Favourites of the Week #8

Friday 17 May 2013

It's time for another weekly favourites! How the weeks fly by!

Track of the Week
Alive - Bo Bruce

I have fallen completely in love with this track from Bo Bruce's album. I fell a little bit in love with her herself on The Voice last year - there's something about her voice that just gives me chills. It might not be everyone's cup of tea, but it's certainly mine! I love the lyrics of this song (written by Bo and her coach from The Voice, Danny O'Donoghue), and I've listened to it I don't know how many times this week!

Album of the Week
The Great Gatsby Soundtrack

While I haven't listened to everything on it yet, my best friend just let me hear a few of the tracks from The Great Gatsby OST and wow. It's amazing. Definitely one to listen to! I'm including this amazing Florence and the Machine track, but look out for Andre 3000 and Beyonce's amazing rendition of Back to Black - it's insane!

TV Show of the Week
Dexter - Season 5

This week I watched the last three episodes of Dexter Season 5 and was completely blown away. This show honestly just gets better and better and while I'm a bit behind, I can't wait to jump into season 6 now! Michael C Hall and Julia Stiles just blew my mind, there was an actual, palpable vibe every time they were on the screen together, it sounds mad but there were moments I was literally holding my breath (ahh the dramatic response of a film and tv graduate!). And Jennifer Carpenter was as brilliant as ever. I'm thinking of writing a separate post on this actually...

Film of the Week
The Hunger Games

Again, this is something my best friend Emma and I were discussing, and we were actually talking about the problems with the film for people who haven't read the book first - there are definitely some things that you miss. However, I had read the book before I watched the film (way back last summer!) and I absolutely love it. I love the whole idea of The Hunger Games, and I think Jennifer Lawrence and Josh Hutcherson (team Peeta all the way ;)) are brilliant. I am absolutely Hunger Games mad, by the way, and I'm currently rereading Catching Fire (juggling three books at once haha) because I got so excited when I saw the trailer for the new film!

Beauty Product of the Week
Maybelline Baby Lips in Cherry

I love my Maybelline Baby Lips which I picked up when I was in Hong Kong - why can't we get them here in the UK yet?!!

Book of the Week
The Great Gatsby

I've literally just started it, but I need to attempt to read this before I go and see the film! I've wanted to read it for so long too, I don't know why I'm taking so long! I'm actually giving a copy away on my YouTube channel so check that out here :)

YouTuber of the Week
The Bumps Along the Way

This is a pregnancy channel which I know won't interest everyone, but I stumbled across this video when a couple of people I'm subscribed to liked it - I just think it's the loveliest video. I was really touched when I read what the channel is about, and a bit about Missy and Bryan's story.

Blog of the Week (new category!)
Indigo Buttons

Sometimes you read someone's blog and think 'Yep. We'd definitely get along in real life!", and that's how I felt the minute I started reading the lovely Kirsty's blog! Last week was Kirsty's six month blogaversary (check out the post here!) and I look forward to many, many more months (and years!) of her posts! It's a really interesting mix, so go and check it out :)

Website of the Week
Hello Giggles

Again and again I come back to this website - I can't get enough of it. Don't get me wrong, I blog about beauty and I'm just as guilty of catching up on celebrity gossip as anyone else, but sometimes it feels like there's a gap - like magazines spoonfeed us articles on beauty, fashion, sex and relationships and celebrities, without really getting to the heart of what ordinary women are interested in (thank goodness for blogging!). Enter, Hello Giggles. Without fail, there's an article on here every day that interests me, and I'm so glad it exists!

Style Icon of the Week
Isla Fisher


I think Isla Fisher got it exactly right for both the photocall for The Great Gatsby at Cannes, and the premiere itself. Her white Dolce and Gabana dress, black peep toe heels and bold red lip looked simple and classy for the photocall and then she amped it up with that stunning scarlet Oscar de la Renta strapless gown for the premiere. Nothing too fancy with the hair, just simple waves, and a statement necklace from Bulgari Heritage finished off the look perfectly. You've come a long way from Summer Bay, Miss Fisher.

So that's it for another week! Let me know what your favourite things have been this week :)

Thanks for reading!


  1. Hi! Just found your blog on the bloggers bunch blog hop! So happy I did!! I'm in the middle of reading the great Gatsby! I'm determined to finish it before I go see the film!!

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  2. I'm also yet to read The Great Gatsby!

    I love your blog layout, it's so pretty!!

    Found you through the blog hop and have followed you!


  3. i love dexter, its my favourite show ever, i cant believe its finishing this year! and the hungers games has become such firm favourite!

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    I found you through the #bloggersbunch blog hop.
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