Sydney Part 4: The Botanical Gardens

Thursday 4 April 2013

When you have weather as beautiful as we had here in Sydney last week, exploring some lovely outdoor places in the city is a must! While it was a bit too hot for us to feel like lying on a beach, Gemma, Emily and I ventured to two leafy paradises hidden right in the centre of the busy city towards the end of last week - the first was the Botanical Gardens.

The Botanical Gardens are absolutely beautiful, and I got myself all excited trying out the panoramic setting on my camera! With the city skyline appearing behind the beautiful trees on one side, and an amazing view of the water, complete with the Opera House, on the other, this is the perfect location for a stroll and a picnic - I can imagine it's a hotspot for locals to come and sit, read and relax, with a perfect mix of open, grassy areas to top up your tan, and shade in amongst the trees to cool down if it gets just a bit too warm.

We had such a lovely afternoon here. I would definitely recommend going for a walk around if you have a bit of free time in Sydney and are looking for something free to do - we all love a free day out, especially when everything here is so expensive! Take a book, something to eat and just relax and enjoy the amazing view!

Thanks so much for reading guys :) Let me know what you've been getting up to in the comments below!! The next post will be on the absolutely gorgeous Chinese Garden of Friendship, so keep your eyes peeled for that, and afterwards I might fit in a couple of regular posts like a Weekly Favourites, or a product review - I've been missing my regular posts!

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  1. I've just spent the past 4 months in Perth and this reminds me so much of Kings Park! Looking over the city whilst in the most beautiful park is just the weirdest thing ever, amazing though! Gutted I haven't had chance to go to Sydney though, it's 100% on my list for next time I come over :)

    Jaime xx