30 Day Snap #6

Thursday 6 June 2013

Okay, so I'll level with you (if you follow me on instagram, this won't be a shock) - this photo wasn't actually taken today! I don't know if there's a rule about that, but I reckon the 30 Day Snap is pretty flexible! I was filling in on reception in my dad's office today, so didn't have much to photograph! Anyway, I took this photo in Glasgow a week ago today and I really love it. I think Argyle Street probably looks like this today too, as the sun has decided to shine! I love taking photos like this - don't worry, I don't look directly at the sun, I tend to just point my camera in that direction and hope for the best, but this one turned out pretty well! Glasgow is where I went to Uni, and I love the city so much. Hope you've all had a great sixth of June, leave me your links below :)

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