Favourites of the Week #12

Monday 24 June 2013

Second post of the day - I'm on a roll! Be sure to check out my Girls Night In post too :)

I've actually missed a couple of weeks of favourites - do not know where the past two weeks have gone!

Track of the Week
High Hopes

LOVE LOVE LOVE. This song is amazing, as is the album. I like to describe Kodaline as the perfect mix of Snow Patrol, Mumford and Sons and Keane, with a tiny bit of Bastille and Coldplay thrown in there for good measure. Maybe even with a spoonful of Bon Iver at times... excellent narrowing down for you guys ;)

Album of the Week
Bo Bruce - Before I Sleep

Rather than say anything about this here, I'll just link my video review. I think it will highlight just how much love I have for this incredible album <3

TV Show of the Week
The Returned

I've been loving 'The Returned', the French thriller on Channel 4. If you haven't caught it yet, you can catch up on 4od, it's on every Sunday evening for 8 weeks, and three episodes have aired already. It's all very French, with simmering tension, bizarre goings on and a lot of unanswered questions. There have been a couple of slightly gruesome scenes, but nothing I can't handle and I'm a total wimp when it comes to horror type material, so most people will cope just fine with it!

Beauty Product of the Week
Bourjois Colour Boost Lipstick in Orange Punch

I've said it before and I'll say it again - this product is amazing! Love everything about it from the shade and colour payoff, to the consistency and the packaging. Excellent job Bourjois :)

Book of the Week
The Fifth Wave by Rick Yancey

Okay, so I haven't actually started reading this (or even purchased it) but such a buzz is being generated over it that I feel compelled to start reading it asap! It's a sci-fi sort of book, which I'm not usually all that interested it, but the style of it actually sounds very much my cup of tea.

YouTuber of the Week
Kandee Johnson

*sigh* I will never, ever tire of Kandee Johnson. She always cheers me up and makes me feel that tiny bit more positive about things. Such a great girl, and her videos are all so entertaining.

Blog of the Week

This week's blogger is another who I have had the pleasure of meeting a few times in real life, and it's the lovely Morag :) While I always enjoy stopping by her little corner of the internet, I really enjoyed her most recent post on ''motivation for a healthy lifestyle'' - I recommend you go and check it out immediately :)

Website of the Week

The other week I caved and started a Tumblr. I have posted about three things on it so far, but I would like to attempt to use it more... we will see if this transpires! If you're interested, pop over and have a wee look here :)

Style Icon of the Week
Kristen Bell


To be honest, Kristen isn't just a style icon for me - she's one of my favourite people. I love pretty much everything about her, from her passion and dedication to the charities she supports to her amazing sense of humour. But I think she looked amazing hosting the CMT Awards a couple of weeks ago, especially considering she gave birth to her baby girl just a couple of months ago! Love the hair and makeup, and both dresses - the total clash of styles with the classic updo and floor length gown, and the more rock and roll vibe of the other dress is amazing.

What have some of your favourite things been this week? Let me know in the comments! :)

Thanks for reading!


  1. I love The Returned, it is amazing. Proper spine chilling tv - also how much of a wee creep is Vincent?!!

    Heather xxx

  2. The shorter dress that Kristen is wearing is so cute!