Blair belongs with? Word on the net (typically) is that Chair is endgame, and Dan and Blair's blossoming romance is merely a roadblock, but who knows. All I know is that if I was writing a show that was getting such a reaction from its audience, I'd be a smidgen on the terrified side.

So, before I go, I just wanted to throw my tuppence worth in - why not, when the internet is already buzzing with this particular subject! As I said, I was absolutely all for Chuck and Blair until the middle of season 4. Even at the end of season 3, when Chuck had basically sold Blair in exchange for his hotel, and slept with Jenny Humphrey just hours after realising her has lost Blair forever (or so he thought), I still, for some unknown reason, couldn't help myself wishing Blair wouldn't find out about Jenny and that she adnd Chuck would get back together. And in season 4, after Paris, still I sat hoping they could work things out. It wasn't until the episode which finished with Dan and Blair realising they were going to be left alone together in the city over Christmas that I started to change my mind (clever old writers). It's no secret that Dan has always been one of my favourite GG characters, as has Blair. As gorgeous as Nate is, and as bizarrely seductive as Chuck is, Dan has been the one I have constantly been drawn to throughout the whole series. Is that helped by the fact I may, on some subconscious level, be in love with Penn Badgley? I couldn't possibly say. And although Serena was the one the show initially centred around, Leighton Meester is just too good an actress to allow that to be the case for long - she steals every scene she's in. So I suppose it's sort of weird I hadn't contemplated a Dan/Blair relationship before. Anyway, once I really started to think about it, and once the Dan and Blair scenes started to increase in frequence, I couldn't help but go over to the 'Dair' side. Their banter is fantastic, and they bring out a side of each other that no one else does - Chair fans call it boring, I call it well matched. There's no drama with Dan and Blair, and rather than be the cause of her tears, more often than not he's the one comforting her when she is down. I can't really criticise people for being team Chuck, since I was until very recently. I'm hopeless, even now I'm watching The Vampire Diaries, and while Elena is in love with sweet (well, sweet in comparison to other vampires), dependable Stefan, I'm practically crying over unpredictable, dangerous Damon, thinking 'Elena, just give him a chance, he loves you'. Yeah. That's right. I'm hardly an advocate for the sensible relationships! But when it comes to Blair and Chuck, I suddenly imagined for a second that Blair was my sister, or my best friend (just go with me here!)... if any guy treated my best friend (speaking of whom, check out her new blog here!) the way Chuck has treated Blair, I would kill him. Well, I'd want to kill him anyway, and I'd want her to never speak to him again. He allowed her to sleep with his creepy uncle to get his hotel back, he slept with Jenny Humphrey, he took about five years to finally admit he loved her in the first place, leaving her emotionally confused for the best part of two entire seasons AND lets not forget him leaving her with a cut on her face when he smashed the mirror above her when she refused to take him back. And we can all say 'he just feels so passionately about her, they're soul mates, he's terrified of losing her'... but let's think about this. If we changed the storyline around and rather than setting it in a situation where we have glamorous twenty-something year olds in the Upper East Side of NYC, set it in a quiet suburb of London, where a forty year old man treats his wife like this, would we be cheering them on then? Especially if someone as straightforward and caring as Dan walked into the woman's life? I think not!

I know that Gossip Girl is fantasy - that's partly why I'm addicted to it! It's decadent and over the top and a total escape from reality! And Dan himself summed up Blair and Chuck's tumultuous relationship perfectly earlier this season:

Blair: I haven't even spoken to Chuck.
Dan: You don't have to. You two have some strange, force-field effect on each other, physicists should study it.

This is the level of dramatic tension we find in these Gossip Girl relationships! But just because the show is glamorous and over the top, does that mean we should excuse violent and unpredictable behaviour? Even if the guy is clearly madly in love with the girl, and her with him? I could go on for hours, but I'll stop now, as I'm sure anyone who has lasted reading this to this point will agree it's time to call it quits! So I hope you enjoyed my little (or not so little) rant, and come back on Friday for my weekly favourite YouTube videos :)

Lynsey x

Week 4 - Top YouTube Beauty Videos

Friday, 10 February 2012

Hello all, and welcome to week four of my favourite youtube videos! I've missed a couple of blogposts this week due to work and a very irritating cold, but I couldn't miss this one! This weeks videos have consisted of some more Valentines day makeup ideas, and plenty of IMATS hauls and vlogs! The three I have chosen don't fall into either of these categories, but were definitely some of the most interesting for me this week!

1. Louise - Sprinkleofglitter - Top 10 Lipsticks

As one of my all time favourite YouTubers, I'm very excited to have one of Louise's videos in my top three this week. If you haven't watched her videos already, please go and check her out - you won't regret it! Not only is she the kind of person you instantly want to be friends with, but she has the cutest baby in the world! Anyway, on to the video. In this video she goes through her top ten lipsticks of the moment, and what I particularly like is that she mixes up her brands. There are quite a lot of 'My Top Ten MAC Lipsticks' etc out there, but Louise incorporates several different brands, both higher and lower end, in her top ten, giving a good accessible selection whatever your price range! I also loved the fact that the Topshop lipsticks make a prominent appearance - I'm a big fan of the Topshop makeup, so if you haven't already tried it, definitely give it a go! Great video from a lovely beauty blogger.

