My Pout Picks!

Monday, 30 September 2013

Last weekend I headed into Edinburgh once again for a lovely afternoon with two of my best blogging friends Laura and Jade. We went along to the Pout event at the Corn Exchange, which I mentioned in one of my previous posts. The wesbite describes Pout as ''A ladies lifestyle show featuring, fashion, beauty and leisure time for aspirational women from Edinburgh and the surrounding areas.'' We were greeted with a goodie bag and a snazzy cocktail, and then we headed off to explore! So I thought I'd just do a wee recap of some of my favourite exhibitors from this year! In no particular order, I really enjoyed...

I've written about Appointedd before here, and I really enjoyed chatting to the lovely Leah Hutcheon (founder of the company) again at Pout. Appointedd is an online salon booking portal, with lots of salons to choose from in the Glasgow and Aberdeen area. Leah also gave a great talk on using websites and apps to better organise your time, which she gave alongside Cally from...

If you enjoy a bit of online shopping and haven't heard of Malzee yet, get over to the website now and check it out! Mallzee is essentially an online shopping social network with a huge number of amazing stores including French Connection, Urban Outfitters and House of Fraser to choose from. More on this coming in a post soon as I was lucky enough to go along to their launch party on Tuesday night!

I absolutely loved seeing Joanne McGillvray's beautiful collection in the flesh, having seen so much about this up and coming Scottish designer online recently. Her clothes are stunning - there were a pair of printed trousers which the lovely Joanne herself was actually wearing that I almost had to be dragged away from. Lucky I had a sneaky purchase from the following company to ease the pain ;)

I couldn't resist buying one of the adorable cake pops from Cake Cetera! Well, who could? It's a cross between a cupcake and a lollipop for crying out loud, this is something we all ought to try once in our lives! The whole range of products, including their gorgeous cupcake bouquets were lovely and an inventive twist on the now ubiquitous cupcake!

If you missed it, I did a whole post on some of the lovely Granny Sally's products that I was lucky enough to test out recently, so go and check that out here! I love these natural products, and such cute packaging is always a bonus!

These were just a few of my favourites! Others included Odyssey Boutique (a lingerie and swimwear boutique which also offers a range of specialist beauty treatments including waxing and nails), the Scottish Wildlife Trust (got to be kind to our furry and feathered friends) and obviously the i-On and Snapshot photobooths... neither of which we managed to resist!

Thanks so much to Pout for inviting us along! We had a lovely afternoon :)

*Disclaimer: We were invited along to the event in a blogging capacity which was really lovely of the Pout team, but the opinions in this post are all very much my own :)

Get Ready With Me!

Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Hey guys! Major apologies for this cop out of a post, I've had a crazy busy week being back at uni and settling in (which I'm going to do a post on this weekend!) and have been along to a couple of lovely blogger events (which there will also be posts on!) and I've just not had time to write up a post... so instead, if you haven't subscribed to my YouTube channel, here's a wee link to my newest video - it's a get ready with me one, which I really enjoyed filming, so expect to see more of these in future!

I really hope you're all well, and can't quite get my head around the fact there are almost 200 of you following this blog now! I appreciate every single one of you, so leave me a wee comment to say hi if you haven't before - I get such a kick out of getting comments from you lovely readers (it's actually quite sad how excited I get!!)... x

FILM REVIEW: About Time (d. Richard Curtis, 2013)

Sunday, 22 September 2013


As we all know, romantic comedy films are kind of my thing. Love Actually didn't make it into my Top Five 21st Century Romcoms but it certainly would have made my top ten, and so the moment Richard Curtis's new (and apparently his final) film offering ''About Time'' hit the screens, I was off to the cinema like a shot, with Emma in tow.

About Time encompasses two of my favourite themes - love/romance and time travel. It's the story of Tim (Domhnall Gleeson), a twenty one year old law student who is hit with the revelation that he (and all of the men in his family) can travel back in time. Stunned, when his father (played by the ever amazing Bill Nighy) makes this confession, Tim begins to experiment with his new found ''skill'', hoping that it might finally help him find the one thing he is desperately looking for - a girlfriend.

As in most films of this genre, Tim meets the girl of his dreams in Mary (Rachel McAdams), and after a few false starts - literally - he begins to make it work. The chemistry between all of the lead actors is strong, and let's face it - Bill Nighy and Rachel McAdams could both play trees in their respective next films and I would still adore them. The romance between Tim and Mary is lovely to watch unfold, but for me, it isn't the driving force of this film. I know, shocking, right? (Who am I?!) And, despite the opinion of a few presumptuous film reviewers, I'm pretty sure it wasn't intended to be the driving force anyway.

