30 Day Snap #24

Tuesday 25 June 2013

Hello new reading material :) I mentioned this book in my weekly favourites post earlier today, and said that I can't wait to read it - even talking about it made me cave and I downloaded it onto my Kindle. I usually have zero interest in alien related books, sci-fi is a genre I kind of struggle with because I LOVE stories that focus on time/time-shifting etc, but aliens aren't normally my cup of tea. However, I really enjoyed the tv series The Event (which was sadly cancelled after just one season!), and I feel like from hearing people talk about this book it might have a similar feel! I will be sure to keep you updated with what I think of it! Got to thank Lauren from renkellym on YouTube for drawing my attention to this in her recent review!

Also have to mention that my followers really jumped up today on GFC, but particularly on Bloglovin, so hello and welcome to all my new lovely followers - got to say a big thank you to the amazing Louise Sprinkle of Glitter for her really lovely words in her Amazing Advertisers post, as I suspect that's where many of you found me! Be sure to say hi in the comments or on my twitter :)

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  1. Uh I'll have to check this out! I really need something new to read in for the holidays :)

    Christina xx