Week 3 - Top YouTube Beauty Videos

Friday 3 February 2012

Here we are at week three already, scary stuff. This week has been the toughest yet, mainly because as it's been the end of January, this weeks videos have been overwhelmingly 'January favourites' videos, which I do love to have a bit of a nosey at, but in terms of tips, tricks and tutorials, they don't quite fit the bill! So after careful consideration, here are the three I finally decided upon!

1. Marlena - MakeupGeekTV - Top 5 Face Primers of all time

I chose this video because from personal experience, primer is one of the makeup products that people are most unsure about. From applying makeup to models, to people with very little knowledge of beauty products/cosmetics, primer is usually the product that people are most likely to ask 'Oh, and what does that do?'. It's also one of the products you are least likely to find in drugstore/high street brands, although a lot more budget brands are coming out with them now. Marlena's top five include a great variety of primers, both in terms of price and in terms of effect (matt, dewy, etc) and she recommends which are best for different skin types. Definitely worth watching if you are in the market for a good primer (particularly in the US, but I'm sure the majority of them will be available online).

2. Klaire - KlairedelysArt - Arabic Makeup: Dusk

Klaire is one of my favourite YouTubers in terms of how artistic and creative her makeup looks always are. This video is a collaboration with another youtube makeup artist, Asashi, who I had never watched until this video, but I'm really glad Klaire has drawn my attention to her - she's amazing! Anyway, this is a beautiful, colourful arabic style makeup, which I'm sure anyone who likes to play around with their eye makeup will be eager to try after watching this! Simple, easy to follow and as creative as ever, this is another great video from a very talented YouTuber.

3. Lauren - Panacea81 - Makeup Look for the Office - Friday

I chose this video as it is the last in Lauren's 'Office Makeup' series, and I really loved it! Whether you choose to wear this look to the office or not, it's a classic, simple but beautiful look with a smokey winged eye, fluttery false lashes and a pretty pink lip. Lauren is as lovely and easy to watch as always, and I love how chatty her videos are. This look is definitely one to try out if you are experimenting with eyeliner shapes and styles, and is subtle enough to wear to work, but glam enough to wear on to an after work drink or dinner. Lovely look.

Extra video of the week.

4. Kristen Bell on Ellen - Kristen Bell's Sloth Meltdown

My extra video of the week has to be the clip of one of my favourite actresses, Kristen Bell, on Ellen, talking about her birthday present from Dax Shephard. I loved it so much I've already popped it on my facebook and watched it several times. You can't help but love Kristen, and Ellen!

Hope you enjoyed that guys, and be sure to come back next week for another instalment of my favourite YouTube beauty videos!

Lynsey x

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