The film is very much focused on family, and making the most of the time you have with your loved ones. It uses the time travel plot to explore the idea of living your life to the full and what that really means. This will mean something different to everyone, and I think that's what is really special about this film. It's warm and funny and sad, and for something that many people will simply brush off as another chick flick, it has a really philosophical undertone to it. It makes you sit up and think about what and who's most important to you in life and gives you a push to remember to really value the time you spend doing what you love or relaxing with your family. You only get one shot at life, and making the most of that time is so important.

I cannot recommend this film enough, and also recommend that if and when you do see it you have a box of tissues or two on hand - I'm pretty sure 90% of the people in the cinema (including us) were bawling their eyes out when we saw it! Next on my to see list are Rush and Sunshine on Leith - what films have you been to see recently? :)

Thanks for reading!

First Impressions | ''Granny Sally's Soap Kitchen'' Range

Friday, 20 September 2013

Hi guys! Hope you are all well :)

I was really excited to be invited along to the Pout event in Edinburgh tomorrow - can't resist a girly day out with some of my favourite bloggers! When I was contacted ahead of the event to see if I would be interested in sampling a couple of products from one of the lovely brands which will be appearing at Pout, I jumped at the chance!

Since I only received the products this week this will be more of a first impressions post than a full on review, but you can expect to see that in a couple of weeks. But I have to say, my first impression of the Granny Sally's Soap Kitchen range is definitely a positive one. It is a Edinburgh based, family run business selling a lovely range of handmade soaps, body scrubs and body butters, candles and skincare, in a variety of scents. I was pleased as punch to receive four sample products from the Next to Godliness Tea Tree Range, and a jar of their Vanilla Rice Pudding Scrub.

The scent of these products is AMAZING. I'm a sucker for anything vanilla, but I literally want to eat the Vanilla Rice Pudding scrub! The tea tree cleanser, toner and moisturiser smell incredibly fresh and clean, and the brand uses only natural ingredients - always a huge plus:

''We use only the best natural ingredients with either vegetable or fruit bases - this way we can keep natures cute and fluffy types happy too!

You can even use it on sensitive skin!''

I also love the packaging - the little jars are so cute! I like that the design is nice and simple, inkeeping with their natural products.

So that's it for my first impressions of these lovely products - I always like discovering new Scottish brands and can't wait to see more of their lovely range at the Pout event! I just wanted to draw your attention to the event, incase you hadn't heard about it! Pout will be held at the Corn Exchange in Edinburgh tomorrow and Sunday morning (21st and 22nd September 2013) and as far as I'm aware you can still buy tickets online, or on the door! Will I be seeing some of your faces there?! :)

Thanks for reading, and thanks so much to Granny Sally's Soap Kitchen for sending me these lovely samples - I feel very lucky on the odd occasion I am given the chance to try something out and let you all know what I think of it :)

A is for Aviemore!

Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Loch Morlich throughout the years (aged 4-23)

I'm really pleased that the first post in my A-Z of me series is such a special one. The letter A has to stand for Aviemore, a village in the Highlands of Scotland which feels like a home from home to me. Until the age of about thirteen, I visited Aviemore with my parents and brother twice, sometimes even three times a year, and there is nowhere else in the world that means as much to me as it does.

Up at the Cairngorms, and at the Wildlife Park (about fifteen years apart!)

From the little village main street to the very top of the Cairngorm mountains, there isn't a place here that doesn't have lovely memories for me. My two favourite places in the entire world are here - the Highland Wildlife Park, and Loch Morlich (both photographed multiple times above). There are literally so many photographs of my brother and me here throughout our entire childhood, and (while I doubt he'd be happy with me uploading any that include him - hoping I can get away with the couple of snaps at Loch Morlich above!)it's so lovely to have my entire life documented in photos from this part of the world. Every year we would go to the Wildlife Park and the Landmark Centre (another amazing park in the forest), go for long walks in the gorgeous woodland and spend hours at a time skimming stones at the lochs. There was even a place called... wait for it... Santa Claus Land! It was, as you can imagine, paradise when we were kids.

Visiting in all seasons!

As you can probably see, we visited in every season, in every type of weather, from the coldest winters and freak spring snow blizzards to hot (by UK standards anyway) summers and beautiful, crisp autumns. Going back in my late teens and then again last autumn made me realise how much I miss being there regularly, and how calm and peaceful I feel standing at the side of the loch, or one of the rivers. I feel so lucky to have this place in my life, and have spent so much time there with my family. Looking back, they were such idyllic holidays and I can honestly say that I can't imagine that trips abroad would have brought me half as much joy as a child as packing up the car twice a year and driving the two hours (which, as kids, felt like an eternity!) north to spend a few days at a time in such a beautiful part of Scotland.

