Appointedd Launch - Edinburgh, August 2013

Saturday, 31 August 2013

On Monday 12th of August I was lucky enough to attend the launch of Appointedd, a new and exciting business venture in the hair and beauty industry. The launch was a breakfast at the lovely Hotel Missoni in Edinburgh, with a mix of bloggers and industry professionals attending and plenty tea, coffee and pastries to keep us going!

The concept of Appointedd is pretty straightforward - it's a hair and beauty treatment booking site which salons can list their business on, and clients (old and new) can book an appointment for whatever treatment they desire with just the click of a button. The company is led by Leah Hutcheon, a former magazine editor who turned losing her job into an opportunity to launch her own business when she approached Entrepreneurial Spark (the Scottish business start up accelarator) with her idea. Two years later, Appointedd is here, and Leah has worked incredibly hard to get her business off the ground.

The event itself was an interesting format. After meeting my lovely blogging pals Iona and Jade for a quick trip to Cafe Nero, we headed off to Hotel Missoni where we met up with Gillian, Lynne and Laura for half an hour of chatting with Leah, enjoying a cup of tea and having a little nosey at the website (which I've included a little screenshot of at the start of this post!). The turn out was excellent, with us bloggers outnumbered by lots of industry professionals, which was great to see - it shows what potential a business like this really has. We were then led into another room where we were greeted with lots of lovely pastries, more tea and coffee and a more professional set up, projector and all. Leah welcomed us to the event and gave us a bit of insight into the background of the business, her own professional background and shared some of her hopes for the future of Appointedd. This was followed by a really interesting presentation by James from the company Social For Salons (via Skype from China - the wonders of technology!). Hearing some of the stats on how social media should be being embraced by the hair and beauty industry was a highlight of the event.

These presentations were followed by a panel discussions, with five industry professionals answering questions posed by Leah, and by the audience. This was a good opportunity for people who are currently working in the hair and beauty industry to give us their thoughts on the site, and on the industry itself. Everyone seemed really positive and encouraging, which was brilliant to see for Leah and the team.

I had a great morning at the Appointedd launch, and would definitely recommend checking out the website (which I've linked below!)! It's so useful to have lots of salon options all in the one place, especially if you are new to the area and feeling a bit lost in terms of finding a good new salon! Thanks so much to Leah and everyone at Appointedd and Social for Salons, we had a great time and wish you all the best with the future of the business!

Life Update

Sunday, 25 August 2013

Hi guys! Hope you're all well! I thought today I would just do a little life update post telling you about a few things I've been up to/enjoying lately :)

No.1. Chocolate Factory Hot Chocolate / Nachos at Edinburgh Festival / TVD Season 4

On my lunch break at work I've recently discovered this amazing hot chocolate in The No.1. Chocolate Factory in the West End. They do lovely soups and paninis too (I've sampled a couple!) but I love how pretty the hot chocolate is, I almost didn't want to drink it!

Next we have the nachos I enjoyed for lunch a couple of weeks ago in Edinburgh with some of my favourite blogger ladies. We had just attended the Appointedd launch in Hotel Missoni (vlog coming soon!)and decided to wander through the bustling streets with all the excitement of the Fringe around us and find somewhere to get some food. We sat outside in the sunshine and had a lovely wee afternoon to ourselves.

My Season 4 boxset of The Vampire Diaries arrived on Friday, much to my excitement. I had pre-ordered it from Amazon and forgot when it was due to arrive. I've watched two episodes so far and have really enjoyed them, but I have heard that this season isn't as good as the previous ones... I'll just need to keep watching and decide for myself!

Kirsty, me and Lynne / Dinner is (finally) served / Blogging pals

On Wednesday night I headed into Edinburgh again after work for what was initially going to be a blogger trip to a show at the festival, but that plan fell through. We ended up going for dinner in Candy Bar, which was lovely but the service was ridiculously slow! We were eventually given our second round of cocktails for free because they had taken so long to serve us throughout the night! However, the food was good (I had a cheeseburger and chips - typical!) and we enjoyed couple of lovely cocktails. Best of all, we just had a good chat and catch up, my favourite thing about nights like this. Apologies for the dark photos, there wasn't much light in there and the second and third photos were taken on my phone (the first I stole from Lynne!).

New Hair (and some of my best expressions from my latest video!

