About Me

Hello there! I'm Lynsey, a twenty something year old eyeliner wearing, social media loving, film and television addict with a Masters in International Marketing and a problem with drinking too much tea.

This little corner of the internet was original a beauty blog, but soon spiralled into lifestyle - I blog about the things I do, the things I watch and anything else that pops into my head! I also have a YouTube channel, where I upload a new video every Sunday - you can find that here!

Thanks for dropping by and please say hi in the comments - I love getting them and reply to each and every one!

*Disclaimer - just to let you know, I am a member of the Skimlinks network. This means that some of my posts will contain affiliate links, meaning that if anyone clicks through and buys something, I'll get a teeny tiny bit of commission! This started in July 2013, and in no way impacts on the content of my blog. I'll always be completely upfront with you guys if a post is in any way sponosered, and half the time the links you see have been put into the post by yours truly ;) Just want to keep everything crystal clear though!

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  1. Hi Lynsey! Just thought I'd say 'hi' and that you've got a really cool blog going on here. Well done! xx