International Women's Day - Imaginary Dinner Part Guest List

Monday 5 March 2012

Since International Women's Day is coming up this week, I thought I'd do a wee wish list of some famous ladies I'd love to meet - a sort of fantasy dinner party type idea! So here they are, in no particular order... Click on their names for links to interviews, performances etc.

1. Ellen De Generes

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I can't imagine that there's anyone out there who wouldn't want to meet Ellen. Apart from the fact I think she's an amazing role model for women all over the world, she is absolutely hilarious, and seems like one of the most genuinely nice people on the L.A. scene. I have so much admiration for how honest and down to earth she is, and it's obvious that I'm not the only one! Everyone wants to be on The Ellen Show! I can't imagine that off camera she is any different to how she is on TV, and while we ought to live in a liberal enough society by now that being a famous lesbian, in a stable and public relationship with another famous woman shouldn't be anything out of the ordinary, I really do think she's an amazing example for young girls, gay or straight, to look up to.

2. Katie Piper

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No one should have to go through what this girl has been through, and yet she handles herself with such grace and dignity, and is constantly working to make sure that not only does no one have to go through the horrific sort of attack she suffered, but also to raise awareness and help burn victims through her charity The Katie Piper Foundation. At only 28 (she was 24 when her ex-boyfriend threw sulphuric acid directly into her face) she is an absolutely inspiring young woman, and the work she is carrying out is so important. I really think that more people should know her story than I think actually do.

3. Sandra Bullock

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The photo says it all, doesn't it! I love this woman, I really do. I think when someone can have as successful a career as she has had, and yet still be so down to earth and humorous, it is incredibly appealing. I love watching interviews with Sandra because she never comes across as starry or stand offish, even after a very public break up just a couple of years ago. She is absolutely one of my favourite actresses and while I'm slightly gutted that Ryan Reynolds is dating Blake Lively when he and Sandra seemed so close for a while there (and no-one can deny they have chemistry!), I have nothing but respect for the way she dealt with the 'scandal' surrounding her husband's infidelity and just got on with living her life with her gorgeous little boy, and focusing on him and her career rather than the trauma of such a public divorce.

4. Kristen Bell

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I have been a massive Kristen fan for years, and Veronica Mars is certainly in my top 3 favourite TV shows of all time, and a contender for the number one spot - which is saying something considering how much of a TV drama fan I am! I think that because a lot of her films lately have been comedies, people maybe don't realise how talented she is. See Veronica Mars for proof of how amazing she really is - she'll make you laugh and cry within seconds of each other. Anyway, aside from how talented she is, I love how game she is for anything. That's the one thing people who have worked with her say, she isn't afraid to try anything, or to make a fool of herself. She has the kind of confidence I think we all wish we had, without ever seeming arrogant - she is actually really self-deprocating. And, on top of all that, she does a lot of amazing charity work, is a huge ambassador for animal welfare charities and I'm so impressed with how outspoken she is about these issues - it's exactly the sort of work people in the public eye should all be doing.

5. Beyonce

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Who wouldn't want to meet Beyonce?! She is one of the most successful women on the planet, and she has bucketloads of talent and class. She is a great example for young girls in that she embraces her curves and her incredible career so far is definitely an inspiration for all of us. Hard work, talent and determination can lead to great things, and Beyonce is a testament to that - and she isn't even thirty yet. I must admit, the amount of money she and Jay Z have reportedly been spending on baby Blue Ivy has, for the first time, slightly changed my opinion of her - I don't really think any child, no matter how successful her parents are, needs to be bought a $600,000 solid gold rocking horse. But I still have a lot of respect for Beyonce's talent and hard work.