Aaaand finally, I got my hair cut and highlighted! Today it's a bit of a mess because I couldn't be bothered washing it (who needs to wash their hair for a lazy Sunday blogging and drinking tea?!) - so the photos are screen shots from my latest video (which you can watch here - shameless plug!). My hairdresser had been on holiday for three weeks and it was so desperately needing cut I couldn't do anything with it! It had also been looking really dull recently, so I bit the bullet and got some highlights. I haven't coloured my hair in six years (eeeek, where has the time gone!) but I felt it needed something to give it a wee lift. So I went for some very subtle golden highlights to brighten it up!

What have you lot been up to lately? Let me know in the comments below!

Favourites of the Week #16

Monday, 19 August 2013

I'm back with another weekly favourites - there are some really good ones this week, so be sure to check them out!!

Track of the Week
Katy Perry - Roar

I'm addicted to Katy Perry's new single 'Roar'. I've been listening to it all week to give myself a wee boost - it sounds silly but trying to focus on empowering, positive song lyrics sometimes has a real effect on me. It's like reading uplifting quotes - something small and seemingly insignificant but it can totally alter your mood.

Album of the Week
Imagine Dragons - Night Visions

Still devouring the Imagine Dragons album on a daily basis this week, I love love love it. My favourite track at the moment is Demons, but it changes constantly! There is such a mix of sounds on this album, with tracks resembling a whole array of bands I love, from The Killers to Safetysuit and The Naked and Famous.

TV Show of the Week
Person of Interest

I'm about half way through season two of Person of Interest now and I'm still really enjoying it. Michael Emerson is such a good actor, he was incredible in Lost and he's great in this too. I still wonder when we're going to really learn more about our two heroes, there are an awful lot of unanswered questions at this stage, but I'm eager to know more.

Film of the Week
Alan Partridge: Alpha Papa

My friend Emmeline and I went to see the Alan Partirdge film this weekend and it was absolutely brilliant! In all honesty, I haven't watched an awful lot of Alan Patridge in the past. I've seen lots of wee bits and pieces but it isn't something that I've sat down and made an effort to properly watch, but the film was hilarious, there were moments I literally couldn't stop laughing.

Beauty Product of the Week
Rimmel Fix and Perfect Pro Primer

I love this primer, it's so affordable and it makes my makeup last all day - what more could you want?!

Book of the Week
The Secret Island by Enid Blyton

As part of my 101 Things in 1001 Days post, I included ''reread The Secret Island'', and I've started doing just that. As my favourite childhood book of all time this isn't too difficult, and I'm loving revisiting it :)

YouTuber of the Week
Anna from Vivianna Does Makeup

I've always liked Anna's channel, but I've really enjoyed watching some of her videos this week. I watched her second Makeup Menu video last night and there was something really soothing about it - she is so calm and natural in front of the camera and her videos have a real consistency, so you feel like you can really trust her judgement.

Website of the Week
Mollie and Fred

I've spent ages on this website this week looking at all the pretty, quirky little things! It started off as a search for a birthday present for Emma but it has ended up with me spending ages perusing cute things for myself! I discovered Mollie and Fred when I was doing some research for work, and I'm so glad I did - if you are a sucker for a pretty mug or photo frame, or you can't get enough quirky stationary this is a site you will love (and spend money on, so stay away till pay day!!).

Style Icon of the Week
Vanessa White


I do love an aztec print top and think this one looks great on Vanessa from the Saturdays. I wouldn't be brave enough to wear the teeny tiny shorts (my legs are very, very rarely on display - thick black tights are my best friend ;)) but she looks gorgeous. I also love her makeup here - she always suits a bright lip.

What have some of your favourite things been this week? Let me know in the comments! :)

Thanks for reading!

My Thoughts On: ''The Returned''

Thursday, 15 August 2013


Over the months of June and July, a French thriller television show aired on channel four... you might have heard of it. It was called ''The Returned''.

Seriously creepy, atmospheric and ever so French, the first season consisted of eight episodes, each sort of focusing on one particular character while continuing to build on the suspense of the previous instalment. I haven't written a proper TV review in ages and ages, so (even though it has been over for two or three weeks now) I thought I'd take the opportunity to give you my belated thoughts on this one. Warning - it does contain some SPOILERS... sorry folks!

The Premise:

The basic outline of the programme (which was based on a 2004 French film titled ''Les Revenants'') is as follows: a quiet little village in France is turned upside down when people who have been dead for varying amounts of time start to reappear. A teenage girl who died in a bus crash four years before, a young man who apparently committed suicide on his wedding day seven years before and a woman who died decades ago when the town was flooded by a burst dam are just a few of the lost souls who come back and, understandably, freak the life out of their loved ones. Their reappearance coincides with some other strange goings on - the water in the dam is inexplicably getting lower and a series of horrific murders committed in the past start up again. We soon discover why - the murderer is one of the returned.


