The Ultimate Pick Me Ups :)

Saturday 26 January 2013

So, this weekend I have come down with the worst cold I can remember having in a long time. My throat is sore and voice is croaky, I'm struggling to breathe through my nose and I'm generally feeling a bit sorry for myself! So I thought I'd share with you guys my ultimate pick me ups, guaranteed to make me feel better! They might be a little on the obvious side, but they work for me :)

1. Shu Uemura Depsea Hydrability Moisturiser - I only have a little sample pot of this moisturiser because it's way too expensive for me to actually buy the full size product, but it really is beautiful. So if I'm having a bit of a rubbish day, or feeling a bit ill, using this little luxury product is always guaranteed to make me feel a bit brighter, and make my skin feel really lovely - a huge plus when you're feeling awful! (Shu Uemura, 50ml, £40.00).

2. Gilmore Girls - I am an absolute TV drama addict (as you will see in an upcoming post about my dvd collection!), but any time I'm feeling in need of something comforting Gilmore Girls does the trick. I know it's a bit of a love it or hate it kind of a show, but I absolutely adore it, and it's my ultimate comfort food TV! It's easy going and gentle and nothing hugely dramatic or crazy ever happens, so it's just something nice and funny to get you through one of those days! (Amazon, Gilmore Girls Complete Season 1-7, £42.50)

3. Comfy clothes - It sounds like an obvious one, but comfy clothes and pyjamas are a must on a day when you're feeling under the weather! Since I got home from work I have been cuddled up in my onesie from Next (the one pictured above!) which I got for Christmas. Fluffy socks, slippers and pjs are always good to make you feel that little bit more comfortable! (Next, Supersoft Animal Print All-In-One, £28)

4. Hot drinks - I am a total tea jenny at the best of times, but when I'm not feeling well my intake of tea and hot chocolate definitely increases! I picked up this exciting little item from the chocolate isle in Tesco this morning - it's a rocky road block attached to a plastic spoon, so that when you leave it in your already poured hot chocolate, the chocolate melts, thickening your drink and the marshmallows float to the surface. I am far too excited to try this tonight. (Tesco Chokablok Big Dipper Rocky Road 30G, £1.00)

5. A Nice Mug - In conjunction with the hot drinks idea, drinking from a really big, and pretty mug is a small way to lift your mood. I absolutely love mugs, and really love this one I found on Kaleidoscope from Katie Alice. (Kaleidoscope, Katie Alice Scarlet Posey Set of 6 Mugs, £22.00)

So there you have it, the simple little things that brighten up my day when I'm feeling rubbish with a cold! What are some of your tips? Share them in the comments below :)

Thanks for reading guys :) I'm off to laze on the couch with my hot chocolate, another episode of Gilmore Girls and my cosy duvet - hopefully I'll be bright eyed and ready to film a video by Monday!

Lynsey xxx


  1. I use my dressing gown to tie a hot water bottle to me! Love being cosy when feeling rubbish

    Megan xo

    1. Aww that's a great idea! Your blog is lovely :) xx

  2. Replies
    1. I'm watching another episode as we speak, I never get tired of it! x

  3. That animal print all-in-one is SO CUTE !

    xx Liyana

    1. Aww thanks! It really is, it's the cosiest thing ever :) xx

  4. Love the onesie... nothing better than curling up on the sofa with your onesie and hot chocolate in a nice mug! x