Valentine's Day and The Celebrity Crush Tag!

Thursday 14 February 2013

So, Valentine's Day is upon us once again, and I have to say it's not exactly my favourite day of the year. It's not a bitter 'why didn't I get a card and flowers?' mentality, but rather that I can't really understand why there is a day set aside in the year to show the person you love that you love them...? Surely we should be doing that every day of the year through simple little gestures, rather than rushing out a few days before February 14th to pick up a box of chocolates, a teddy bear with I Heart You printed on it's chest and a card with words that literally make you cringe. Each to their own, but to me the concept of Valentine's Day is all too money grabbing - guilt tripping couples into buying these ridiculous, unnecessary gifts, and leaving single people everywhere feeling pretty terrible.

So, since I'm single and don't feel all that qualified to make a gift guide for the day, expecially a day of the year I'm not exactly getting on board with, I filmed the Celebrity Crush Tag, created by Fleur de Force and Nikki Phillippi, over on my YouTube channel! What better way to spend the day than to talk about the men (and women) of my dreams - it doesn't cost me a penny, I don't have to dress up to 'impress' anyone, and you guys get the benefit of swooning over my list ;) I obviously can't include pictures though, for copyright reasons, so decided to do a little blogpost to accompany the video!

Teen Crush/Crush When You Were Younger:

Charlie Simpson in the Busted days
The day he left Busted was the day I fell out of love with this man.


Dimitri from the animated Anastasia film. Yep. You read that right.
I was relieved to see Gemma from Gemsmaquillage and Estee from Essiebutton talking about cartoon characters and puppets in their video, which I'll link here! This was my version of such a crush. Was it the John Cusack voice or the genuine rom-com relationship between him and Anya... I don't know. Watching me attempt to explain this in the video is probably more entertaining...


Girl Crush(es):

Emma Stone
For her personality - the same reason I love Kristen Bell actually!


Marina Diamandis
For her style and music!


Doutzen Kroes
This one is purely down to looks - isn't she gorgeous?! I may never be fully confident in pronouncing her name, but she really is beautiful.


Over 40s Crush:

Hugh Jackman
To really understand the attractiveness that is Hugh Jackman a photo isn't enough, since his personality is such a big part of it. So here is a clip of him discussing his 'sexiest man alive' title with Ellen Degeneres in 2009!

Boyband Crush (at which, due to my disinterest in boybands, I failed miserably):

I'm sorry Harry, McFly aren't really a boyband!!!
Since I'm not a fan of One Direction, The Wanted or really any other boyband of the moment, I had to go with another of my teenage crushes, who is still looking pretty good might I say, Mr Harry Judd of McFly and Strictly Come Dancing fame!


Jailbate Crush (at which I also failed miserably):

Jeremy Gilbert (the character from seasons 1 and 2 of The Vampire Diaries when he was 16, not the 24 year old actor Steven McQueen :P)
Again, this was not a question I did well with, I tend not to fancy men all that much younger than me (I think because I'm 23 and have a 21 year old brother I seem to think of anyone younger than that as too young for me haha). However, I do adore this character in TVD and he is only meant to be sixteen, so that totally counts... doesn't it?!


Crush in General of the Moment:

Ian Somerhalder
I know, I know, I'm so unoriginal. But he looks like this, is a good actor and an ambassador for animal welfare charities... I can't help it.

So, that's it for my Celebrity Crush Tag - be sure to watch me ramble on in the video, I'll embed it below when it finally uploads! Who are some of your celebrity crushes?

Thanks for reading guys :)


  1. I love this idea for V day, I am also single but instead of feeling crap about it, I embraced it and spoiled everyone I loved.

    HOWEVER, I love this! Talking about hot celebrity men sounds like an awesome way to spend the day. I totally get Dimitri from Anastasia! For me it's more characters from books. And OMG Hugh Jackman, he even made a bald head and massive beard look good in Les Mis. And well Emma Stone, she's EVERYONES crush, she is beautiful!

    Amy x

    1. Aw that's such a nice idea :) I was reading a post on earlier about that, treating Valentine's Day as a day to be with anyone you love, friends, family, etc, and not just boyfriends or girlfriends!

      Haha exactly, how did he manage that?! He's just so lovely, and also so completely devoted to his wife and kids, you can just tell he isn't one of those Hollywood actors who loves having his pick of women! I know, so many people feel the same way about Emma Stone, I dare anyone to watch her getting interviewed and not develop a crush! Same here with books, I fell for a totally minor character in a book recently (it obviously wasn't a love meant to last since I can't now remember which book!), I think because you create a picture of them in your head it's so easy to do! xx

  2. We have very similar taste in men, and I also have a girl crush on Emma Stone! Harry from McFly is just delicious x

    1. I'm coming to the conclusion now that Emma Stone is probably everyone's girl crush! She's so funny and doesn't take herself seriously at all, which is so refreshing! :) And who would have thought, when McFly first came on the scene, we'd be watching Harry waltz around a ballroom on a BBC celebrity dance show and looing so good doing it?! xx

  3. My first crush was Calvin from s club juniors lol xx

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  4. We fancy the exact same men - I swear - right down to Dimitri. My boyfriend bought me Anastasia on DVD as part of my birthday this year cause I went on and on about it an dhow much I used to love it and, sad to say, there's still a part of me that wants Dimitri :L:L:L

    And Doutzen Kroes - ooft! I don't know how to pronounce her name either but I'd kill to look like her :L

    1. Aww excellent present buying by the boyfriend! Same here! I hadn't watched it in a while but got the dvd out at Christmas and watched it with my mum - still fancied him even then!

      Honestly, I have googled how to pronounce her name several times, every result that comes up tells you something slightly different! But she really is stunning! x