Life Update: ShopLouella Brushes, my YouTube Channel and the Academy of Session Styling!

Monday, 30 April 2012

I'm so sorry, but once again I've been very much absent from my wee space here on the inter-web! Thought that I'd give you a wee quick update of my past couple of weeks!

I've been a busy bee lately, assisting at a couple of incredible photoshoots, one with ROX jewellers assisting the amazing Kat McSwein, and another for Harris Tweed working with the equally amazing Ana Cruzalegui! These shoots were spectacular, I kid you not - penthouse suites, private jets (not that I was anywhere near the private jets, but still!), buckingham palace-style houses and the most gorgeous clothes and jewellery ever. Sadly our lovely Scottish weather lived up to our expectations and it rained on both of these occasions, making for some rather hectic running around after models with umbrellas and plenty powder, but they were both amazing experiences and I can't thank the two lovely makeup artists mentioned above enough for having me :) I also worked at the Fashion of the Arts event last week, a lovely Fashion Show in Glasgow which was raising money for Yorkhill Children's Hospital. It was a great night, and the makeup, designed by my fellow academy student Kirstie Elizabeth Smith (body painting in the photo below!), was fantastic!

My wee social media related job is plodding along nicely too, I'm so excited to be getting some experience in this side of things since long term I think this is what I want to do!

In other news, I now have a YouTube channel! Yes, if you've missed it on facebook or twitter, I'll pop a link to it HERE. I finally bit the bullet and went for it - it's only taken me three years! Hope you enjoy my videos if you go for a wee look!

I thought I'd end this little update with a list of the things I've been most interested in/talking about the most since I last posted!

ShopLouella - the gorgeous Louise (Sprinkle of Glitter) and Zoe (Zoella) have started their own online shop, and I purchased a set of beautiful Bdellium brushes from them on Thursday night when their website launched! I went for the mineral set (pictured below), and they arrived on Saturday morning - less than 48hours after I ordered them! I already can't say enough good things about these brushes, and the lovely girls who I bought them from. I adore both of them, their videos together never fail to make me smile. Here's a little link to ShopLouella, definitely check it out!

Bo Bruce and Danny O'Donoughue - I may or may not have developed a slight obsession with The Voice UK. In particular, I'm just a tiny bit smitten with coach Danny O'Donoghue, and cannot explain how much I love #TeamDanny contestant Bo Bruce. As I type this blogpost, I am listening to her EP which I downloaded from iTunes the other day and it is amazing!!! I just love her voice, and she's definitely my new girl crush when it comes to her style. She looks so effortlessly cool and understated. And, what's more, she followed me on twitter when I tweeted her, someone who interacts with their fans like that always impresses me! Also, Danny's enthusiasm is so infectious, I've never seen such a supportive coach on any of these sorts of shows. He's always up on his feet, not just for his contestants, but for all of them, singing along, cheering them on and giving them really constructive feedback. You can tell how passionate he is about music. Okay, enough about that, before I get carried away and plan my wedding to Danny, with Bo performing a set at our reception.... a girl can dream?!

Nina Nesbitt - If you haven't YouTubed young Scottish singer-songwriter Nina Nesbitt, do it now. I'm not going to ramble on about this, as she doesn't need it, her talent stands very much on it's own two feet! Her EP 'The Apple Tree' came out last week and suffice to say it, along with Bo Bruce, is on repeat on my iPod right now!

The Academy of Session Styling - as I've mentioned plenty times before, I studied at the amazing Academy of Makeup in Glasgow, and this week the sister academy was finally revealed to the world!! The Academy of Session Styling was launched, and for any hairdressers, or makeup artists, who want to move into session styling to work more in the fashion industry, this is an amazing, and unique set of courses taught by the incredible tutors Martine Carroll and Karen McDougall. If you or anyone you know are intertested, please go and have a wee look at the website here, I can't tell you how amazing Karen and Martine are and how worthwhile this course will be for boosting skills and confidence whatever industry you wish to pursue hair-styling in!

Phew, after that ramble I better get going, lots to do today! Thanks for reading guys, hope you are all well! Let me know if you've been up to anything exciting lately!

Lynsey x

Happy Easter and an April Update...

Sunday, 8 April 2012

Hi guys, long time no speak, I'm so sorry! Today I'm back with a what I've been up to, what I'm getting up to this week and 'what's coming up on the blog this week' post :)

Last week the beautiful weather we'd been having turned a bit sad and grey, so my days weren't too exciting! I did, however, have rather an exciting meeting on Friday about some work I'm going to be starting soon, so I'll fill you in on all that once the details have been ironed out and it's all confirmed :) suffice to say though I'm super duper excited about it. It's potentially the start of my own wee business venture, so all going well, it could be the start of a new career path! Ooh my, I mustn't get ahead of myself after one lunch meeting, but I can't help having a good feeling about it :) This week involves more business planning which is all a bit scary, a couple of catch ups with some of my lovely friends who I haven't seen in a while including a farewell lunch for my friend Beatrice who's moving to London next week!) and shopping for my mum's birthday.

Beatrice and I at a flat warming back in our uni days :)

Blog wise, I've got a makeup haul to do! I have bought quite a few new bits and pieces lately, including a Revlon Lip Butter and a Loreal Caresse, so I'll do a proper review of them at some point soon. I also got a couple of exciting things in TKMaxx, and took full advantage of the Boots 3 for 2 offer, so I'll get that haul post done soon :)

I've also got another make up inspirations post planned. I think I'll link this post to my Pinterest actually, because I'm getting really addicted to it at the moment, and I've got a whole albums worth of inspiring makeup images on there. I also have a YouTube Beauty board on Pinterest, which you should go and check out, I'm linking lots of my favourite videos from the beauty community on there.. this brings me to...

Another Favourite YouTube videos post. I have lots of new videos I've been loving recently, so I'll definitely do another one of those!

Oooh, I'm also on instagram now (they finally made it available for android, much to my delight)! So you can add me on there at lynseymac1, the same with twitter, hellocotton and pinterest :)

I made a new YouTube channel today *gulp* with the intention of actually uploading my first beauty video over the coming week! I'm actually really excited about it. Having been obsessed with the YouTube beauty community for about three years now, I feel like it's about time to actually participate! I'll upload a post with a link to this video if and when it goes up! I decided to make a fresh channel because I don't like the name of my current account, and considering I'm subscribed to a horrific number of channels (122 last count - yes, I'm serious!) I decided to make a new channel under a different email address, and only subscribe to my favourite beauty channels on this one - so all my favourite YouTubers (Kandee Johnson, Sprinkle of Glitter, Tanya Burr, Fleur de Force, Zoella et al!) gained the same subscriber for a second time today :) These guys actually all feature on the Pinterest board I was talking about before, which I'll link here!

Thanks for reading guys and I will talk to you all again soon!

Lynsey x