Clockwise - Throwing coins in the Wildlife Park wishing well with my mum (aged 1), at the Wildlife Park (aged 17), sitting by the river (aged 17), and having a walk in the forest (aged 23).

So thanks so much to my mum and dad for choosing such a perfect location for a home from home. I'm sure it won't be too long before we are back there again <3

YouTube Life/Channel Update :)

Monday, 16 September 2013

Hi guys!

I did a little life and channel update over on YouTube and thought I would post it here for any of you who don't follow me over there - I will be doing a blogpost soon on going back to uni but if you're interested, I've made this video in the meantime!

Hope you're all well, thanks for reading/watching :)

Favourites of the Week #17

Sunday, 15 September 2013

It's Sunday again and I thought I'd do another weekly favourites!

Track of the Week
Bastille - We Can't Stop (Radio One Live Lounge cover)

I am not exactly what you would call a Miley fan - the less said about that in this post, the better I think. Anyway, when I saw that one of my current favourite bands covered her song ''We Can't Stop'' last week I had to have a listen, and I have had it on repeat ever since. Love the cheeky little reference to her relationship with her dad with the wee bit of Achy Breaky Heart they included!

Album of the Week
Ellie Goulding - Halcyon

I've had this album for ages and it's appeared here before, but I keep finding myself putting it on when I'm in the car, or out with my iPod on. I just love the variety of sounds on it from proper dance anthems to really chilled out tracks.

TV Show of the Week
The Vampire Diaries

I'm currently devouring season four of The Vampire Diaries, and whoever it was who told me this season wasn't as good as the previous ones lied! It's just as good, just as intense and with just as many twists and turns. I just filmed a The Vampire Diaries tag for my YouTube channel, so I'll link the video here once it's uploaded!

Film of the Week
About Time

Emma and I went to see About Time this week and absolutely loved it. We both cried bucketloads, so be sure to take some tissues with you if you're going to see it - I cried into my scarf because I neglected to do so! Richard Curtis has really outdone himself with this one. Bill Nighy and Rachel McAdams are both brilliant as always, and I thought Domhnall Gleeson was fantastic in the lead role. This is a nice, philosophical sort of film and while it's romantic, I wouldn't really say romance is the main theme. It's very much about family, making the most of the time you have with them and living each day to the full - it really gets you thinking!

Beauty Product of the Week
Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer

A product everyone knows about and I have repurchased I don't know how many times, I've been very grateful for my Lasting Perfection Concealer this week since my skin hasn't quite been blemish free - it's a life saver for a bad skin day!

Book of the Week
Snow White Must Die by Nele Neuhaus

I read the back of this book in WHSmith a couple of weeks ago and was instantly intrigued. When I looked it up on my kindle and saw that it was under £3 (I think it was about £2.65) I decided to give it a shot, and I'm glad I did. I'm not too far through it yet but it's really good so far, quietly building suspense and giving us access to quite a few characters.

YouTuber of the Week
Nikki Phillippi

I really like Nikki's themed months on her YouTube channel, and think her Change it up Spetember theme is a great idea. It's really easy to get stuck in a rut, and deliberately challenging yourself to try new things or make a change in your life whether it's as big as moving house or going back to univerity - the latter of which I am on doing Thursday, ahhhh! - or as small as changing your regular lipstick colour, making changes can make a big difference to your life.

Website of the Week

I get daily emails from Itison but rarely bother to spend any time checking out the deals - this week however, I've found a couple of amazing offers and will definitely make the time to read these emails more thoroughly in future!

Style Icon of the Week
Dianna Agron


Okay, so I'm cheating a wee bit here, but this shoot actress Dianna Agron did for US Beauty website Byrdie is so stunning I couldn't ignore it. This is more of a makeup icon than style, but I love the colours used in this shoot so much that I'm letting that slide. Check out the full shoot here at

What have some of your favourite things been this week? Let me know in the comments! :)

Thanks for reading!

New Series - The A-Z of Me!

Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Casually posing with my Chinese Zodiac Sign statue in Hong Kong...

Over the past year or so a couple of my favourite bloggers (including the lovely Kirsty from Indigo Buttons) have done a series of posts along the lines of the ''The A-Z of Me''. I've always really enjoyed these posts and have often thought of doing the series myself... so no more thinking about it, I'm biting the bullet and going for it!

I'm going to aim to put up a new letter every Wednesday, starting next week! I've already got my first post planned, I just need to get a few old photos scanned in, I'm quite excited about it!

Hope you enjoy this new series, and hope you're all well! Is an A-Z series something you have done, or would like to do? Let me know in the comments!

