Eagerly Anticipating (TV): Outlander

Tuesday 17 March 2015

Hey everyone!

As we all know, I have what could be considered a pretty significant obsession with TV. This month I've been binging on Pretty Little Liars, but once I get caught up on the 24th, with the big A reveal, I'm going to have a massive Rosewood shaped hole in my life! So when the lovely folks at Amazon Instant Video got in touch to let me know Outlander is coming our way on the 26th March, I was excited to say the least!

A US show filmed in the Scottish Highlands (much to my delight!), Outlander tells the story of Claire, a nurse during World War II, who is thrown back in time to "an unknown world set in 1743". This alone is enough to pique my interest - anything which involves time travel or parallel universes (hello Lost, Being Erica and Once Upon a Time!) is right up my street.

From the beautiful screenshots above, it's clear that this is going to be a visually stunning show! I may be a tiny bit biased, but I honestly think the Scottish landscape is among the most beautiful in the world. The sweeping mountains and forests up north make for a gorgeous backdrop to the show, and there is something really romantic about this location. Again, I think that romance is going to be a prevalent theme in Outlander, which means I'm instantly on board!

Outlander features an all-star British cast including breakthrough stars Caitriona Balfe (Now You See Me, Escape Plan and Super 8) as Claire Randall and Sam Heughan (A Princess for Christmas) as Jamie Fraser, and is based on the best-selling books by Diana Gabaldon. While I haven't actually read the books yet, I've heard great things - I instagrammed this snap of an Outlander themed map of Scotland (which I just love!) last week, and was told immediately that I should give the books a read too! They have now been added to my ever expanding "to read" list!

With just over a week to wait, I can't wait to get stuck in to the first eight episodes of the show - which will all be available on Amazon Instant Video as of the 26th March! Then each new episode will be available to stream as of Sunday 5th April!

Are you looking forward to the TV series? Let me know if you've read the books in the comments below!

Thanks for reading!

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