101 Things in 1001 Days!

Thursday 8 August 2013


I recently stumbled across Rosie from http://www.voussouriez.com's blog and read her 101 things in 1001 days list. I loved the concept, so popped over the Day Zero website where this project began - you can check that out here! After having a good think about it, I decided to put together my own list. So here it is - a list of 101 things I aim to achieve over the next 1001 days (which apparently is roughly 2.75 years) - I'll figure out the end date and include it later! Some are pretty deep and meaningful, and some are pretty superficial, I thought it made sense to keep it a nice mix! So as of today, Thursday 8th August 2013, I intend to...

1. Visit New York
2. Make more use of Instagram
3. Finish reading The Great Gatsby
4. Learn to properly use my new camera
5. Go to five new, different restaurants in Glasgow
6. Find a workout I enjoy and STICK TO IT!
7. Get more confident with my driving
8. Rewatch Veronica Mars (again!) before the film comes out
9. Vlog more regularly
10. Reread The Secret Island and
11. Reread The Master and Margarita
12. Note down something I'm grateful for every day
13. Have a reunion with as many uni pals as possible
14. Go back to Aviemore with my mum
15. Walk instead of taking the bus/train or driving whenever possible
16. Drink more water
17. Go to the cinema at least once a month
18. Get involved in acting/theatre again
19. Change up my makeup routine more regularly
20. Learn to play the guitar
21. Start writing a book
22. Meet up with Gemma and Emily here on UK soil!
23. Bake something (why do I never bake?!)
24. Go on holiday again with Emma
25. Introduce more fruit and veg into my diet
26. Have a proper night out in Edinburgh with the lovely blogger girlies
27. Go to a Kodaline gig
28. Upgrade to an iPhone
29. Take a trip to London
30. Go to Vidcon and/or Playlist Live
31. Reach 500 subscribers on my YouTube channel
32. Watch The Shawshank Redemption and
33. Watch The Green Mile
34. Go to Norway and see the Northern Lights
35. Make my Australia scrap book
36. Hug my family and friends more often
37. Buy a replacement Thomas Sabo charm bracelet
38. Go for a proper Spa Day
39. Go and see a musical in London
40. Make better use of LinkedIn
41. Watch Last Year at Marienbad with Emma (and cocktails)
42. Start fundraising for a worthy charity
43. Spend a day in Glasgow Uni with Emma, Louise and Cassie
44. Skype with Lynsey
45. Go to a Christmas service at church
46. Play badminton
47. Be an extra in something
48. Organise a proper blogger event at least once a year
49. Meet Bo Bruce again and get my copy of her album signed this time!
50. Film more videos with Emma in them
51. Speak more to certain friends between catch ups
52. Stop stressing about time
53. Be less grumpy in the morning - be grateful to be heading out to work
54. Figure out what I'm absoultely passionate about and do something about it
55. Make an effort to find a new perfume I really like
56. Be less choosy when it comes to dating
57. Go shoe shopping and actually buy something
58. Buy mum and dad a really nice Christmas/thank you present
59. Get my eyes tested since it's been six years
60. Go to Paris
61. Watch the end of How I Met Your Mother
62. Start a TV Review website
63. Go to Edinburgh Zoo and see the pandas
64. Throw out all old school and uni books - do not keep hoarding them!
65. Have a flat, or be close to having my own flat
66. Overcome phobia of wasps - look how small they are!
67. Convince mum, dad and Ross to take a trip to Australia to visit family
68. Achieve my goal on Goodreads
69. Try yoga and/or pilates
70. Make an effort to actually get excited for Christmas this year!
71. See Ellie Goulding in concert
72. Go to Toronto
73. Go to Summer in the City
74. Go to IMATS London
75. Make a short film
76. Watch Brick and give the DVD back to Emma
77. Make more YouTube friends
78. Go to Iceland
79. Drive to Aviemore
80. Take friends and/or possible future boyfriend to the Wildlife Park
81. Learn to make really good nachos
82. Keep clothes in wardrobe, not on couch/suitcase/basket
83. Put the ''Chimp Paradox'' (Dr Steve Peters) ideas into practice
84. Deliberately do one nice thing for someone (friend, relative or stranger) every day
85. Make more phonecalls to get over phone issue
86. Go to the Scottish Fashion Awards
87. Have regular cocktail nights with school friends
88. Try fake tan again - it might not be as bad as last time!
89. Buy Microsoft Word for my MacBook
90. Teach myself how to use more advanced photo editing software
91. Include at least one photo of me a month on my blog!
92. Check in with extended family on a monthly basis
93. Try and eat more fish *shudder* in whatever way I can manage
94. Do more research into cruelty free beauty
95. Start going to bed before midnight, not after midnight
96. Make a go of my online writing challenge idea
97. Reach 500 followers on my blog
98. Make a Blog Love list with my favourite blogs on it
99. Be more confident in the situations I know I'm not confident enough in (confusing, but I know what I mean and that's what counts, right?!)
100. Write the thank you letter to my favourite teacher that I should have written at the time
101. Help my lovely friends who are already engaged with their wedding plans

Let me know if this is the kind of challenge you'd consider setting for yourself! I'm excited to see how I get on!


  1. WOW!! What a very long list!!! Great things to do though:)

    Thanks for sharing!

    Hugs, Brittany, xx


    1. Haha it is, isn't it!! Better get started with it :P xx

  2. This is a fab idea :) I totally relate to a lot of these, like having more confidence in certain situations, meeting up with my friends more regularly and VIDCON!!! Haha, this will be so nice to look back on and see how much you have achieved :) xxx

    1. Nikki, let's make a pact to get to Vidcon next year :P xx

  3. I Love these type of posts at new year i tried to make a list of 365 things to do in 365 days! but i couldn't quite think of that many and ended up with 185 instead im doing pretty well in working my way through them hope you do too! :) xx (you can check out the post here if your interested! http://anuniventivename.blogspot.co.uk/2012/12/185-things-in-365-days.html ) Abby xx

    An Uninventive Name

    1. Wow 365 is a lot!! I think you made the right decision cutting the number down, will definitely go and check out the post! :) xx

  4. Very nice list, sounds like such a good thing to do..have some goals to look forward to reaching. Good luck xo


    1. Thank you, I will be sure to post an update every couple of months to see how I'm doing! :P That'll keep me motivated! xx

  5. I love lists like this - I made a similar one on my birthday recently. No.84 - Deliberately do one nice thing for someone every day is such a sweet idea - everyone should do this!

    Good luck achieving all these :)


  6. I love Gatsby, my fave book and I'm off to NY next week! aha lovely list!

    1. Aww thanks, hope you have and AMAZING time in NY!! :) xx

  7. This is so interesting! I might do something like this too :) Loved reading your list. lol I can never seem to find a workout I like and stick to it either. Although I've recently found I prefer yoga & pilates more. I also stumbled across a youtube channel called BeFit, that has loads of workout dvds on, all different types, so maybe you want to check that out too for ideas? just a suggestion :) xx

    Pretty Wonderful