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Sunday 5 May 2013

In order to get to and from Australia, I spent quite a few hours on planes! I had never been on a plane for more than 4 and a half or 5 hours at a time before, so 12 and 14 hour flights were a bit of a shock to the system! Unfortunately, I couldn't get to sleep on ANY of them, so that left me with a lot of time to watch films and tv programmes on my Cathay Pacific and Emirates flights - these airlines had an amazing selection of viewing material, so I wasn't short of entertainment! I watched a few episodes of New Girl and Don't Trust the B---- in Apartment 23, both of which I love, but thought I'd focus on the films in this little post :)


Silver Linings Playbook


Silver Linings Playbook is the story of Pat and Tiffany, two people facing some serious emotional issues (Pat is a recently diagnosed bi-polar while Tiffany is a recovering sex addict, who has recently lost her husband) and how their unusual friendship helps to repair some of the trauma they've suffered in the past. I absolutely love Jennifer Lawrence, but I've never been a massive fan of Bradley Cooper. I don't really see the attraction (sorry guys!), and I've found him a bit arrogant when interviewed. However, he is beyond brilliant in this film! The entire cast is excellent, and I loved this film so much when I watched it on my flight to Hong Kong, that I ended up watching it again on my flight home last week! I am now the proud owner of the dvd and can honestly say this is a new favourite. I completely agree with all the Oscar nominatations it got, and I'm so glad J-Law walked away with best actress. It's funny, sometimes sad, uplifting and heartwarming, and it also has a great soundtrack.

The Perks of Being a Wallflower


This film had a far darker undertone than I had been expecting! I hadn't read the book (I have since downloaded in on my kindle though, and will share my thoughts once I have read it!). It follows Charlie, an introverted teenage boy dealing with what appears to be a severe case of all the ordinary issues of any shy adolescent boy. As the film progresses though we discover that he has some seriously troubling memories from his past - not going to include spoilers, don't worry! - and his new found friendship with hippy step-siblings Patrick (Ezra Miller) and Sam (Emma Watson) leads him down an even more complicated path. I enjoyed this film, but would advise preparing yourself for a bit of emotional turmoil before you watch it!

Pitch Perfect


If you liked Bridesmaids, you'll like Pitch Perfect! It's another one of these you-think-you-know-what's-coming-but-you-don't movies. It's the story of a college a capella girl group competing to win the Nationals. When Anna Kendrick's character Beca reluctantly arrives at college, the last thing she expects is to join the 'Barden Bellas'. But with her dad breathing down her neck to give college a proper go, she finds herself joining an unlikely group of girls, including the hilarious Rebel Wilson, to change up the dated Bellas routine. This film has some absolutely hilarious one liners, inappropriate jokes and a cute romance which doesn't take over the rest of the storyline (hello Skylar Astin, where did you come from?!). Another must see.

Ruby Sparks


I've wanted to see Ruby Sparks for a while, and was really excited when I saw it on the list of movies I had to choose from on my flight home. The basic plot follows a young author struggling to come up with an idea for his next book. When he starts dreaming about a free spirited young girl named Ruby, he starts writing a story about her, only to find that she suddenly appears as a living, breathing human in his house, who thinks they are in a relationship. It blurs the boundaries of fantasy and reality, and I have to say, it's a much darker film than I had expected. The general tone is fantasy and romance, but it definitely has some heavier moments! It's a quirky little film, but I'd still recommend giving it a watch if you have some spare time!

Robot and Frank


Again, after seeing the trailer for this film a few times, I was keen to see it. It is set in the near future and is a sci-fi movie with real heart. I have to admit I shed a tear at this one. It stars Frank Langella as Frank, a former thief and conman who has served time and is now getting old and forgetful. In an attempt to help, his son (James Marsden) buys him a robot home help, to cook for him, clean the house and help him into a better daily routine. While initially reluctant, Frank slowly realises he can use this little companion to his advantage, with dramatic results. Another brilliantly cast film, I really enjoyed this.

Ice Age 4: Continental Drift


I'm a massive fan of the Ice Age films! I hadn't managed to see the fourth one in the cinema, so I was quite excited to get the chance to see it on the plane! In this instalment our favourite bizarre little family are separated due to continental drift (caused by another unsuccessful attempt by Scrat to bury his acorn in the ice!). As always, this film had me laughing out loud, with the brilliant dialogue between Manny, Sid and Diego as sharp as ever. In this film, Diego meets his match in a fiesty white sabor tooth tiger named Shira (voiced by Jennifer Lopez), and Sid's crazy granny joins the gang. It's one of my favourite series of animated movies ever!

So that's it for the films I watched on my recent long haul flights! Hope you enjoyed :)

I'm ridiculously excited for the Les Miserables dvd release next week! What films have you been watching recently - I love recommendations!


  1. loved silver linings playbook & ruby sparks - may give the perks of a wallflower a quick skek as i've wanted to see it for ages but haven't got round to it yet! I last watched is the place beyond the pines, its amazing - highly recommended!! xx


    1. Ooh I really want to see The Place Beyond the Pines, it sounds great! :) xx