What I Liked:

The entire atmosphere of the show was fantastic - personally, I think the subtitles helped with this, but that might just be the film student in me! I loved the music (courtesy of Mogwai), the muted colours and the fact that you literally didn't know what was going to happen next. From the very first episode, when Victor followed Julie home on the bus I was on the edge of my seat!

I think the idea of this show is incredibly clever. These aren't your typical zombies. They look and act like regular human beings (until their skin starts decaying, obviously) and they seem genuinely as confused as anyone else as to why they are there. The writing was strong, and the end of each episode (with the exception of the finale) was always a surprise.

What I Didn't Like:

Far, far too many unanswered questions for my liking. The finale let me down a bit. Everyone loves a cliffhanger, but not to that extent - it became more of an anticlimax, which after seven episodes of genuine tension and suspense was quite disappointing. I particularly enjoyed this summary on Digital Spy of all the unanswered questions from the first series! I also struggled a wee bit with some of the characters, which I'll come to in a moment...

Who I Liked:

Julie - I thought Céline Sallette who played Julie was excellent. There is something incredibly vulnerable about her and, with what she had been through in the past, I thought her ever increasing bond with Victor was really interesting to watch unfold.

Lena - I felt quite sorry for Lena. The shock of having your twin sister come back from the dead can't be easy, especially with the intense (bordering on creepy) connection between them. She is obviously affected in a much deeper way by her sister's return than anyone else seems to be - physically, at the very least.

Jérôme - Again, I felt quite sorry for Jérôme. He seemed so lost and sad, and I think the actor (Frédéric Pierrot) played the part really well. It helped that he was sort of playing opposite Pierre, who made my skin crawl.

Simon - There were moments when Simon irritated me, but generally I did feel sympathetic towards him. Of everyone, he seemed the most confused and frustrated by his situation, mostly because the person he has come back to has moved on, married someone else and raised his child without him, but also because he cannot understand what happened to him when he died.

Victor - The character who creeped me out the most to begin with ended up being the character I just wanted to hug. Yes, he had some very, very creepy moments, but the flashback to his death was so heartbreaking and his adoration of Julie (the fairy!) really affected me.


Who I Didn't Like:

Pretty much everyone else.

Okay, that's a bit harsh. I didn't dislike everyone but I felt pretty indifferent to most of them. Pierre, as I said, made my skin crawl, but other than the five I mentioned before, I couldn't really connect with any of the other characters. That doesn't mean the acting was bad - the acting, overall, was excellent. I just didn't really warm to anyone else. Claire, Adele and Thomas all sort of irked me, and I got consistently annoyed with Camille even though her circumstances were obviously upsetting. Serge, obviously was a bit on the horrifyng side, and while I felt sympathy for Tony it wasn't enough for me to really care about him. And don't get me started on Lucy - anyone with a clue what was going on there, feel free to chip in!

I'm not sure if this disconnect from the characters was intentional on the part of the writers, or if it was just how I felt. I'm all about character, it's the most important aspect of any film or TV show to me - it's why I'm so obsessed with shows like Lost and Being Erica, shows where characterisation is absolutely key to the way the plot unfolds. I think with only eight episodes and something as major as an immenent zombie takeover to deal with there maybe just wasn't quite enough time to get to know everyone to the extent that I would have liked. It definitely wasn't enough to put me off watching though, and I can't wait to find out more next season.

*I just read an interview with the creators on the Channel 4 website... apparently they are all about character too:
Quote: ''I like shows like The Sopranos and Six Feet Under, which are slower than fantasy shows and which focus on the characters. For The Returned I imagined a fantasy drama where the characters are more important than the action and the story.''

It must just be me then!

In Concusion:

I think The Returned has been one of the best things on TV this year so far. It was suspenseful, artistic, well written and pretty unique - an excellent combination. I can't wait for it to 'return' next year! *so sorry, I couldn't help it*

Did you watch The Returned? I'd love to know what you thought!

Thanks for reading!

Favourites of the Week #15

Sunday, 11 August 2013

Another week, another weekly favourites. Sorry this feature has become sort of intermittent, I'm going to try and get it back on track and do one every Sunday! So, without further ado, here are some of the things I've been loving this week :)

Track of the Week
Fifth Harmony - Miss Movin' On

Never thought I'd hear myself say this, but I've actually really been enjoying Fifth Harmony's debut single. The girl band was formed in the first series of the XFactor USA which I gave up on watching after a handful of episodes, but this first single is quite catchy. It's nothing new - very typical girl band, sort of girl power pop song, but I have found myself dancing around to it this week.

