Sydney Part 3: Taronga Zoo!

Saturday 30 March 2013

On Monday this week Gemma, Emily and I set off on a trip to Taronga Zoo. It wasn't the cheapest of days, but it was definitely something we all wanted to see and so we splashed out (on the cheapest deal we could find!) and got a water taxi across to this beautiful Sydney zoo.

View of the Opera House from the water taxi!

Welcome to the zoo!

Cable Car up to the zoo!

Spot the Koala!

Hello little lizard

Feeding time for the Giraffes

A gorgeous Indian Elephant.

Me and my elephant pal.

The binturong (often referred to as 'bear cats')

One of the majestic tigers.

The zoo was absolutely beautiful, but if I could give anyone who is planning to visit it a piece of advice (or two!) it would be take plenty to drink with you and wear comfortable shoes!! The zoo is absolutely huge and a lot of it is uphill, so you need to have comfortable feet. I have been a total failure in terms of the footwear I have packed, and so by the end of the day my feet (which were in completely flat sandals) were killing me! In terms of taking juice with you, that is crucial both in tems of hydration and saving money - we packed a picnic for lunch but I seemed to forget about a drink and was charged $5 for a bottle of Sprite... that's right. $5!!! Otherwise I have nothing but praise for the zoo! The location is gorgeous, with a stunning view across the water to the city, and it has some amazing animals!

The view from the zoo to the city!

I really loved the nocturnal animals, which are housed in an amazing building you sadly (but understandably) can't take photos in. It is essentially simulated night time during the day, dark and with lots of night sounds (although we weren't sure if that was for our benefit or the animals!) and while the zoo is closed at night they light it as if it is daytime. The kangaroos let us down a smidgen in that there was only one out in the enclosure and it was lying down, refusing to face us, but the wallabys and koalas were in good form, and so cute! There was also an amazing sea lion show, which I totally forgot to take any photos of, but you can see some of it in my vlog from that day, which I'll link below!

My favourites though had to be the meerkats! I'm a huge meerkat fan, and they didn't disappoint!

Cheeky little meerkats!

All in all the zoo was one of my favourite touristy places so far - definitely worth visitng if you get the chance :)

Check out my vlog - which includes my trip to Summer Bay! - to see more of the gorgeous animals and more of the lovely zoo itself!

Thanks for reading guys, hope you are all well! :)

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  1. Love your pictures, i always wanted to visited Australia but it's a bit to expensive for me right now. But i loved seeing your pictures and the weather is much better where you are then here in Europe :)

    x Audrey