Monday Playlist #1 - An Imaginary Romcom

Monday 23 March 2015

Happy Monday everyone! How was your weekend? Good, I hope!

Let's get down to business, shall we? I have a confession to make. I am a serial soundtrack creator.

Despite never having ACTUALLY got around to writing a screenplay for any of the many films I have in my head, one thing that I am good at is choosing songs that would fit really well with any I might eventually write. I think music is such an important part of any film or television show. It can completely change how we feel about a particular moment, turning something happy into something sinister, or vice versa - I think this video over on Huffington Post, which shows what happens when you swap one TV show theme song with another really showcases this!

So today, I thought I'd share with you my current romantic movie playlist. This is for an upcoming film I have plotted out, starring myself and Julian Morris, on an adventure in New York. That makes it sound much more predictable than it is - it is actually full of intrigue, but I don't want to give too much away. That might spoil it for you when it eventually opens in cinemas a couple of years from now ;)

Aside from all that, I hope you find some songs on here to brighten up your Monday, whether you've heard of them before or not. I know music always makes a big difference to my day, so I thought if I started doing the odd playlist on a Monday it might be a nice way to kick start the week!

George Ezra - Cassy O'
Lauren Aquilina - Fools
Ingrid Michaelson - Home
Matthew Perryman Jones - Out of Reach
The 1975 - Robbers
Kodaline - After the Fall
Taylor Swift - Out of the Woods
LIGHTS - Last Thing on Your Mind
Ellie Goulding - Explosions
Alex G - Thinking Out Loud (Ed Sheeran cover)

I've put links to each song on the name, but I also made this into a secret playlist over on YouTube, which you can listen to from start to finish here :)

Thanks so much for reading guys! Let me know in the comments below what your ultimate movie soundtrack songs are!


  1. This is such a lovely collection. I just bought The 1975 album but have yet to listen to it all. I love soundtracks and scores, I could listen to Craig Armstrong all day :)

    Roxie ♥

    1. Aww I really love The 1975, Chocolate, Sex and Girls are some of the catchiest songs ever!! It's amazing what a big difference a good soundtrack or score can make to a film - the Explosions in the Sky soundtrack for Prince Avalanche is one of my all time favourites! <3 x

  2. Anything that features Explosions is a must in my life! Just going off of the soundtrack, I'm starting to picture this feature film :)

    Amanda |

    1. Aww I'm so glad!! Same here, so much love for that track! :) xx

  3. I'm glad I'm not the only one inventing movie soundtracks in my head! Haha ;) It gets to the point where I'll hear a song and in an explosive nanosecond I imagine the trailer for an epic film which I'll play over and over in my mind but I never get to actually developing the story itself. (Guess that's just me being a bit lazy.) I used to save my soundtrack playlists in iTunes but I was accumulating too many and ended up deleting them all. Kind of wish I hadn't.