Turning 25 - Some Future Goals

Sunday 6 July 2014

As some of you may know, last week I turned a quarter of a century old.

After a few days of not quite knowing how to process this, I decided to put together a little list of future goals to kick start this new chapter of my life. Nothing major. No "Get promoted to boss of major company by X year, get married by X year"... these are things we don't really have any control of. But I do want to make some little changes to the things I do have control over, and keep doing things I am doing now that are important to me.

So here, in no particular order, are a few of the things I intend to start or keep doing for myself. Let's hope the new, older and wiser (maybe?) Lynsey will manage to stick to them!

Drink more water:


I know this is a super cliched one (a few on the list are!) but this is something I have always really struggled with. The basic truth of the matter is that I don't really like drinking water. I would far rather have a glass of fruit juice or a cup of tea, or pretty much any other drink than a glass of water. But it is so important to drink it. Your entire system relies on it, both inside and outside. Recently, I've started trying to fill a pint glass with water and a splash of diluting juice to make me more likely to finish it, a couple of times a day - some days it works, others it doesn't. But I think if I start making myself do it every day, eventually it will become such a part of my routine that I'll hardly notice it. Fingers crossed!

Get my five a day:


Again, cliched, I know, but I am appalling at managing to get my five a day. I'm one of these people who gets really determined to do something (e.g. work more fruit and veg into my diet) for about a week, and then I get bored and forget about it. Much like the water, I need to find ways of working fruit and vegetables into my meals in such a way that it just becomes total habit, and something I don't have to consciously make an effort to do, or I'll quickly lose interest. The problem isn't that I dislike fruit and veg - I actually really like most of them (carrot, turnip and aubergine aside) when I remember to eat them. If anyone else has dealt with this in the past and found a way of doing it, let me know - I'll be forever in your debt!

Find an exercise class/sport that I actually enjoy:


I'm sure it will come as zero surprise to anyone who knows me that I am yet to find a sport in my life that I actually get any enjoyment out of. The fact of the matter is that I am just not the athletic type - I'd far rather curl up on the couch with a big mug of tea and a cake and watch Home and Away than do anything that resembles running around a sports field. As a young'un I have been extremely lucky to have a relatively fast metabolism, but now that I'm entering my mid-twenties, I know that in the future this won't always be the case. It isn't just about weight though - being fit is something I haven't put much effort at all into so far in my life, and I need to change that. Again, if anyone has been in this position and found an exercise class or a sport that they now love, please let me know!

Schedule more regular catch ups with friends I don't see often:


Anyone who has gone through school and possibly college or university knows the drill - you go from spending all of your time with your friends, to seeing them far less regularly when post-education life sets in. Some people have jobs while others are still studying, and many of them move to different cities, or even different countries. Suddenly friendship is something you actively have to make time for, and it can sometimes feel like people are inadvertently slipping away simply because clashing schedules mean you rarely spend time together any more. I'm lucky that I see most of my close friends on a weekly or at least monthly basis, but there are others I sometimes go months without seeing, for the aforementioned reasons. That's definitely something I want to reassess - you hear people saying that once folk are married and babies are appearing left right and centre, friendships often go out of the window, and I've always been determined that I'll never let that happen. Friendships, like relationships, require time and effort, so if someone is important to you, no matter how busy you are, make time to see them.

Keep pinning happy thoughts on Pinterest every night:


This is a daft one, but since I've starting ending each day by pinning a few positive quotes on Pinterest, I've definitely noticed I'm going to sleep feeling a bit more positive. It sounds ridiculous, but your mind is such a powerful thing, and feeding it little positive thoughts on a daily basis is a good way of injecting some inspiration into even the most boring of days. This might not work for you, but I've learnt over the years that it definitely does for me. Quotes make me happy, and remind me to appreciate what I've got.

Do some fundraising:


If, by any chance, you follow me on twitter, you'll probably see me retweet a couple of charities on a regular basis. I spend a lot of my time these days thinking and reading about the work these charities do, and while I have donated to them, I haven't ever done a fundraising campaign of my own. Before the year is out, I want to have rectified that, so keep your eyes peeled for more on that soon.

Stop worrying about Film & TV related posts:

Check out this post!

This is my little corner of the internet, and I do it for myself. Somewhere along the way, however, I seem to have got it into my head that people don't want to hear me talk about film and (in particular) television, and it makes me hold back on writing those posts. I think it's because my TV related YouTube videos get so few views, it's made me think no-one will care. But do you know who does care? Me! I LOVE television, it's one of my biggest passions, and I could talk about it till the cows come home. So from now on, I don't care if not a single person reads, watches or comments on a film and tv related post or video - I'm going to make more of them because I want to, and because it's important to me. I started this blog as a place for me to write about the things I love, so that's how I'm going to continue.

So there we have it - a few goals for the newly 25 year old me to work towards. I'll check in again at Christmas time (the beauty of having a birthday exactly six months before Christmas!) and let you know how I'm doing with them!

Thanks for reading!


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    1. I know so many people who agree, it's just about getting in to a routine I think! x

  2. I used to write lots of movie and TV related posts and they never got much love, but I enjoyed doing them so think I'm gonna bring back the movies ones. Just write what you like I say! :)

    1. You should! That's definitely the attitude I'm taking with it :) x

  3. This looks like a really achievable list, I definitely think you should keep writing the posts you want to write if you enjoy them thats all that matters! :)

    Emma x
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