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Tuesday 21 May 2013

new hair / youtube giveaway / spring blossom
denim nails / FOTD / rainy night out
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Look how well I did at remembering to instagram this week! I'm managing to get into the habit of doing it more regularly, so we'll see if I can keep up the good work next week!

Over the past week I had my hair cut for the first time since before I went travelling - relief doesn't cover it! My fringe was getting out of control and the ends were so dry after the heat of Australia, it needed a decent trim.

I also reached the halfway mark of my first giveaway on YouTube, you still have till Sunday to enter if you want to be in with a chance of winning! :)

My best friend and I took advantage of the nice weather on Friday and went for a stroll! It was warm and sunny and the blossom on all the trees looked so pretty... sadly the spring-like weather didn't last! Saturday saw me heading into Glasgow for my friend Gemma's engagement party, and then a night out with a couple of other friends, in absolutely torrential rain! It was unbelievable, honestly, it felt like the middle of winter! The engagement party was in the beautiful Arta bar in Glasgow though - check out the amazing decor at the end of the post (I thought it deserved a special mention!).

I also tried out a cute denim effect nail polish from George which my lovely mum bought me as a wee present, and I'm really loving it. I've added a top coat which kind of took away the real matte denim look, but it has kept it chip free for days, so it's all good!

I have eaten several of these caramel tart cakes from ASDA (bad Lynsey), they are so good. What you don't see in this photo is the ice cream I put on it after the photo was taken... I must control my sweet tooth...

says she who had Pop Tarts for breakfast today! It was just one of those days.

In other news, I was lucky enough to be one of the winners of a lovely Bourjois goodie bag after joining in the #bourjois150 twitter party on Sunday night. I was so excited to get this tweet yesterday, will definitely blog about it when it arrives :)

This week also consisted of more and more soul destroying job hunting - anyone else in the same boat, please feel free to comment below and we can console each other! - and an actual interview, which I won't hear back about for a few days (so let's all keep our fingers and toes crossed that it went well!).

What have you guys been up to this week? Leave me your instagram names below - I'm lynseymac1 :)

Thanks for reading!

The lovely decor in Arta, Glasgow


  1. Howwww weird has the weather been recently? Such a British thing to moan about but you're right- scorching one day then bucketing the next! Grumble grumble. I'm keeping my fingers crossed on the job front love :-) xx

    1. Aww thank you! I know, it's been crazy, apparently this is the future of Scottish weather - seasonless! xx