Favourites of the Week #19

Sunday 3 November 2013

It's time for another weekly favourites - where are the weeks going?! Speaking of which, apologies for the fact I missed a post on Wednesday - the past couple of weeks have been hectic and the next few are going to be the same, but I'll be sure to get two posts up every week from now on! I've also missed out three of my regular categories here (blogger, film and book of the week) because I haven't had time for any of them - unless you count Strategic Management as book of the week.. which trust me, I wouldn't!!! Anyway, I'll stop rambling on and get on with the post!

Track of the Week
Madilyn Bailey - Berzerk (Eminem cover)

I'm sure you'll have heard me mention this girl before, but I'm a huge fan of Madilyn Bailey - she has some absolutely amazing covers on youtube, and is part of the whole Jake Coco/Corey Gray/Savannah Outen crew. Love this cover of Eminem's track Berzerk, I really like how she puts her own spin on everything she covers and isn't scared to cover any genre!

Album of the Week
Bastille - Bad Blood

I love Bastille so very much and was so gutted to miss the gig this week! This is exactly my type of music at the moment - if you haven't given it a listen, I highly recommend checking them out!

TV Show of the Week
The Vampire Diaries Season 5

Just caught the first episode of TVD Season 5 on ITV Player the other night - it was amazing!! I honestly can't get enough of this show, and I wish people who don't watch it would give it more credit. It's so clever and intense, and you the characters really get under your skin. Love that Delena (yep, that's right, I'm a ''Delena'' shipper) are getting a chance this season (hiya Ian Somerhalder ;))

Beauty Product of the Week
Lanolips Banana Balm

After seeing Fleur de Force review this last week I really wanted to try it for myself. I ordered it online and have to say, I'm loving it so far. I instagrammed a photo of it saying just that and fangirled just a little bit when Fleur favourited my tweet. That's a bit sad, isn't it!!

YouTuber of the Week
Leena - Just Kiss My Frog

I've mentioned Leena before, but I just love her videos so much. I really wish I could be as honest as she is in her videos - I get ideas for videos I want to make and then chicken out of doing it, whereas she just goes for it! She uploaded this philosophical video about what love actually is last week and it was brilliant! She makes a lot of videos talking about feminism in a really diplomatic way, in addition to book reviews, university advice and a huge catelouge of other interesting topics!

Website of the Week

I've been spending lots of time on Pinterest for work purposes the past couple of weeks, and I forgot how much I love it. You could literally spend hours on end just browsing through the beautiful pictures. My friend Laura from The Likely Lady has some amazing boards on there!


Style Icon of the Week
Nicole Scherzinger

I'm a fan of Nicole Scherzinger, I have to say. Some of the stuff she comes away with on X-Factor is absolutely hilarious, and she always looks perfect. To the point that you sort of want to hate her, but you just can't! She looks so effortlessly put together in this black jumpsuit and statement shades (I can't get sunglasses to work for me, my face is too small I think). 10/10 Miss Scherzinger.


Let me know what some of your favourite things have been this week!

Thanks for reading!

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  1. Some great favorites! Thanks for sharing :)