Sydney Continued - The Chinese Garden of Friendship

Monday 8 April 2013

One of my favourite places in Sydney was the Chinese Garden of Friendship. I had read about it before I even left Scotland and it sounded as if it would be right up my street... and I wasn't wrong!

Hidden away in the middle of an insanely busy city is this beautiful garden, complete with ponds full of koi fish, small temple-like buildings and gorgeous plants and trees. It cost us $6 each for entry, and then you are free to look around for as long as you like. We went on a Thursday morning, which seemed like quite a quiet time to go, and it was nice to just wander around and take it all in without having to rush for the sake of the people behind you!

I think this is such a lovely idea!

We thought this would be such a nice place to get married!

The Chinese Garden of Friendship is just a five minute walk from Darling Harbour, and located within easy walking distance of Sydney's China Town. It's one of the loveliest, most peaceful places I've ever been and I highly recommend stopping in! You don't have to spend too long there to get great value for the mere $6 entry fee!

I'm now up in the gorgeous Port Douglas in Queensland and have some very exciting photos to show you all soon, so keep your eyes peeled for that!

Thanks for reading, hope you are all well! :)

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