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Monday 13 May 2013

Cocktails with friends/Harvey Nichols+Grazia Beauty Parlour/Fifi Lapin Tote
Birthday drinks/Marvellous Creations/Les Mis on DVD

Since I've never done one before, I thought I'd do a little 'my week in instagram' sort of a post - only issue is I'm a nightmare at remembering to take instagram photos! Must sort this out for future posts!

Last Saturday I met up with four of my lovely friends, three of whom I hadn't seen since I got home from Australia. We went for a couple of cocktails in Hortons Bar in Glasgow, and had a great catch up.

On the Wednesday, I went to the Grazia Beauty Parlour in Harvey Nichols in Edinburgh (I will do a full post on this at some point!). There were lots of interesting beauty related talks, a glass of prosecco on arrival and I got to catch up with Roisin (Lost My Heart in Wonderland) and Laura (The Likely Lady). Had such a lovely night and came home with a cheeky wee purchase from MAC ;) They also sent us home with a gorgeous Fifi Lapin Tote bag with some lovely samples inside, all of which I'll show you in my upcoming post.

The following Friday was my lovely friend Emmeline's birthday night out, so we went to Bread and Butter in Glasgow, a bar I had never been to before. I really loved it though - they had such interesting cocktails. I tried one called an Um Bongo (yep, just like the kids fruit juice, but with a kick!) and will definitely be going back again!

Saturday night saw me immerse myself in the first Battle Round of The Voice UK, and it featured some amazing and some downright terrible performances. It also featured Danny O'Donoghue (Ok, fine, I'm one of those girls who decided she fancied him once he became a coach on the voice!), so I was happy. I demolished half a large bar of Cadburies Marvellous Creations (the popping candy and jelly kind!) in the process.

And that brings me to today, which included job hunting, blog giveaway prize buying (keep your eyes peeled!!!), getting drenched in Glasgow with my mum - where is the sunshine?!! - and being unable to resist buying Les Mis on DVD... I swore I wouldn't buy it on day one, and totally failed!

So that's it for my first instagram post - I quite enjoyed doing it, so maybe planning posts like this will help me remember to make more use of instagram! Hope you're all having a lovely week, and remember to enter my YOUTUBE GIVEAWAY over on my channel here!


  1. Hey! I've just found you via bbunch blog! Following now :)
    I'm addicted to that chocolate! Just tweeted about that today haha! Look forward to reading more of your posts!

    Robyn viav x vintageisavirtue blog

    1. Aww thanks lovely :) Haha I know, how good is it?! Will pop over and check your blog out now! x