Week 2 of my Top YouTube Beauty Videos

Friday 27 January 2012

Here we are on week two already, it's scary how time flies! This week was more tricky than last to pick the three stand out videos, but after some careful consideration, I managed to choose! This week saw the start of some Valentines day tutorials, more of the currently super popular everyday/natural look makeup, and a fair few updated hair routine and skincare videos. The top three I selected are all tutorials, which I wasn't aiming for, but it just so happened that they were the three that stood out to me this week!

1. Samantha Chapman - Pixiwoo - Something for the weekend - Crystal Eyeliner and Bright Lips Makeup

This is a gorgeous look! Using a lovely model, her friend Carly, Sam created a striking heavy eyeliner, adorned with little swarovski crystals, which catch the light beautifully and add a bit of drama and excitement to a classic eye makeup look. The lips are a gorgeous bright pink, and her skin is left dewy and healthy looking, but totally flawless. Carly was a lovely model, and looked absolutely stunning, I would definitely recommend that the Pixiwoo girls use her again, her obvious interest in the process was great to watch! Absolutely gorgeous look, and definitely something dramatic to try out (if you have time to spend gluing on the crystals that is) for a glamorous evening out!

2. Marlena - Makeup Geek TV - Get Naked with Olivia Wilde

I absolutely loved this Olivia Wilde tutorial by the lovely Marlena. The gorgeous smokey brown and gold eye and nude lip is a perfect look for either day or night, able to be amped up with false lashes and black liner, or left more soft and subtle for during the day. The nude lip is really wearable, and on trend with the no makeup makeup look appearing everywhere these days. The 'naked' in the title refers to the ubiquitous Urban Decay Naked Palette, but the great thing about MakeupGeekTV is that Marlena always has a link to her website in the description box, where she lists cheaper alternatives to all of the products she uses so that if you don't have a particular higher end eyeshadow palette or eyeliner or shade of blusher, you know where to get a more afforable dupe :) Her personality always shines through in these videos, she is always bubbly and cheerful, and a joy to watch!

3. Sara Walker - SWalkerMakeup - How to Apply False Nails

This might seem like an unusual choice, but I loved this video. Sara is the YouTuber who first got me into the YouTube beauty community, I watched a couple of her videos and that led me to discover Pixiwoo, Fleur de Force and gemsmaquillage, and before I knew it I was totally hooked, and subscribed to goodness only knows how many channels! Anyway, this video is incredibly relaxing to watch! It's a voiceover style video, so Sara introduces the video herself before positioning the camera just on her hands and goes through the process of applying and painting false nails perfectly. This video is only 6 minutes long, and she doesn't miss a step. The music is incredibly soothing, it feels like you are actually in a spa or beauty salon! Well filmed, informative and relaxing - a great tutorial!

Extra video of the week!

My extra video of the week was uploaded a couple of weeks ago now, and I love it. So much so I went and downloaded it from iTunes!

4. Savannah Outen ft. Jake Coco - Savannah7448 - Safe and Sound (Taylor Swift ft. The Civil Wars cover)

I've been a big fan of Savannah for ages, and I think this is a gorgeous cover of the song from the upcoming The Hunger Games soundtrack. She has an incredibly distinctive voice, and she and Jake sound great together. As well as being interested in the beauty community, I'm also a big fan of the independent artists who upload their music to YouTube, and that community is definitely on the rise too - it's a fantastic platform for musicians. This video is totally simple, just the two of them singing while Jake plays the piano, but I thoroughly enjoyed it. Lovely cover, go and have a listen!

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Lynsey x

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