That Night I Went To See McBusted (Glasgow 16/05/14)

Wednesday 21 May 2014

In a recent post I talked through my teenage playlist. That covered my entire teens, from the start of high school to (let's face it) bands I still listen to now at the age of 24 (soon to be 25, eeeeeeek)!

Two hugely important bands from my early teens, however, were Busted and McFly. I was pretty much in love with Charlie (who Emma fully blames for the demise of Busted), and Harry, and the CDs were on repeat in my house for I have no idea how long. I went to see Busted in concert twice, possibly three times now that I think about it, and one of the times McFly was the support act!

You can imagine my excitement then when I heard that the bands were pairing up for a UK wide tour as McBusted! The moment tickets went on sale I phoned Emma and we agreed that it was a no brainer - we were going. I was pleased as punch when I then got a message from some my lovely blogger girls saying they were buying tickets too.

It feels like so long ago that I booked those tickets, and suddenly, last week, the day had arrived! It turned into a really lovely day overall - the beautiful new Lush store on Buchanan Street was having a launch that evening, so we wandered along to that to mingle and check out the lovely products.

After that, we popped into Princes Square to have dinner in the NY American Grill, which just opened up a couple of weeks ago. Our food did take quite a while to arrive, but when it did it was lovely. I went for the Big Cheese cheeseburger, which came with some really good fries, and a Carolina Candy cocktail, which comes with a side of candyfloss - super sweet, but lovely.

And, on to the main event - the gig itself.

I can honestly say I can't remember having that much fun in ages. To anyone who ever gets the chance to see their teenage obsession in concert as an adult, I urge you to do it. I danced and sang and generally just had a ball. It's amazing the feeling you get when all those songs you had on repeat in the past start coming back to you!

The boys put their all into the show and it was amazing - such high energy and you could tell they were just having the best time. Harry looked spectacularly lovely, of course, and much to the delight of the majority of the audience (okay, me) he lost his shirt somewhere towards the end of the show and didn't bother putting it back on. Bonus ;)

I got quite instagram happy over the course of the night!

I thought I'd post a few of my favourite ever Busted and McFly songs here as a mini playlist and tribute to the concert. It was brilliant and I'd go back again in a heartbeat.


What I Go to School For
You Said No
When the Day Turns Into Night
Without You
Crashed the Wedding
Meet You There


The Heart Never Lies
Room on the Third Floor
Shine a Light
Five Colours in her Hair
Saturday Night

Thanks for reading! Let me know if you've had the chance to see any of your favourite bands lately :)


  1. I wish I could have gone. I had a ticket for the opening night but had to give it away as it clashed with something else!
    Water Painted Dreams xo

    1. Aww what a shame! That so often happens - you've got nothing on all week and then the two things you want to go to always end up on the same night! xx

  2. I went to see them a few weeks ago and I thought they were amazing! Childhood dreams came true! xx

    1. I know, that's exactly it! So much fun :) xx

  3. Wow, what a busy (and awesome!) night for you! I
    sn't it amazing how a song or band can instantly transport you back?! Glad to hear you had a ball lovely xx

    1. I know! It never fails to amaze me how music can do that :) Thanks love! xx