2. Tanya - Pixi2woo - Rihanna Inspired Makeup Tutorial for Brown Eyes

I realise this is the third time Tanya has appeared in my top three, but what can I say, I always love her tutorials. As I have brown eyes, videos with 'for brown eyes' in the title never fail to catch my attention, and I'm also a fan of a lot of Rihanna's bold and bright makeup looks - they might not be something you can wear every day, but it's definitely fun to try out for a night out! This is a really pretty pink and green look, and I absolutely love green eyeshadows and liners on brown eyes, it can look so beautiful. As always, Tanya talks us through exactly what she's doing step by step, listing all of the products used in the description box, and the end result of this makeup is gorgeous! If you're feeling a bit bold and like the idea of trying out something a bit brighter than usual, definitely check out this makeup!

3. Lisa Eldridge - lisaeldridgedotcom - Soft Tonal Look - Clemence Poesy

Another gorgeous look from the super talented Lisa Eldridge. This is a beautiful makeup look, based on the kind of makeup she has done on the past on the lovely French actress Clemence Poesy. It is a very peachy, healthy look, and would be perfect to wear on any occassion. The makeup is warm and subtle, and incredibly natural, with none of the aspects of the makeup overpowering each other - the eyes are a lovely soft brown, a simple eyeshadow look, and the lips are kept lovely and nude, fitting in perfectly with the soft peach colour used on the cheeks. Lisa always uses some interesting products, and as a successful celebrity makeup artist it's always interesting to see what sort of products she is trying out in her videos! Definitely must watch for this seasons on trend natural makeup look!

Extra video of the week!

4. Anna - ViviannaDoesMakeup - Vlog: Beauty PR Career Chat

This weeks extra video of the week goes to the lovely Anna from Vivianna Does Makeup, because I thought this was a really interesting and useful video! For anyone who is interested in a career in Beauty PR/social media/blogging, she explains what she did at school, then college, and then how she got into the job she has recently acquired doing PR for a beauty company! Espeically since this is something I myself might be potentially interested in, this video was ideal! The blog post she wrote that accompanies this video is also really useful, so if this is something that interests you, definitely check out this video!

So that's us for another week guys, how time flies! Hope you have a great weekend, and check in next week to see my favourite YouTube beauty videos week 5! Hit join this site to subscribe to this blog and keep updated with all my favourite products and YouTube related posts, and follow me on twitter! @lynseymac1 :)

Lynsey x

Week 3 - Top YouTube Beauty Videos

Friday, 3 February 2012

Here we are at week three already, scary stuff. This week has been the toughest yet, mainly because as it's been the end of January, this weeks videos have been overwhelmingly 'January favourites' videos, which I do love to have a bit of a nosey at, but in terms of tips, tricks and tutorials, they don't quite fit the bill! So after careful consideration, here are the three I finally decided upon!

1. Marlena - MakeupGeekTV - Top 5 Face Primers of all time

I chose this video because from personal experience, primer is one of the makeup products that people are most unsure about. From applying makeup to models, to people with very little knowledge of beauty products/cosmetics, primer is usually the product that people are most likely to ask 'Oh, and what does that do?'. It's also one of the products you are least likely to find in drugstore/high street brands, although a lot more budget brands are coming out with them now. Marlena's top five include a great variety of primers, both in terms of price and in terms of effect (matt, dewy, etc) and she recommends which are best for different skin types. Definitely worth watching if you are in the market for a good primer (particularly in the US, but I'm sure the majority of them will be available online).

2. Klaire - KlairedelysArt - Arabic Makeup: Dusk

Klaire is one of my favourite YouTubers in terms of how artistic and creative her makeup looks always are. This video is a collaboration with another youtube makeup artist, Asashi, who I had never watched until this video, but I'm really glad Klaire has drawn my attention to her - she's amazing! Anyway, this is a beautiful, colourful arabic style makeup, which I'm sure anyone who likes to play around with their eye makeup will be eager to try after watching this! Simple, easy to follow and as creative as ever, this is another great video from a very talented YouTuber.

3. Lauren - Panacea81 - Makeup Look for the Office - Friday

I chose this video as it is the last in Lauren's 'Office Makeup' series, and I really loved it! Whether you choose to wear this look to the office or not, it's a classic, simple but beautiful look with a smokey winged eye, fluttery false lashes and a pretty pink lip. Lauren is as lovely and easy to watch as always, and I love how chatty her videos are. This look is definitely one to try out if you are experimenting with eyeliner shapes and styles, and is subtle enough to wear to work, but glam enough to wear on to an after work drink or dinner. Lovely look.

Extra video of the week.

4. Kristen Bell on Ellen - Kristen Bell's Sloth Meltdown

My extra video of the week has to be the clip of one of my favourite actresses, Kristen Bell, on Ellen, talking about her birthday present from Dax Shephard. I loved it so much I've already popped it on my facebook and watched it several times. You can't help but love Kristen, and Ellen!

Hope you enjoyed that guys, and be sure to come back next week for another instalment of my favourite YouTube beauty videos!

Lynsey x