6. Lauren Graham

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For sheer entertainment purposes, I would want Lauren Graham at any dinner party I was throwing. Much like Kristen Bell, my love for Lauren was born through an obsession with one of her characters on TV, the wonderful Lorelai Gilmore in Gilmore Girls, and it hasn't stopped there. Even though I planned to start watching Parenthood anyway, my excitement about the show shot up when I heard Lauren was to star in it. She's funny and witty and never fails to put a smile on my face - I love watching interviews with her. I also love the fact (as ridiculous as this sounds) that she is single, and seems perfectly happy that way. You never see messy break ups or relationship speculation plastered all over the internet when it comes to Lauren, she is a successful woman who doesn't need a man to make her feel secure. Although I think ANYONE would be lucky to have her!

7. Demi Lovato

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As one of the more recent Disney teen stars, Demi has had a turbulent year. She entered rehab for various problems, and has come out stronger, and openly discussing the troubles she's faced - self-harm, eating disorders and severe self-esteem issues stemming from childhood/teen bullying. Having completed a lengthy stint in rehab, I think it's great to see Demi (19) really being a voice for young girls who are going through the same thing. She is a gorgeous girl, and very talented, and I think it's hugely important to have people in the public eye speaking out about these issues and being a role model for young people facing the same things. Everyone experiences their teenage years differently, and that's why it's so important to have people like Demi admitting that they have struggled with these problems, but showing how with courage and determination, you can overcome them.

8. Mindy Kaling

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I recently finished reading Mindy Kaling's book 'Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? (And Other Concerns)' and it's one of the best books I've read in a long time. I feel like she is someone I would instantly be friends with, her personality comes through amazingly in her writing (the book is an autobiographical style series of snippets of her life, her career and her opinions) and she really reminds me of myself and my best friend. As a successful female writer and producer working in television comedy (she is a writer and exec producer on the American version of The Office, also starring in it as Kelly), she's really inspiring. I love to see women doing well in comedy, and alongside people like Tina Fey and Amy Poehler, she has cemented herself as a talented and incredibly funny woman on American television.

9. J.K.Rowling

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As a massive fan of Harry Potter, I wasn't sure, until recently, what I made of J.K.Rowling. However, the special features on the last two dvds changed this. For a start, the woman is crazy talented - can you imagine having come up with the idea for Harry Potter?! And apart from the intricate story itself, the way she uses language is amazing. My mum is fascinated by the origin of different words and different language, and every time we watch one of the films together, she is sure to comment on how clever some of the names she chose for certain people, places, spells etc in the HP universe were. But more than that, the way she talks about her own childhood, and the fact she was desperate to find a girl in literature that she, as a shy, and somewhat insecure bookworm, could relate to really made me warm to her, and I think in Hermione, and a lot of the other wonderful women in the book series, she certainly achieved that. She is a great inspiration for young women who want to make a career as an author, and I have a huge amount of respect for what she has achieved.

10. Lady Gaga

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I can't decide whether this is an obvious choice or not. Lady Gaga fascinates me, for so many reasons, but I think the fact that she genuinely doesn't give a damn what anyone thinks of her is what makes me really admire her. Her outlandish outfits spark constant debate and controversy, and her elaborate music videos are more often than not akin to some sort of avant-garde art rather than the mainstream music category her songs fit into. She has a very strong idea of what her career is about, and her dramatic, artistic performance are always amazing to watch. I think it's lovely to see how sweet and almost shy she often is when she is interviewed, and while she puts up with a lot of criticism from people who constantly judge her, she never changes herself or her attitude. And that, my friends, is definitely something we should all try to emulate :)

This wasn't really a tag, but if you guys fancy doing it, then jump on board the Inspirational Women train and let me know who your top ten famous women are! They can be from any walk of life (I haven't strayed into the areas of science or politics here, but if you fancy doing so then go for it!) and I think we should all do something on March the 8th to raise awareness on this very important day.

Lynsey x

ps the women I have mentioned are all amazing, and have had the chance in life to be educated and work towards these incredible careers. Not all women have this chance at the moment, and that's something International Women's Day is working to change. Go to their website, linked here, to find out more information.

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