#lovetober Instagram Challenge!

Sunday 2 November 2014

Throughout the month of October, I took part in Gala Darling's #lovetober instagram challenge! I had so much fun with this - usually I'm rubbish and end up missing a day, but I completed the challenge (with only one belated post, and I did it first thing the next day - I was in Manchester, which threw me off!!), and I'll definitely be getting involved with more challenges like this in the future. I think having a topic every day really helped keep it fun but focused, and I loved looking through the hashtag to see what other people were posting!

Anyway, I thought I'd post my photos in a few wee collages on here to have a look through my #lovetober snaps all in one handy place, not mixed up with my other instagram photos! I love the mix of personal photos, inspiring quotes and pretty images this challenge produced :)

Top L-R: The Challenge, Flower Power (Bird of Paradise)
Bottom L-R: Nostalgia (Grad Ball 2011), Photobooth Friday (with Emma, 2012)

Top L-R: Made Me Laugh (Dumble-door), Daily Mantra (Be kind)
Bottom L-R: Your Bookshelf (Some favourites!), Thankfulness (family and friends)

Top L-R: Street Art (Melbourne), Favourite Colour (All of them!)
Bottom L-R: Your Inspiration (Malala Yousafzai), Jump! (Bit of a cheat - flying!)

Top L-R: Perfect Weekend (Night Out, Night In, XFactor!), I'm Obsessed! (Once Upon a Time)
Bottom: A Beautiful Place (Aviemore), Pay it Forward (Inspire)

Top L-R: Big Dream (PhD), Favourite Artist (KlairedeLys)
Bottom L-R: In the Morning (cup of tea), Your Bucket List (NYC!!)

Top L-R: Favourite City (Glasgow), Your babes (as many as I could fit!)
Bottom L-R: Seasonal Love (jumpers, leaves, hot chocolate, lights!), Throwback Thursday (laughs with pals)

Top L-R: Spirituality (connectedness), Before and After (photo filters)
Bottom L-R: Self-Care Routine (Tea and The Office), Wonder (the universe)

Top L-R: Biggest Challenge (being brave enough for Australia), Beside your bed (book and lipbalm!)
Bottom L-R: Advice (gratitude), Halloween (happy halloween!)

Did you take part in #lovetober? If so, leave me your instagram name in the comments - I'd love to check it out!! I'm @lynseymac1 over there too!

Thanks for reading!

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  1. Great photos! I always start these challenges with good intentions but I'm useless at keeping up with them so I am seriously impressed by your determination haha x

    Charlotte / coloursandcarousels