VEDJ - Vlogging Every Day July!

Saturday 29 June 2013

Since I have enjoyed taking part in the 30 Day Snap so much, I have decided to set myself another challenge - to vlog every day In July! I will still be uploading normal videos, whatever that means when it comes to my little mish-mash of a channel, but on the days that a specific video isn't going up (a.k.a the days when nothing exciting is happening!) I will endeavour to upload a two or three minute long vlog on a different topic! I am happy to take recommendations if there are any particular topics you think would make for an interesting discussion! Anything beauty/fashion/film/tv/books/music/feminism/travel/youtube/blogging related works for me - just to narrow it down for you guys ;)

I struggled to come up with a name for this (I'm no Fleur when it comes to these videos!) but my friend Fai commented that it sounded like 'veg', which made me chuckle, so I though VEDJ would do fine!

If you have any thoughts feel free to let me know in the comments! Thanks for reading, and also let me know if you are a daily vlogger - I'm a bit addicted to watching daily vlogs at the moment!

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