Favourites of the Week #9

Saturday 25 May 2013

It's Saturday afternoon, so I'm actually a little late in doing my weekly favourites, but here they are nonetheless!

Track of the Week
Hand on Heart - Olly Murs

I love Olly Murs, but I hadn't properly listened to all of the tracks on his latest album until a couple of weeks ago, which was when I fell in love with Hand on Heart. I'm the kind of person who can (and will!) make a film trailer/music video in my head for any song, but this one is particularly good for doing that!

Album of the Week
Olly Murs - Right Place, Right Time

I've been addicted to this album this week. It's such a feel good album, as all of Olly's albums have been.

TV Show of the Week
Dexter - Season 6

Season 6 of Dexter this week, and the writing is as strong as ever. Seriously, it never, ever dips. There hasn't been one season yet where I've thought 'Meh, could be better'. To keep up such consistently good writing (and acting!) for so many seasons is a total triumph these days.

Film of the Week
The Great Gatsby

I STILL haven't seen Gatsby, but I've talked to so many people about it I feel like I have! I'm definitely going to go and see it next week!

Beauty Product of the Week
Australis Creme Colour in Flirtacious Pink

I bought this little lip and cheek duo in Australia and while I'm never using it as a lip product, I've worn it as my cheek colour pretty much every day since I got home. It's so lovely and easy to blend, I wish we got it here in the UK!

Book of the Week
One Hundred Names by Cecelia Ahern/The Great Gatsby by F Scott Fitzgerald

I'm still on these two, I've been so lazy with reading this week - will do better next week, I promise!!

YouTuber of the Week
Books and Quills

This week I watched one of Sanne's videos titled 'I Ship', and got ridiculously excited and made a video response (which you can watch here). I am a huge fangirl when it comes to film/tv/literary romance, it's quite sad really, so this was the perfect video for me! Sanne's booktube channel is definitely worth watching - her videos are clear, concise and always interesting to watch.

Blog of the Week
Cocktails and Daydreams

Lynne is one of the lovely bloggers I've had the pleasure of getting to know already through blogging events, and Cocktails and Daydreams is her lovely little corner of the internet. This year she has started a series of posts called 'Extracts', where she goes through snippets of her childhood and teenage diaries, and these posts are guaranteed to put a smile on my face!! You can check out her blog here :)

Website of the Week

I saw a lot of pretty things on ASOS this week. I therefore have not been back on... just incase.

Style Icon of the Week
Ellie Goulding


Oh hiiii Ellie. I think a small part of me actually wants to be Ellie Goulding, and this dress is not helping matters. I love it when she really glams it up, because she's so often really chilled and casual, but she looked amazing in this statement Patricia Bonaldi gown at the amfAR (Cinema Against Aids) Gala at Cannes this week. I think these see through skirt dresses that are popping up all over the place this season can be a little bit hit or miss, but I'm loving this one.

Also, who knew she was dating Jeremy Irvine?!

What have some of your favourite things been this week?

Thanks for reading!


  1. Great post !! I like favourites of the week posts :)
    Olly Murs is so easy to listen to :) I like him as well :)
    New follower here :) Lots of love <3

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  2. Oooooo Ellie Goulding looks gorgeous! x