Dipping my Toe into the Vlogging Pond...

Saturday 19 January 2013

Yes, that's right. The vlogging pond. I'll say no more on that title!

Just a really quick post to link my recent couple of vlogs for anyone who might be interested in watching me ramble away to the camera. I've never vlogged before, but I'm actually finding that I'm really enjoying it! I do love to talk, so it's a good outlet :P Also, let me know if I talk too fast. It has occurred to me that

super sexy thumbnails... thanks YouTube!

As well as chatting about my day/travel plans, I'm planning on doing some chatty lifestyle sort of videos a la some of my favourite YouTubers, like the lovely Kathy from justkissmyfrog. I love the variety she has in terms of her videos, and there are lots and lots of them I am tempted to make videos responses to, so that's a plan for the next wee while. If anyone has any particular thoughts on topics for such videos (my university experience, career thoughts/panic attacks, tv/film reviews etc) please let me know in the comments below :)

Speaking of film reviews - Les Mis. I saw it last night and cannot possibly say enough good things about it. Possible review material right there!

Thanks for reading/watching guys, if you have any channel recommendations for me let me know - you know how I love my Youtubers :)

Lynsey xxx


  1. I love your wee toilet vlog of the hilton event, I had my videocamera in my bag but felt a bit silly whipping it out. the english bloggers love vloging but for some reason I still find it a little strange up here an no one really does it, we really shouldn't be embarrassed x

  2. Same! I'm totally fine vlogging in my house or when I'm somewhere on my own, but I'm still too nervous to vlog in public! I was on the train today and there were hardly any people near me, but I still felt too nervous to do it just in case anyone further down the carriage wondered what I was doing - must conquer this fear before I leave for oz haha! x