Radio One Big Weekend!

Monday 26 May 2014

Last Monday I had just finished with a meeting sorting out some things for the GCU Fashion Show, and was having a quick stroll round the shops when a text arrived from my pal Gill. She asked what I was doing on Saturday and Sunday, and since I knew she was headed to Radio One Big Weekend I'd be lying if I said I didn't instantly get overexcited. A text or two later and I was set to see some of my favourite people in the world perform in Glasgow in just a few days time!!

The entire weekend was just amazing! We got there bright and early on the Saturday (well, at 12 when the gates opened!), having enjoyed a cheeky little Starbucks and planned out who we wanted to see.

Opening the day on the main stage was One Direction. If I learnt anything this weekend, it's that I know the words to far more One Direction songs than I realised...

Up next was the band I was probably most excited about seeing - my beloved Bastille. The guys were absolutely fantastic, and they really got the crowd going over the course of their set. They finished up with Pompeii of course, but Flaws and Of the Night went down a storm too. Sidenote: marry me Dan.

Next we headed off to the Introducing stage to hear a band Gill recently discovered called Saint Raymond. They were brilliant, and I predict big things (Radio One should probably hire me...)

An obligatory pit stop for chips was then on the cards and we sat on the grass and listened to Lily Allen, awaiting my next favourite person - Ed Sheeran. I've always wanted to see him live; the fact that it's just him, his guitar and a loop pedal up there on the stage just blows my mind. All the other acts have so much going on with their bands, and he just stands there on his own and kills it.

After Ed the weather took a turn for the worse and the rain came on. Calvin Harris started his set and I'm not sure if it was a combination of the rain and the fact that so many of his fans were past the point of tipsy and flailing around us by that point, but we gave up about twenty five minutes in. We headed to the tent to see Example, and I was actually pretty impressed. Neither of these guys are people I've been all that interested in seeing before, but for me, Example was a million times better!

By this point it was quarter to 10 and poor Gill just wanted to go home - someone, however, was determined to see at least a couple of Coldplay songs before running for the train, so she waited with me, like a trooper! It was almost as if Chris Martin himself knew that we needed to leave to make our trains home, and they played Yellow fourth in the set - that was me a happy girl, and we went home for a much needed sleep!

Sunday morning arrived, and with it came a torrential downpour! We had planned to see Chvrches at 1pm, but there was no-one else we were too bothered about seeing until after 5. When we got stuck in a huge queue at the gate and missed half of Chvrches set, we abandoned that plan and headed to the pub for a drink and some lunch, escaping the crazy weather!

We arrived back at around 5 in time for me to see another current favourite, The 1975. They kept two of their biggest tracks Chocolate and Sex till last, and everyone went crazy for them.

We popped into the tent again at this point to catch You Me at Six - I was a fan when I was about nineteen, but in all honesty I haven't listened to any of their stuff since then! They were great though, and the lighting on their set was incredible.

Back to the main stage we went then to wait for Paolo Nutini, who was absolutely amazing! Obviously the Glasgow connection made him a hugely popular act, and while I don't know much of his new stuff yet, I've definitely been convinced to get the album after his performance. He looked and sounded fantastic!

And finally, after two brilliant days, I got to see Katy Perry live. Having not got tickets for her Glasgow tour dates and then regretting it, this made up for it a little bit. She was phenomenal! Costume changes and set changes galore in her hour long slot, and an amazing set list - everything from I Kissed a Girl right through to Dark Horse and Roar, finished up with Firework. And some amazing fireworks to go along side. She was just amazing and I think I might love her even more now than I already did!

So that concludes my Big Weekend!! If any of you were there I'd love to hear who some of your highlights were :)

Thanks so much for reading (and thanks again to Gill for taking me with you!!) <3


  1. So so jealous! Sounds like you had a lot of fun though! You make a good reporter! <3 xx

    1. Aww thank you lovely! It really was so much fun, was so lucky to get a ticket so last minute :) xxx

  2. Looks like you had the best weekend, so so jealous! One day I'll be there, haha ;) Totally agree with you on Ed Sheeran - side note, marry me Ed.. Or Niall, I'm not picky, haha. xx

  3. So so so so jealous! I watched it all and wished that I was there! x