Vita Liberata Event - September 2013

Sunday, 8 September 2013

On the third of September I headed along to one of the loveliest events I have attended in quite a while! Luxury tanning brand Vita Liberata invited some of us Scottish bloggers to an evening at the Scotsman Hotel Spa in Edinburgh, to talk a bit about their ever expanding range of products, and even give some of us a spray tan!

Despite having been around for ten years, I only started hearing about Vita Liberata last year, round about the time of the X-Factor. With celebrity fans including Kelly Brook (who has her own kit within the range), Laura Whitmore, Khloe Kardashian and Alexandra Burke, the range has really taken off over the past twelve months. With an organic, odourless formula (no more of that unwanted biscuit smell!), the Vita Liberata range has grown to include some really love skin illumintors as well as the tans themselves. When the brand hit the stands in European Sephora stores, it became their number one tanning product in just a few weeks.

The event itself lasted about three hours, and was a great opportunity to catch up with fellow bloggers and learn more about the brand. We enjoyed some prosecco and lounged around in the comfort of the relaxation room in the spa - the perfect location! Kirstie and Iona even got a tan on the night! Jade and I were tempted, but there wasn't time on the night - we are, however, very tempted to go back and get one some other time!

Photo from the Vita Liberata facebook page!

Also on offer on the night were the Vita Liberata tantoos, which were a huge hit at this year's V Festival. It's a pretty straightforward, but effective concept - a stencil filled in with their tan, with a glitter finish. Jade decided to give it a go!

We were sent home with a lovely goodie bag which included three of the brand's products for us to test out! We took home the pHenomenal 2-3 Week Tan in Medium, the Deep Face Untinted Self Tan Gel in Light and Capture the Light Illuminating Skin Finish (mine in in Gold).

What Vita Liberata say:

''pHenomenal is the World’s first 2-3 week* tan. Using a special combination of natural, nourishing extracts and the unique pHenO2 technology, this tan will last up to 4 times longer than your normal tan.''

''Deep for Face is a superb untinted moisturiser that develops a natural sunkissed tan within 4 – 8 hours. Can be used in place of your normal moisturiser. It is the perfect partner for all of our untinted body tans.''

''The Capture the Light Collection comprises illuminating skin finishers with Opaque or Translucent coverage which can be used as stand-alone skin perfectors, or alongside the Vita Liberata tanning range to accentuate a natural bronze tan.
Capture the Light Opaque illuminating skin finishers are considered by beauty experts to be “better than a BB Cream for the Body”. Translucent illuminating skin finishers offer exceptional iridescence without the coverage.''

I have to say, I can't wait to try out some of these products now! I've always been a bit scared of fake tanning after a disastrous attempt in my teens, but I think this range might manage to get me past that! Thank you so much to everyone at Vita Liberata and the Scotsman Spa for your hospitality - we had such a lovely evening!

If you're intrigued to find out more about this range, check out their website at

Back to School Wishlist

Saturday, 7 September 2013

So, it's that time of year again - the students are all heading back (or have already gone back) to school/college/uni after the summer break. I thought it was an apt time to do a little wishlisting...

Okay, I know I'm 24, but I'm still allowed to love this little fox rucksack, right? I'm fighting the urge to go and look at this in the shop... (£32.00 - Accessorize)

Also from Accessorize, I love this pheasant feather print scarf (£22.00 - Accessorize). I have to admit, I love being able to start wearing my scarves again when the weather starts to turn autumnal (as it has been for the past few days here in Scotland!).

I'm also quite fond of a printed rain jacket, and I particularly like this little number I found in the New Look online sale... (£12.00 - New Look)

I've always wanted one of these Dodo Acad-Pad Diaries (£11.00 - Waterstones). One of my friends in first year had one and I thought it was brilliant. I do love my cute notebooks and diaries.

Who could resist a USB memory stick in the shape of a wee frog? Just look at my blog header and you'll know that I certainly can't! (£9.59 - YooUSB)

And finally, I was forever highlighting passages in my readings and lecture notes at uni, and these little panda highlighters (£3.00 - Paperchase) are too cute. And they're mini too so they won't take up too much room in your bag... yeah. That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it ;)

And, in other university related news *drumroll please*... a certain someone might be heading back to uni in the very near future. As in next week soon. Nothing is set in stone just yet, but I will certainly keep you posted!

Hope you enjoyed that little wishlist! What are some of your back to school/uni must haves?! Let me know in the comments below!

Thanks for reading!

Pinterest Places...

Monday, 2 September 2013

Once again, I found myself caught up browsing Pinterest - this time, looking at ''beautiful places'' (if you fancy searching the same term!). A few images in particular caught my eye, and what better place to share them than here on my blog :)






There really are some stunning places in the world!! :)

Hope you liked this random little post - leave me links to any of your favourite pinterest boards in the comments below!