A is for Aviemore!

Wednesday 18 September 2013

Loch Morlich throughout the years (aged 4-23)

I'm really pleased that the first post in my A-Z of me series is such a special one. The letter A has to stand for Aviemore, a village in the Highlands of Scotland which feels like a home from home to me. Until the age of about thirteen, I visited Aviemore with my parents and brother twice, sometimes even three times a year, and there is nowhere else in the world that means as much to me as it does.

Up at the Cairngorms, and at the Wildlife Park (about fifteen years apart!)

From the little village main street to the very top of the Cairngorm mountains, there isn't a place here that doesn't have lovely memories for me. My two favourite places in the entire world are here - the Highland Wildlife Park, and Loch Morlich (both photographed multiple times above). There are literally so many photographs of my brother and me here throughout our entire childhood, and (while I doubt he'd be happy with me uploading any that include him - hoping I can get away with the couple of snaps at Loch Morlich above!)it's so lovely to have my entire life documented in photos from this part of the world. Every year we would go to the Wildlife Park and the Landmark Centre (another amazing park in the forest), go for long walks in the gorgeous woodland and spend hours at a time skimming stones at the lochs. There was even a place called... wait for it... Santa Claus Land! It was, as you can imagine, paradise when we were kids.

Visiting in all seasons!

As you can probably see, we visited in every season, in every type of weather, from the coldest winters and freak spring snow blizzards to hot (by UK standards anyway) summers and beautiful, crisp autumns. Going back in my late teens and then again last autumn made me realise how much I miss being there regularly, and how calm and peaceful I feel standing at the side of the loch, or one of the rivers. I feel so lucky to have this place in my life, and have spent so much time there with my family. Looking back, they were such idyllic holidays and I can honestly say that I can't imagine that trips abroad would have brought me half as much joy as a child as packing up the car twice a year and driving the two hours (which, as kids, felt like an eternity!) north to spend a few days at a time in such a beautiful part of Scotland.

Clockwise - Throwing coins in the Wildlife Park wishing well with my mum (aged 1), at the Wildlife Park (aged 17), sitting by the river (aged 17), and having a walk in the forest (aged 23).

So thanks so much to my mum and dad for choosing such a perfect location for a home from home. I'm sure it won't be too long before we are back there again <3


  1. aww this is lovely, I have a similar place that I spent so many years visiting, and my grandparents bought a big static caravan there which means we can visit any time and it's just so lovely and peaceful. Loved reading this x

    Kirsty xx

    1. Thanks Kirsty!! It's so lovely having somewhere like that to go when you need a wee break from reality, isn't it :) xx

  2. This is lovely. I too feel that British holidays have just as much to offer, if not more, than holidays abroad. Scotland is so beautiful and this place looks really special. What a lovely post :) xo

    1. Aww thank you! It really is, would absolutely recommend spending a couple of days there if you ever get the chance! :) xx

  3. This so lovely! I always went on holidays to Cornwall and Devon and have fond memories of those places too!x

  4. The A-Z posts are such a good idea and this in particular is a great idea for a post. Have been lucky to have a similar experience and would be nice to go through the family photos and do a similar thing. Congrats on 200!!