Melbourne: Day Two :)

Wednesday 1 May 2013

After a relatively good sleep in the hostel (my one issue with the Melbourne Central YHA was that being in such a central location on Flinders Street meant that there was quite a lot of street noise!), I was up and out to explore some more! First stop was the Crown Casino, which my friend Lynsey had insisted I visit, preferably at night, but I knew I wasn't going to have time for that. So at 10am I arrived at the amazing complex, which is just a five minute walk from Flinders Street, and went in to have a look around!

After exploring the casino I wandered along the river side back to Federation Square, and saw some amazing wall art on the way!

I enjoyed some lunch in the square and then headed back to the hostel to go off on the Neighbours tour!! I'm going to do an entirely separate post on that, since I took so many photos! But here's one for this post anyway!

Outside Harold's Store!!!

After the amazing Neighbours tour I took a long hard look at the tram timetable and jumped on a tram to St Kilda, another part of the city I'd been told to check out for its cool, artsy vibe. St Kilda is the studenty bit of Melbourne, and definitely feels a bit grungier and edgier than the centre of the city! I got off the tram at Luna Park and was amazed at the noise in this part of the city - it's so loud, with music blaring everwhere.

I headed straight for Acland Street to get a cake as once again Lynsey had told me that I would love the cake shops there - and she wasn't wrong!

I devoured a lovely cupcake from Acland Cakes and made my way down to the beach at St Kilda, just so I could say I had seen it! By the time I got there it was late afternoon and dusk was sort of setting in, and there were some really interesting clouds! I also got really overexcited about this amazing sand sculpture of a turtle with candles in it!

I headed off from the beach to get a tram (and then a train!) to Chapel Street, one of the hugely long streets in Melbourne, to meet Stacy and her boyfriend Chris for dinner and a drink. Then it was back to the hostel to shower, pack and a get a good night's sleep before flying back to Sydney the next day!

I had an absolutely brilliant time in Melbourne, and I'm so glad I went! Keep your eyes peeled for my Neighbours tour post - it was so much fun! Thanks so much for reading!

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  1. Aw looking through your photos makes me so excited to be coming to Australia! Cannot wait!

    Kate x