Sydney Part One!!

Monday 25 March 2013

So, after an amazing three days in Hong Kong, we arrived in Sydney on the 11th March. It's hard to believe it's been two weeks now - so sorry for the delay in getting this post written! Be warned, this is a photo heavy post!

We checked into our hostel, the Sydney Central YHA, which kind of spoilt me for future hostels because it really was lovely. It even had a cinema in it!! When I say cinema, I mean a big room, with a big screen and some comfy chairs and bean bags, showing films that have been out for a while - but even that's pretty fancy for a hostel I'd say! And with breakfast like this, who could ever complain!

Day One we had out welcome presentation from Work n Holiday, the partner office for BUNAC in Sydney. With offices in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth, I cannot recommend them enough - they were brilliant. They set up bank accounts for us, sorted out tax file numbers, got us each an international sim card and prepped us on job application and travel plans. We can use the internet in their office, either on their computers or our own laptops/iPads etc, and they have an amazing CV/Resume builder on their website which we have login details for, and it helped us get an Aussie ready CV together in no time.

Days two and three were the RSA and Barista course - while the RSA day was a little dry (six hours of theory, basically), it's definitely worth doing if you're considering bar work over here, and the Barista course was fun, but I was terrible at it! Apparently making fancy coffee isn't quite my forte!

Anyway, on to the fun touristy stuff!! A couple of days after we arrived, Nicole and I found Darling Harbour by accident on a late afternoon walk - it is absolutely beautiful!!

That weekend Gemma, Emily, Emma and I took a ferry out to Manly Beach - it was a gorgeous day and the beach is so lovely, and we had a great view of the Sydney Opera House on the ferry ride across!

After our stroll at Manly Beach we had a bite to eat and headed to Shelly Beach, a beautiful, smaller but busy beach just a ten minute walk away. We spent a lovely hour just reading on the grassy hill beside the sand and taking it all in before we got on the ferry back to the city - look at that view of the Harbour Bridge!

That evening we all went down to Darling Harbour to watch the Saturday Night Fireworks, which are a weekly event. They were absolutely spectacular!

So that's it for part one! Stay tuned for part two, which is going to include my trip to Summer Bay and the amazing Taronga Zoo!

Thanks for reading, be sure to check out the vlog version of this post too! :)

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