Hello October - 7 Goals for the Month Ahead

Wednesday 1 October 2014

October has arrived, and with it, cooler temperatures and an inevitable countdown to Christmas. Autumn is probably my favourite season. I don't particularly worry about it getting colder - as someone who has perpetually cold hands and feet, and has done since birth, Scottish summers don't make a huge difference to my internal thermometer. But you know what they say - cold hands, warm heart, and all that! The frosty air brings an excuse to put on comfy jumpers, boots, scarves and, as all bloggers know, berry-toned lipsticks and nail polishes, and that actually fills me with excitement.

So, as it's the first of the month, I thought I would set myself a little blogger/youtuber challenge! I'm going to list seven things I want to do over social media - so that includes twitter, pinterest and instagram too - over the course of the next four weeks! Seven, incidentally, is my lucky number, so it seemed like a good choice!

1. Post at least two videos a week on my channel - this was my target last year and I FAILED miserably. Let's see if I can manage to succeed this time! I considered taking part in vlogtober, but I think that might just be asking a little much. You never know though, I'll make that final decision this afternoon!

2. Post at least two blogposts a week - again, this was the plan last year and I managed to stick to it for a little while, but then uni got in the way. I figure if I can get back into the habit this month, it'll be easier to continue it on into November.

3. Complete the Gala Daily #lovetober Instagram challenge - day one has already been uploaded!

4. Film another couple of videos with other actual human beings in them, not just me sitting rambling! Emma and Roisin, I'm looking at you!

5. Leave a thoughtful comment on at least one blog post a day - I'm terrible for enjoying a post and then realising I'm logged in on my old account (which I mainly use for watching YouTube videos), so I'll think "I'll log in on my blog account later and comment". Nine times out of ten I forget, but not this month! The community aspect of blogging is what I love the most, so I have to make more of the commenting features.

6. Take part in at least one of the mid-week #lblogger chats. I always manage to forget they are on!

7. Take my proper camera to blogging events instead of being lazy and using my phone! I have at least three blogger events pencilled in for October, so I'll be sure to take proper, professional photos this time!


What are your goals for the month ahead, blogging or otherwise? :)

Thanks for reading!

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