I've Been Watching #9

Monday 29 September 2014

Hello all! I'm back with another I've Been Watching, to fill you all in on what I've been enjoying on my telly-box/Netflix account over the past couple of weeks!

The X-Factor 2014

Top row, L-R: Ben Haenow, Kerrianne Covell, Andrea Faustini
Right: Jake Quickenden, Emily Middlemas

First up we have The X-Factor. Ever single year I tell myself I'm not going to watch it, and every single year I fail. They've said on a few occasions that this will be the last season (although I'm not sure that is actually the case any more!), and so I've decided to just completely embrace it and watch it all from the get go. There's something about The UK X-Factor that just signals summer is over - the weeks fly by and before you know it, Christmas is upon us. Scary stuff.

This year sees a mix of old and new on the judging panel. I won't lie, I've always liked Cheryl, so I'm enjoying having her and Simon back, and Louis is just such an integral part of the show that I honestly don't think it would work without him. I didn't think I was going to like Mel B (I haven't been her biggest fan in the past, if I'm honest), but so far I've actually quite liked her. She and Cheryl balance each other out quite nicely. I think we'll all miss the Gary-Nicole-Sharon-Louis panel of 2013 a wee bit, a time when everyone adored each other and they were all pals, but realistically, that's not what the X-Factor is about. It isn't a talent show, it's an entertainment show, however they dress it up. Judges hugging and being BFFs isn't really what they're looking for. Drama is the name of the game.

Speaking of, bootcamp was actually quite unpleasant to watch, but also impossible to look away from. The six seat system is so cruel, offering a place at judges houses to a desperate contestant, only to take it away from them when someone better comes along. It's ridiculous, because I know exactly why they are doing this. It's difficult to watch, and dramatic, so it makes for good reality TV, yet I still get worked up over it. My biggest disappointment was Simon sending Janet home - I thought she was brilliant. Loved her voice, loved her look, and I kept looking forward to her performances. Alas, he ditched her in favour of Lizzy Pattinson, sister of Rob (but all credit to her, the internet is making a much bigger deal of that than she is). I was delighted, but admittedly stunned, when Simon sent Raign home! Much like Cheryl who could barely look at her, Raign's attitude put me off from the start, but I thought because she was that antagonistic sort of figure she was bound to get through.

Next week is judges houses and I'm looking forward to it already. I've included some photos of a few of my favourites at the moment above (I've linked their auditions on their names!), and I'll talk you through them very quickly. First, we've got Ben Haenow, one of Simon's over-25s. I've loved this guy from his first audition. He has a cheeky-chappy sort of attitude and a great, gravelly rock voice. If he doesn't get to the live shows I'll be gutted, but Simon's been a fan of his from his room audition, so I'm crossing my fingers. I also like Jay James, another one of the overs. Everyone talks about what a brilliant singer he is, but I'd maybe disagree slightly with that. I don't think he sings perfectly, but there's so much emotion in his voice every time he sings that it does get to you, and he also seems like such a genuinely lovely guy.

Next there's Kerrianne Covell, one of Cheryl's girls. She's so bubbly and I really love her voice. She sang a Carrie Underwood song in her arena audition and knocked it out of the park, which is a huge ask, so I hope she does well.

Andrea Faustini ♥ I can't describe how much I adore this guy. He brought Cheryl and Mel to tears at bootcamp, and has the most amazing voice. He is also an absolute sweetheart. He's Italian, super cute and sort of goofy, but with such an incredible voice. It'll be absolutely ludicrous if he doesn't make the live shows.

Jake Quickenden, former judges houses contestant who Nicole sent home in favour of Rylan a couple of years ago. Deary me. Suffice to say, I think half of the audience of the show is in love with Jake... I'll refrain from telling you if that includes me. I suspect my twitter will give me away next weekend on that one though.

And lastly, I've included Emily Middlemas, a fifteen (although possibly by now sixteen) year old girl from Glasgow, with an Ellie Goulding-ish style and incredible confidence for someone her age. Honestly, her bootcamp performance was brilliant to watch because she just didn't let nerves get on top of her (something Lola will definitely have to watch), and genuinely seemed to be having a ball on stage.

A final mention has to go to this eight piece boy band they've put together... I honestly don't know if that will work, however, some of the boys in that group have absolutely fantastic voices. Listen out for the boy 39 seconds in (who I think is only 14, bless him - too young for X-Factor if ye ask me, but he sounds like he has amazing potential #justcallmesimoncowell), and particularly the guy at 1.42 - he is a great singer. I guess we'll just have to wait and see, but I think it's HIGHLY unlikely they won't make it to the lives.

If you've been watching, let me know in the comments who you're supporting at the moment!

The Originals - Season One

I planned to talk about the X-Factor and The Originals in this post, but there just isn't enough room - I need sufficient space to talk about this, and I don't want the post to be too long! So I'll simply say that watching this (why, when I'm such a massive fan of The Vampire Diaries, it took me so long to watch this first season I'll never know) was an experience. Realising it was on Netflix was a moment of joy (yeah, I know, how sad!). But it really is so, so, so good, and was actually slightly exhausting, the tension did not let up for a second. I cannot recommend it enough, look out for a post soon explaining why in much more detail!!

That's it for this edition of I've Been Watching - what shows have you been enjoying lately?

Thanks for reading!

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