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Monday 13 April 2015

Lately I've been having a serious case of itchy feet. When I got home from Australia, I made a promise to myself that I would gradually tick all of the places I wanted to visit off my very long "to visit" list, and then? I went back to uni. So for 2014 I was busy with my Masters, and didn't get a chance to get away anywhere.

Now, here we are in April of 2015, and my wanderlust is spiralling out of control. Pinterest is my weakness - I could (and do) spend hours scrolling through the many, many beautiful travel pins and updating my Wanderlust board (which you can see here!). So here are the places that are currently sitting right up at the top of my list, and that I'm hoping I'll have the chance to visit soon - I've had casual chats about getting away for a wee city break with a couple of my pals, just need to get something in the diary!!


I've been desperate to visit Iceland for a really long time now. There's just something so beautiful and magical about the Icelandic landscape, it fills me with excitement just looking at it! So when Amy from The Little Magpie uploaded a post last week showing off her photos from her recent trip, the green eyed monster definitely took over - it just looks so lovely. And who wouldn't want to go swimming in a pool of hot water surrounded by ice and snow?!!


This is a very recent addition to my list, thanks to another blog post! Nikki (from Nikki and Things) uploaded a post after her city break to Budapest, and I'm not kidding - the minute I was done reading I was googling cheap flights to Hungary! I knew it was an interesting city, but I had never really paid attention to how utterly beautiful it is! Look at some of those buildings!!

New York

And finally, we have New York. Yes, NYC is still at the top of my list because despite wanting to go for as long as I can remember, I still haven't made it there! Roisin, our friend Gill and I had planned to go this year but a few big life changes (moves to new cities, job changes, etc) has meant it has been postponed - but we'll get there!! You can practically feel the buzz and the energy of the city, even just in pictures!

So for now, my top three travel destinations consists of these three lovely places!

Where would you jet off to tomorrow if the opportunity to get away arose? :)

I wrote and published this post last week, but today I discovered that my urge to write it was actually fate - Transun are running a competition to win a trip to see the Northern Lights, which is something which has been lodged firmly near the top of my travel bucketlist for years! Since the requirements for the post are to write about your top three travel destinations, which is exactly what I've just done, I figure it's a sure-fire sign I should enter the competition! Wish me luck! :)

Thanks for reading!

*All images sourced on Pinterest, and pinned on my Wanderlust board :)


  1. I really would love to visit the Blue Lagoon at Iceland one day. I've never considered Budapest as a travel destination but those pictures are stunning! Currently though, I really want to go to Berlin!

    1. Ooh yeah, Berlin looks incredible! Neither had I, I couldn't believe how beautiful it was when I read that blog post, definitely want to visit some time soon! x