Review: Front Cover Moon Dust Collection

Friday 13 January 2012

The January sales are always a great time to pick up a makeup bargain or two, and this year I managed to get my hands on the Front Cover Moon Dust set in Boots for half price. Every Christmas I hesitate about buying one of these sets, despite standing lusting after them every time I see them! So for £8, I decided to bite the bullet and give this gorgeous collection of glitters and pigments a go - and I'm really glad I did!
The set includes 6 beautiful pigments and two holographic glitters, with an eyeshadow base to keep the pigments in place and a double ended eyeshadow brush with a blending brush and sponge applicator. The colours are beautiful, and can be applied dry for a subtle, iridescent shimmer or wet for a much more vibrant and bold look. They range from fairly matt (the Lime Lime and Moondance shades don't include too much sparkle) to incredibly shimmery (the beautiful copper shade Coinage is unbelievably rich, with a gorgeous shimmer through it). The black pigment (Coal Hoal) could be better, but the other amazing shades make up for it!
(Left, top to bottom - Burnt Carrot, Saddle Brown, Doubloon, Periwinkle) (Right, top to bottom -Coinage, Moondance, Lime Lime, Coal Hoal) My absolute favourites, however, are the glitters - they are absolutely beautiful! I've been desperate to get the MAC silver holographic glitter, but since it is limited edition and only comes out in certain collections, I haven't been able to get my hands on it since I fell in love with it in Tanya Burr's (Pixi2woo) Gothic Fairy halloween makeup tutorial on YouTube in September! The gorgeous Doubloon glitter is really similar, however, and the photos and swatch don't do it justice! It looks pretty gold in the pot, but once applied it has a rainbow of reflects through it, which catch the light beautifully and instantly glam up any look!
(L-R: Saddle Brown, Burnt Carrot, Lime Lime, Coinage, Moondance, Coal Hoal, Periwinkle, Doubloon) It's now the 13th of January and I picked this up about six days ago, so I don't know how many (if any!) of these will be left in Boots stores, but if you do happen to see this set anywhere, it's definitely worth buying! While these are only available in Boots around Christmas every year, you can sometimes find them on eBay and Amazon so look out for them on there! Lynsey x

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