Review: ActiDerm "UltraDerm" Cream*

Friday 24 April 2015

Hi everyone! Today I've got a little skincare review for you! This is the ActiDerm "UltraDerm" moisturiser, which I was lucky enough to be sent a sample of to test out, and I want to say a big thanks to the lovely folks at ActiDerm for that. It's always nice when a brand gets in touch in a really friendly and approachable way, so huge thumbs up for that!

What They Say?

"UltraDerm is formulated to protect existing stem cells and encourage multiplication and self-renewal. Combining the near impossible of a light, easily absorbed texture with incredibly luxurious richness. The high-performance formula of UltraDerm takes anti- ageing skincare to another dimension, combining the latest in plant stem-cell technology, antioxidants, peptides which support each other in revealing a healthy youthful glow.

This highly advanced proprietary Neuropeptide treatment activates surface renewal of the dermis to reveal visibly younger looking skin. It addresses loss of elasticity while reenergising and hydrating skin. It diminishes the appearance of deep lines and helps to reduce wrinkles and correct the signs of photo damage.

UltraDerm Cream is formulated with a combination of the most powerful anti-ageing ingredients that nourish repair and lift the appearance of skin, while delivering superior antioxidant protection."

What I say!

Firstly, I was really impressed with the packaging of this product - it's simple but still looks pretty displayed on your shelf. It's the simple things, I know.

In terms of the product itself, I've been impressed. This moisturiser feels lovely - it has a really interesting texture, and I totally agree with their claim that it is rich, yet easily absorbed. I have the awkward situation of having skin that is crying out for a heavy duty moisturiser to inject some life back into it, but I really don't like having anything too heavy or tacky feeling on my skin. You know those moments when you've applied your moisturiser and five minutes later your hair is still getting stuck to your face because it still feels tacky? I was delighted to find I had no such problem with this moisturiser! That was probably my favourite thing about it. It feels like your skin is getting a proper drink, without the feel of a super heavy moisturiser.

In terms of the anti ageing properties and wrinkle reduction claims of this moisturiser, I don't know that I can be the best judge - at 25, I feel like I'm just starting to have to think about these things, so it isn't something my skin has been in desperate need of so far! However, I definitely have felt that my skin looks glowy after using this product, which, considering how temperamental my skin has been of late, I would definitely say is a positive sign.

The other great thing about it is that you really don't need to use a lot of product in one go. A small amount goes a long way, and thanks to the texture, it glides on really smoothly, so you don't feel like you need to keep going back for more! The 50ml jar comes in at £29.99, which is actually pretty good for the amount of product you're getting, and the amount you'll use daily! I popped on to the Space NK website there for a wee look, and when you consider that some of the moisturisers they stock are upwards of £200 and even £300, £29.99 is a good deal!

Keep your eyes peeled, because I also have an ActiDerm eyeshadow, which I want to show you over on my YouTube channel rather than on here - it'll let you see the product in action! I'm planning to use it in a Get Ready With Me at some point over the next few weeks, so be sure to subscribe to my channel to watch out for that!

You can check out ActiDerm's entire range of skincare and beauty products over on their website here.

Thanks for reading!

*While this product was sent to me, all opinions and thoughts are completely my own.


  1. I'm a fellow Ultraderm-lover :-) And now there are 2 sizes of it - yay!
    Fab review xxx

  2. I love ultraderm as well! I'm so excited its available in the USA now!

  3. I am in love with all of the products that Acti-Labs carry. I have started my business with their products. The products are amazing!!! I am from Lovelady, Texas.

  4. what age is it for,