Reacting to the X-Factor Live Show (with Emma!)

Monday 27 October 2014

This weekend, my best friend Emma and I filmed a video reacting to the XFactor week 3 live show - she hadn't seen any of this season yet, so it was her first proper introduction to the contestants. We also ate pizza and sweets, and laughed a lot. I had so much fun editing this video, so thought I'd share it on here too!

The show lasted for 2hours and 10mins and I managed to edit it down to just over 10mins (minus intro and end card!). Hope you enjoy it, I think I'll try and film more videos like this with Emma, since film and tv was what we studied at uni! Even if you don't pay a huge amount of attention to the show and end up watching this, I hope it entertains you!

Thanks for reading (and watching)!

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