Album of the Week
Imagine Dragons - Night Visions

I'm so addicted to the Imagine Dragons album, it's so good! I've loved Radioactive since it came out, and have wanted to get my hands on the album for weeks. My lovely bestie Emma bought me it as a wee cheer up present this week, which was very nice of her, and it's as good as I hoped it would be!

TV Show of the Week
New Girl

Finished New Girl Season 1 this week and I loved it so much! I won't go on and on about it as I've talked about it plenty times before, but the chemistry between all of the actors is insane, and I just can't get enough of the characters. A stand out episode from season 1 had to be The Landlord - Nick and Jess are always hilarious together but this one had tears literally rolling down my face from laughing so hard.

Film of the Week
Safe Haven

Speaking of tears running down my face, I finished watching Safe Haven for the first time last night and oh my, it had me bawling my eyes out. I know Nicholas Sparks and Nicholas Sparks-esque films aren't for everyone but I love The Notebook, and thoroughly enjoyed Safe Haven too. I'm a big fan of Josh Duhamel, and because I hadn't read the book I had no idea what I was letting myself in for with the story of this film - it's a tear jerker!

Beauty Product of the Week
Bourjois Bronzing Primer

Loving this for actually giving me some colour in my face, I'm so pale and have looked even pastier while I haven't been feeling too well, so this has been a life saver.

Book of the Week
How to Leave Twitter by Grace Dent

This book is hilarious! I'm only about a quarter of the way through it at the moment, but it's so entertaining. The opening pages about how people usually end up setting up a twitter account and how hopeless you inevitably are to begin with are brilliant because it is exactly what I was like when I started out on twitter!

YouTuber of the Week
Louise - Sprinkle of Glitter

She often features as my favourite youtuber, but I really do love her. Have been enjoying her vlogs from Vidcon (why was I not there?!!) and the fact that she made a collab video with Grace Helbig, my other favourite YouTuber, this week meant she couldn't not be my YouTuber of the Week.

Blog of the Week
Iona from Iona Blog

My pal Iona has given her blog a wee revamp this week with the help of the very talented Gillian, who is responsible for my blog design too!! The little bumble bee in her blog header is certainly apt, because she is a busy bee at the moment with two jobs on the go, but she still finds time to update her little corner of the internet with all sorts of posts - in her most recent update, she goes through her perfect 48 Hour Fringe, as the Edinburgh Fringe Festival is in full swing! Be sure to go and check her out.

Website of the Week
Forty Days of Dating

Oh my, I have been addicted to this website this week! If you haven't heard of it, it's basically an online diary of two friends, Jessica and Tim, who decided earlier this year to date each other for forty days since neither of them has managed to keep a relationship going (for very different reasons) so far in their lives. Jessie loves 'love', and is constantly searching for something meaningful, getting too attached too fast, while Tim is more of a casual dater, dating several girls at once and breaking it off before it goes too far. So far they've posted up to day thirty one and I can't stop reading!

Style Icon of the Week
Lily Collins


I picked up the September issue of Glamour yesterday, mainly because I've been finding myself quite drawn to Lily Collins lately, and I wanted to read her interview. However, I think she looks amazing on the cover. Love the red dress and Audrey Hepburn-esque hair and eyebrows. She's got a sort of pixie look, if that makes sense, and I think this style really, really suits her.

What have some of your favourite things been this week? Let me know in the comments! :)

Thanks for reading!

101 Things in 1001 Days!

Thursday, 8 August 2013


I recently stumbled across Rosie from's blog and read her 101 things in 1001 days list. I loved the concept, so popped over the Day Zero website where this project began - you can check that out here! After having a good think about it, I decided to put together my own list. So here it is - a list of 101 things I aim to achieve over the next 1001 days (which apparently is roughly 2.75 years) - I'll figure out the end date and include it later! Some are pretty deep and meaningful, and some are pretty superficial, I thought it made sense to keep it a nice mix! So as of today, Thursday 8th August 2013, I intend to...

