Favourite Spring YouTube Videos!

Wednesday 21 March 2012

Hey guys, and welcome to week 7 (okay technically speaking week 8 but I did miss a week last week!) of my top Youtube beauty videos :) This week I'm looking at 'spring time' videos, since it's now almost the end of March and the weather (hopefully!) will be picking up soon!

1. Allison - amarixe - Favourite Spring Blushes! (2012)

I love it when Allison uploads a blusher related video as she is a total blush expert - much like my addiction to mascara, she cannot resist constantly trying out new blushers from a wide variety of brands (high to low end) and a wide variety of shades! This video was uploaded just a couple of days ago and includes 11 gorgeous spring blushers in pink, peach and coral shades, with varying degrees of shimmer (some are almost completely matte and others have a nice shimmer to them). I love Allison's videos in general, but she's so enthusiastic when reviewing blushers that it makes to video a must watch!

2. Bubz - bubzbeauty - Spring Romance Look

I really like this pretty spring makeup from bubzbeauty (if you haven't heard of her, do check her out, she's one of the most highly subscribed to beauty gurus on youtube with over 987,000 subscribers!). This is a quick, easy tutorial, suitable for daytime or an evening out. It includes really pretty pink colours and is warm and just glam enough without looking too 'made up'. I love the slight shimmer on the eyes, and the gorgeous matte pink cheeks!

3. Michelle Phan - MichellePhan - Spring Delight

After including Bubz in this post, I thought I'd go for it and include the most highly susbscribed beauty guru, Miss Michelle Phan (over 1.85MILLION SUBSCRIBERS!!!), who uploaded this gorgeous spring tutorial a couple of weeks ago. I love this look, it's very much on trend with the pastel colours that are everywhere at the moment. She uses some beautiful bright pink, orange and blue colours and blends them together to end up with a lovely, soft, colourful eye-makeup. The heavily flushed cheeks and pink lip are perfect for spring time, and the end result is gorgeous - definitely one to watch :)

Extra video of the week:

4. Becky CJ - beckycarewejeffries - Easy for You

I love discovering new talented people on youtube, and this girl has totally blown me away. And what with my youtube obsession, that doesn't happen all that often! 19 year old Becky is a singer/songwriter from Croydon, and while it was her stunning cover of Ed Sheeran's Lego House that first caught my attention, this original song really showcases her brilliant voice and skills as a songwriter. Please check her out, she's super talented!

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Lynsey x

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