Week 5 - Top YouTube Beauty Videos

Saturday 18 February 2012

Hi guys! I'm a day late in uploading this post, but better late than ever! Another great weeks of videos, I found it really tricky to choose! So this week I decided to do something a little bit different! Week by week there tend to be trends of videos depending on what is going on in the beauty world (reviews of certain new products, Valentine's tutorials in February, Halloween tutorials in October etc etc) and this week one of the biggest trends I noticed was tutorials for Adele's makeup from the Grammy's last weekend! She looked absolutely stunning, I'll link a picture of her here, and I chose my three favourite videos to get the perfect Adele makeup from three of my favourite YouTubers :) Enjoy!

1. Kandee Johnson - kandeejohnson - Adele Grammy Makeup Tutorial (2 in 1)

One of my favourite Adele tutorials this week was by the lovely Kandee Johnson. The thing that makes this tutorial a little different from the others is that she combines both of Adele's looks from the evening (her red carpet look with a red lip, and the look she wore when she was performing which had a more muted nude lip and heavier contouring) and both looks are gorgeous. I always love Kandee's videos, she is so warm and easy to watch, and she always gives good makeup application tips as she goes along. She uses a good mixture of brands of product, and provides a really helpful step by step guide to both of these looks!

2. Nic Chapman - Pixiwoo - Adele's Grammy Makeup Tutorial

This, in a word, is stunning. Nic starts the video by saying that this is her most requested video EVER, which is quite an achievement considering how long the Pixiwoo girls have been uploading their videos to YouTube! Regardless of whether or not you are going to recreate this look, it's worth watching simply because it looks so incredible, and the more aspects of the makeup she applies, the more amazed you become at how beautiful the end result is going to be. The star of the show in terms of this video, for me, is the lip. It looks amazing! It's glossy and utterly 3D, and the way Nic layers several liners and lipsticks to create it is fantastic. The liner on the eyes is perfect, and this, overall is one of my favourite ever makeup looks Pixiwoo have created - and that's saying something!

3. Dulce - DulceCandy87 - Adele's Grammy Makeup Look

My third pic is from the lovely DulceCandy87, I'm sure you will all have heard of her but if not check her out! Just as Nic said in the tutorial before, this is apparantly one of her most requested ever tutorials - people have really loved this classic makeup look! The reason I chose this video is that not only is the end result beautiful, but it is pretty much half the length of the other two! She manages to get all of the important pieces of information across, and puts the makeup together beautifully without spending a lot of time filming foundation/concealer/powder, which she has filmed in enough videos before, so she focuses on the eyes and lips, which are of course the main features of the look! This is a lovely look, and definitely one of my favourite Adele tutorials of the week!

Extra video of the week!

4. Kate McGill - katem3 - CURSED (Official Video)

My extra video this week is courtesy of the very talented Kate McGill. Having been watching Kate's covers and original songs for the past two years, it's always super exciting to see the people you have suported on YouTube doing so well. This is another fantastic original song from the 22 year old from Plymouth, and you should definitely check it out! As a sidenote, her covers of Nobody's Perfect by Jessie J and Holocene by Bon Iver are two of my favourite covers on YouTube, so check them out too!

Thanks for reading guys, hope you enjoyed my little Adele special this week! Hope you all have a great weekend, and I'll be back next week with week 6 of my favourite videos - how time flies!

Lynsey x

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