1. Visit New York
2. Make more use of Instagram
3. Finish reading The Great Gatsby
4. Learn to properly use my new camera
5. Go to five new, different restaurants in Glasgow
6. Find a workout I enjoy and STICK TO IT!
7. Get more confident with my driving
8. Rewatch Veronica Mars (again!) before the film comes out
9. Vlog more regularly
10. Reread The Secret Island and
11. Reread The Master and Margarita
12. Note down something I'm grateful for every day
13. Have a reunion with as many uni pals as possible
14. Go back to Aviemore with my mum
15. Walk instead of taking the bus/train or driving whenever possible
16. Drink more water
17. Go to the cinema at least once a month
18. Get involved in acting/theatre again
19. Change up my makeup routine more regularly
20. Learn to play the guitar
21. Start writing a book
22. Meet up with Gemma and Emily here on UK soil!
23. Bake something (why do I never bake?!)
24. Go on holiday again with Emma
25. Introduce more fruit and veg into my diet
26. Have a proper night out in Edinburgh with the lovely blogger girlies
27. Go to a Kodaline gig
28. Upgrade to an iPhone
29. Take a trip to London
30. Go to Vidcon and/or Playlist Live
31. Reach 500 subscribers on my YouTube channel
32. Watch The Shawshank Redemption and
33. Watch The Green Mile
34. Go to Norway and see the Northern Lights
35. Make my Australia scrap book
36. Hug my family and friends more often
37. Buy a replacement Thomas Sabo charm bracelet
38. Go for a proper Spa Day
39. Go and see a musical in London
40. Make better use of LinkedIn
41. Watch Last Year at Marienbad with Emma (and cocktails)
42. Start fundraising for a worthy charity
43. Spend a day in Glasgow Uni with Emma, Louise and Cassie
44. Skype with Lynsey
45. Go to a Christmas service at church
46. Play badminton
47. Be an extra in something
48. Organise a proper blogger event at least once a year
49. Meet Bo Bruce again and get my copy of her album signed this time!
50. Film more videos with Emma in them
51. Speak more to certain friends between catch ups
52. Stop stressing about time
53. Be less grumpy in the morning - be grateful to be heading out to work
54. Figure out what I'm absoultely passionate about and do something about it
55. Make an effort to find a new perfume I really like
56. Be less choosy when it comes to dating
57. Go shoe shopping and actually buy something
58. Buy mum and dad a really nice Christmas/thank you present
59. Get my eyes tested since it's been six years
60. Go to Paris
61. Watch the end of How I Met Your Mother
62. Start a TV Review website
63. Go to Edinburgh Zoo and see the pandas
64. Throw out all old school and uni books - do not keep hoarding them!
65. Have a flat, or be close to having my own flat
66. Overcome phobia of wasps - look how small they are!
67. Convince mum, dad and Ross to take a trip to Australia to visit family
68. Achieve my goal on Goodreads
69. Try yoga and/or pilates
70. Make an effort to actually get excited for Christmas this year!
71. See Ellie Goulding in concert
72. Go to Toronto
73. Go to Summer in the City
74. Go to IMATS London
75. Make a short film
76. Watch Brick and give the DVD back to Emma
77. Make more YouTube friends
78. Go to Iceland
79. Drive to Aviemore
80. Take friends and/or possible future boyfriend to the Wildlife Park
81. Learn to make really good nachos
82. Keep clothes in wardrobe, not on couch/suitcase/basket
83. Put the ''Chimp Paradox'' (Dr Steve Peters) ideas into practice
84. Deliberately do one nice thing for someone (friend, relative or stranger) every day
85. Make more phonecalls to get over phone issue
86. Go to the Scottish Fashion Awards
87. Have regular cocktail nights with school friends
88. Try fake tan again - it might not be as bad as last time!
89. Buy Microsoft Word for my MacBook
90. Teach myself how to use more advanced photo editing software
91. Include at least one photo of me a month on my blog!
92. Check in with extended family on a monthly basis
93. Try and eat more fish *shudder* in whatever way I can manage
94. Do more research into cruelty free beauty
95. Start going to bed before midnight, not after midnight
96. Make a go of my online writing challenge idea
97. Reach 500 followers on my blog
98. Make a Blog Love list with my favourite blogs on it
99. Be more confident in the situations I know I'm not confident enough in (confusing, but I know what I mean and that's what counts, right?!)
100. Write the thank you letter to my favourite teacher that I should have written at the time
101. Help my lovely friends who are already engaged with their wedding plans

Let me know if this is the kind of challenge you'd consider setting for yourself! I'm excited to see how I get on!

My Top 5 TV Friendships

Tuesday, 6 August 2013


A couple of weeks ago I put together my top 5 21st century rom coms and I enjoyed it so much I decided to make another list! This time, it's my top 5 favourite TV friendships! I realise that friendships from two of my very favourite shows of all time (Lost and 24) are missing - there clearly weren't any BFFs in there that I really fell for! Anyway, hope you enjoy this little list and let me know what some of your favourite friendships in TV are!

