30 Day Snap #26

Wednesday 26 June 2013

I just realised I never did a full post on the Neighbours tour when I got back from Australia - what was I thinking?! I must rectify this soon. I included the above snap in my Melbourne Day 2 post, and decided to use it as my photo of the day - today was relatively uneventful, but my mum and I watched a few episodes of Neighbours this evening and man is it good right now. We're about a week behind and all the Steph/Lucas/Vanessa/baby Patrick stuff (for anyone who watches it!) is kicking off! I had such a good day on the Neighbours tour, still can't believe I strolled past Lassiters Lake and posed outside Harold's Store!

Tomorrow is my birthday and I honestly cannot get my head around that - where has the past year gone? It's scary, so it is.

Hope you've all had another lovely day, if you've taken part in the 30 Day Snap leave me your links below! :)



    Happy birthday for tomorrow! xxx

  2. Amazing! I haven't watched Neighbours for so long... I must rectify this x