30 Day Snap #10

Tuesday 11 June 2013

hello sepia...

Hello all :) Today I booked a ticket to go and see the amazing Bo Bruce next week, and I am ridiculously excited. I fell in love with her voice the minute I heard it in her audition on The Voice last year, and I have followed her career ever since. It's amazing how sometimes you can feel an instantaneous connection with someone's voice like that, and how it can have such an impact so quickly. She actually followed me on twitter last year during the course of the show when I tweeted her babbling about how incredible I thought she was... if I recall correctly, I literally squealed with delight *way to keep your cool, Lynsey*. It's strange, I think there's a difference between liking someone's music, and feeling really connected to it. Does that sound insane?!

I'm going to link her new single Alive here, because it and the video are incredible. Go and check it out :) remember to link your 30 Day Snaps in the comments and hope you all had a lovely day :)


  1. I like her voice too, its beautiful!
    I have only just started doing the 30 day snap though! I will leave a link anyway! Thanks, Alice x

    1. Aw thanks lovely, will go and check it out! :) x

  2. Heard amazing things about this womans voice so I'l have to have a listen!