Veronica and Wallace/VeronicaMars


I think Veronica and Wallace may be my ULTIMATE favourite TV friendship because I really think it's the only completely platonic boy/girl friendship I've ever seen in a ''teen'' style tv show. Instantly bonding when she saves him from humiliation at the hands of a motorcycle gang on his first day at Neptune High, Veronica and Wallace form a bond that can't be broken, and support each other through the highs and lows of life from then on. They have a no questions asked kind of friendship - Wallace might not be entirely comfortable with some of the favours he ends up doing her, but the moment Veronica asks for his help he's there.

Jess, Nick, Winston and Schmidt/NewGirl


I love the little family Jess, Nick, Winston and Schmidt have together in the apartment. They each have their little roles, and although they drive each other completely insane, when one is gone (see the season 1 finale!) it completely upsets the balance. And yes, okay, Jess and Nick have some of the most amazing on screen chemistry ever, but aside from that attraction, they are really good friends. They all give each other some terrible advice sometimes but they're guaranteed to be there to take care of each other, no matter what the situation is.

Lorelai and Rory/GilmoreGirls


A television mother daughter friendship that will never be replaced for me, we have Rory and Lorelai Gilmore. I have a friend who completely disagreed with me on this, saying a parent and child should be that first and foremost, friends second, but I love the relationship between these two. I love that Lorelai is so completely focused on her daughter, above anything else, which is so rare to see in tv these days - particularly in teen tv shows the parents are usually the source of trauma in the teens lives (the topic of my university dissertation no less!). The moments when they fight are so unbearable because the bond is so strong, and we love to see their in jokes and pop culture references and imagine that we too live in Stars Hollow... or maybe that's just me!

Joey and Chandler/Friends


Could we really have a top five without a Friends friendship thrown in there?! Probably not! I love Chandler and Joey's friendship, some of my all time favourite lines in the show are between the two of them. From their man hugs to the ridiculous fall out over Kathy that leads to Chandler spending Thanksgiving in a box, there is never a dull moment with them.

Dan and Blair/GossipGirl


Now this may be a controversial one (it probably is) but I was a huge Dan and Blair fan. I loved the chemistry between them in seasons four and five, and the way their friendship really blossomed over time. There's a proper spark between them, which is what ended up causing the demise of the entire Gossip Girl storyline because the writers split their fanbase straight down the middle with the ''Dair'' vs ''Chair'' saga, but putting romance aside, I loved the relationship they had. Their friendship comes from not only a vey intellectual place, which makes for a lot of good banter, but as we see as time goes on, he will literally do anything for her. So let's, for a moment, put aside the fact that he is in love with her, and focus on the friendship itself. If you do that, I'm sure you'll see what I mean. It wouldn't be hard to beat ANY of the other ludicrous GG friendships - I think Blair and Serena are probably the worst example of a female friendship I've ever seen, but feel free to disagree!

Thanks for reading :)

Pretty in Pink

Monday, 5 August 2013

Illamasqua Powder Blush in Nymph - Illamasqua

Barry M Lip Liner in 12 - Superdrug

L'Oreal Paris Colour Appeal Chrome in Golden Rose - Superdrug

Revlon Lip Butter in Sorbet - Boots

Essie Nail Polish in Boom Boom Room - Essie

MAC Cremesheen Glass in Right Image - MAC

By Terry Rose de Rose Liquid Blush in Fresh Rose - Space NK

The past few days I've been favouring a very pink makeup look. Usually, with my skin tone, I'm more drawn to peachy shades, but after buying myself a bold raspberry shade of lipstick from the Bourjois Rouge Shine Edition Collection (it's number 22 and it's gorgeous!!), I've been complementing the pink lip with pink cheeks care of my ELF Pink Passion Blusher and some pinky nude eyeshadows (mainly Sin and Toasted from the Naked Palette!). This has led to me feeling the urge to buy lots of pretty pink things. I did a colour coded wish list a couple of months ago and enjoyed it, so thought I'd do another one but just stick to beauty products this time (the last one included fashion too!). If you liked this idea, let me know and I'll maybe make it a little series - although when we're getting to blues and greens that might be a little trickier!

Do you own any of the products on this wish list? I've got several of the Revlon Lip Butters and I love them - Sorbet may well be next on my list!

Thanks for reading, hope you are all well!