30 Day Snap #5

Wednesday 5 June 2013

You know something? I think doing this 30 Day Snap is going to make June go in even faster, which I don't like. You see, the end of this month is a certain person's birthday (*avoidance isn't working*), and it would be nice to pretend that was a little further away. Anyway, today has been another wonderful day of job hunting. Seriously, I'm going insane here. 4 years at uni and lots of work experience and it's still seeming impossible - this is material for another blogpost though. I've broken up the monotony by finishing editing my video from yesterday though, and thought I'd make that my photo of the day. I'm really loving editing my videos at the moment, I'm getting a bit more adventurous with adding music/different transitions etc. I love doing it, so if anyone out there wants to give me a job vlogging and making videos I'd very much appreciate it! Remember to leave me your 30 Day Snap links in the comments below :)

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