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Thursday 26 January 2012

One of the most talked about eye makeup trends for Spring and Summer 2012 has been colourful eyeliner. Particularly blues, turquoises and purples, a bold eyeliner can instantly change up your makeup, giving a pop of colour to a nude makeup look, or can add an injection of fun into a more dramatic evening look. Brightly coloured liners are appearing in the collections of most makeup ranges, but I'm going to show you a few affordable choices (both liquid and pencil) available on the high street today!

Models Own

The Models Own Eyeliner Pencils are definitely worth a try. They come in a variety of shades, in Kohl, Kohl Neon, Shimmer and Glitter, and retail at £5. The neon pencils are a great buy for this 'bright eyeliner' trend, and will definitely brighten up your makeup if you don't like the idea of going completely 'natural' with the no makeup makeup look that is being favoured at the moment. I would say that these pencils are not the best for the waterline, but when used to line the upper lashline, and set with an eyeshadow, they are beautiful - I set the Azure Blue pencil with BM beauty's mineral eyeshaodw in Aquatic Galaxy, it looked amazing! Here are some swatches of the three pencils I have - Azure Blue, Neon Green and Neon Yellow!

Barry M Liquid Eyeliner

I've been a big fan of the Barry M liquid liners for a long time now. Some are more pigmented than others, so if you are looking for a particularly bold colour I would advise going for the turquoise (no.7) or fuschia (no.6) shades rather than the forest green or baby pink - from my experience the latter colours don't show up quite as well! But they usually have testers in Boots and Superdrug, so have a play aroiund with them first and decide which colour you like best, while Blues and Turquoises seem to be dominating, a pop of any colour can look amazing! These liquid liners are available in Boots and Superdurg, or on the Barry M website, for £4.79.

Gosh Vevlet Touch Eyeliner Pencil

I am a huge fan of Gosh in general, but these pencils are among my favourite on the market. They are just as soft and creamy as some of the more expensive liners (Urban Decay, Mac, etc), but are more afforable. They are not quite as waterproof, which is the one downside, but I still find that the colour stays on my lashine pretty well all day. The colour range is great, and these are selling for £4.99 in Superdrug! The shades swatched below are Blue Moon and Pink Darling.

Collection 2000 Extreme 24 Hour Felt Tip Liner

Collection 2000 are becoming ever so slightly obsessed with longevity, no? 16 Hour Concealer and Foundation, 6Hour Lipgloss, 24 Hour Eyeliner... but in all honesty, I can't fault them here, this eyeliner really does last all day! I bought my first one of these about three days ago and fell so in love with it that I went out and bought another one yesterday! This liquid liner pen is amazing value for money, just £2.98 per pen, and the colours are beautiful. It comes in black, navy blue, teal and purple, and I can't say enough good things about it. Long lasting, easy to work with, vibrant colour and amazingly affordable - 10 out of 10! The swatch below is the navy blue, but I have since purchased the teal as well, which is absolutely gorgeous!

And for Crazily Waterproof Choices...

No.7 Stay Perfect Liquid Liner and Bourjois Clubbing Liner

If you're going for a night out and want something that's really going to stay put, two that I would recommend would be the No.7 Stay Perfect (£8.75 from Boots) and Boujois Clubbing (£6.99) Liquid Liners. These are the most expensive of my choices, and are absolutely beautiful, but I rarely use them because they are so incredibly waterproof that they really do take a while to take off! But if that's something you're looking for, then these are excellent. The swatches below are Stay Perfect in Jewel and Clubbing Liner in Electro Blue, which I have just discovered has been discontinued! Although you can't get it from Bourjois themselves, plenty online cosmetics stores, and Ebay and Amazon still seem to be carrying the shade!

Hope that was helpful! Another great choice is the MUA eyeliner pencils, they are fantastic, and at just £1, they are definitely worth investing in, even just to play around with different liner shapes, styles and colours! I, however, cannot find mine at the moment, but I have the shade Royal Blue which is really vibrant, and lasts really well despite the affordable price tag!

Lynsey x

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