Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder...

Friday 8 November 2013

... I hope!


Firstly, apologies for the intermittent posting the past couple of weeks, and for the fact that I won't have a new video up on my channel this week. I had such a plan, or so I thought, to schedule my posts and video every week to make sure I had time, but the past couple of weeks have proved that even that was a bit on the ambitious side!

I'm loving studying again, and I'm so glad I decided to come back to uni and do my masters, but it does mean that for the next month, at least, I'm probably not going to manage to post as regularly as I would like. I hate that, because I love this blog and I don't want to cut back, but I suppose I have to be realistic! As I said, I thought being organised and planning to schedule things would make it easier, but when you have seven highly intensive modules, each with both individual and group work, classes pretty much 9 to 5 four days a week and a 9-5 work day the other weekday, time just disappears! And the little spare time you do have automatically goes to seeing friends and family (and sleeping!).

Is anyone else having this problem at the moment? I'd love to hear some tips if you have found a way to manage blogging regularly with a lot of work and studying! Even more so, filming and editing a video every week?! I'm planning to film a video tomorrow since it's Saturday, and hopefully it'll go up on Sunday, but time just got away from me this week.

So apologies for the sporadic posting at the moment guys - hopefully I'll get a proper post or two up next week! :)

Thanks for reading, and remember to give me your time management advice in the comments below!!

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  1. Sounds hectic! I have just started a part time job and am having to adjust and plan my blogging a lot more carefully now - don't know what I'll be like when I get a full time job! I don't know if you already do this but perhaps at the end of each week plan out the next week and set aside an hour at the end (or beginning) of the day to blog/film etc.
    Naomi xo