First Impressions: L'Oréal Superliner Blackbuster

Tuesday 12 February 2013

As a life long (well, since it hit the high street!) fan of the L'Oréal Superliner, I was intrigued to see the latest addition to the Superliner range in Superdrug yesterday. I know there is also a skinny pen version, similar to the likes of the Topshop Felt Pen Liner (which I haven't actually tried), but this chunky marker pen version caught my eye!

So far, I do like this product, but not enough to make me replace my old faithful sponge tip superliner! The chunky tip allows you to make a nice, graphic line and I think that some people might find it easier to work with than the flexible tip of the original. I'm so used to the flexi-tip that I found this a bit tricky to get used to, but it does allow you to control the shape quite nicely.

apologies for the fact the writing has all rubbed off my Superliner in my makeup bag!

The one complaint I would have about this is the name and the colour - it's named 'blackbuster', and the shade is 'Extra Black', but I have to say it looks a bit more on the brown side of black to me! What do you think? It's definitely not quite as darkly pigmented as the original liner, so if you like a really black line I would maybe avoid this!

Retailing for £6.99 from Superdrug or Boots, this is a lovely addition to the Superliner range! I would still recommend the original as the best, but if you are an eyeliner addict like me, or struggle with gel or sponge tip liners, I would say it's worth giving a shot :)

What's your favourite eyeliner? Leave your recommendations below :) Thanks for reading!


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  2. This looks so good! Suprisingly I haven't got a pen liner... I think I need one now!

    Megan x