The Next Chapter

Sunday 24 February 2013


Yesterday was kind of the end of an era. I worked my final shift in the part time job I've had for over three and a half years, and said goodbye to the ludicrously early starts - a 5am rise every Saturday and Sunday! - to prepare for my Australian adventure! As many people know, it wasn't exactly the job of my dreams and was something I took on to make money through uni, never expecting to have to keep it on for quite so long after I graduated.

Working in a supermarket, or any kind of shop/retail environment teaches you a LOT about people. The nice ones and the not so nice ones. You learn how to deal with every sort of person you could imagine, so while I have constantly complained about how much I hate it, I know that this job has probably served me well in preparing me for whatever sort of career I end up making a go of in the near future.


And now it's time to look forward to whatever comes next! Going off to Australia is going to be an amazing experience for me, however long I stay for and whatever I get up to while I'm there because it's the furthest I've ever stepped outside of my comfort zone! Taking off on this adventure on my own is definitely going to be a big change, but I think it'll do me the world of good! Especially now when times are tough in terms of money and jobs are few and far between. Stepping out of your comfort zone isn't always easy, but it's necessary.

This is one of my favourite quotes, from CS Lewis. It's so true - change is sometimes scary, but we can't move forward without it.


How do you feel about change in 2013? Is there something you've always wanted to do, but been too scared to go for it? Make this the year to change that and go after whatever it is you want - we can cheer each other on in the comments below :)

Thanks so much for reading guys - all quotes courtesy of the wonderous site that is Pinterest!


  1. Such an exciting and brave decision to move to Australia! I quite fancy living abroad for a while but there are NO teaching jobs in Scotland just now so I feel daft giving up a permanent position. Reckon this will be something I regret when I'm older though, hmmmmm. I think you're being really brave and I envy your adventurous freedom! Exciting! xx

    1. Thanks lovely!! You're totally right, in the current climate it'd feel crazy to give up a job when they're so hard to come by! It's a tricky one because I think a lot of people think of the 'what if's' when it comes to travelling, and think they'll wish they had done it when they're older, but as you say, you've got yourself a permanent job which so many people would kill for at the moment, so I reckon you would regret giving that up even more! xx